Adrian Marcel - New Niggas Lyrics

Almost been a month, about three weeks
I know moving on ain't never easy
I seen ya homegirl, said you a mess
I don't know why you tripping girl you a catch
Just cause what you had didn't work out doesn't mean that you should change what you deserve
How many times did I look in your eyes and tell you I could see the whole universe

Girl girl there's love in the mirror
Nah you won't find it in these new niggas
Cause they don't know what to do with ya
I said girl girl you gotta find love inside before you find it in these new niggas
Cause they don't know what to do with ya

Now I ain't trying to act like I know everything but i know every king deserves a queen
Something beautiful, priceless, more valuable than the brightest diamonds
When you feel like you can't get it together or whatever's on the way is much better
Realize that your heart is your guide and you'll attract everything you deserve


Baby you a star
You're on another level
You deserve it all
Girl you're something special
Don't ever lose the one that's inside girl cause what's inside your heart is what shines

Yeah I'm a need you to wake up baby
Can't nobody love you if you don't love yourself
Ya feel me?


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Adrian Marcel New Niggas Comments
  1. Candace Pryor

    Listen to this song!!! Almost been a month

  2. Candace Pryor

    Whoaaaa!!! Girl!! Sing Adrian!!!

  3. Candace Pryor

    These New Niggas ain't ----!!! You attract everything

  4. Candace Pryor

    Wow!!! When I heard this I fell in love with this song!!! Phenomenal!!!! Come on!!! Almost been a month!!!!

  5. Candace Pryor

    Love this song.....Memories.....

  6. Charollette Hatton

    best song I've heard since i don't know when

  7. Leonard Watson

    Dope song