Adrian Marcel - Killa Lyrics

I got that killa, yeah
I got that killa

It's 4:20 in the morning, baby I'ma blow your mind
I could tell that you want it
Cause I can see it in your eyes
You wanna run your fingers, all over my body
You break me down
We gonn mess around
Now the alarm going off in this motherfucker

I got that killa, illa, baby that uh wee
Made me the eulogy
Cause I got that killa, illa
When hittin in fire, you'll be higher
I'm talking bout that killa, illa
So good I'm always on your mind
That killa, killa, illa
Baby you know I got
That killa, killa, illa
That killa

Wanting on me naked, damn your body burning up
You telling me to take it
Cause you know I'm fin to turn it up
Your pussy just get [?] that big
You bite your lips, and you scratchin me
Saying you never had it like this
Now we done messed around, I don't let it down and run

I got that killa, illa, baby that uh wee
Made me the eulogy
Cause I got that killa, illa
When hittin in fire, you'll be higher
I'm talking bout that killa, illa
So good I'm always on your mind
That killa, killa, illa
Baby you know I got
That killa, killa, illa
That killa

I got that Korean I do, hit you with my hook shot
Known for bringing dikes back, cause this ain't what that butch got
Tired of getting that pussy played with, I'm the antidote
Dark skin, 6.2., fuck good and I'm dope
You heard me on this beat before, know I'm fin to swag it out
Let me in that pussy, swear to god you have to drag me out
Quit screaming girl, tough it out, your dude I gives a fuck about
Rich rich got that kill, anything less I don't know much about

4 am man she always come over
Block full of killa and I'm leanin never sober
Baby girl drank a cup now she bendin over
I'm all up behind her like a dog, rover
She say I be killin it, killin it and lickin it
Pretty ass face, full of sticky shit, stinky bitch
Photos, iPhones, pictures with the mall
Prim rose, she just on my dick because I ball

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Adrian Marcel Killa Comments

    He should of bridged it, that rap part was trash.

  2. Amber Stokes


  3. Kirsten jane

    2018 and still on repeat 😏

    tiktok do it myself 101

    2019 girl!😁

  4. Alexandru Joacabine

    Dope song! Dope singer! 5 on it R&B upgrade. Listening to this dude since the beginning. A.M. music heard in ROMANIA!

  5. Blair

    why the rapper sound like that?

  6. too much

    richie rich and 8ball pretty sick

  7. Vegas NV

    Yeah Bro!

  8. thecobaltroom

    Loved the luniz /Rihanna touch and didn't mind the rapper at all even though ... :)

  9. J Handsome

    8ball is the 2nd rapper and they also used igot five on it beat from the luniz

  10. J Handsome

    The rapper is Richie rich one of tupacs boys he did stuff with Pac on all eyes on me song was called I wanna be your nigga he's not bad he's just not right for this song😏


    J Handsome what you don't k ow is that Richie Rich was driving 2pac around in his Jaguar white on white Richie Rich asked 2Pac not to spill any so road dipped 2 fingers in the sauce and wrote his name on his seats... they were more than friends they were straight ridaz look up "DO G'Z GET TO GO TO HEAVEN" RICHIE RICH You see how close they were we out here

  11. Marie Goule

    Where have you been all my life Adrian. Just now finding your music. Love it so much<3

  12. Karen K

    Bad tune ;) love it

  13. Jahira Lee

    Love the song but the rapper need to go

  14. Takiyah Raheem

    Adrian Marcel the BOMB!!

  15. Liberty Jordan

    does the instrumental not sound like 'take me away' by kiyana?...

  16. Junior Ramirez

    Love it

  17. Victoria Penelton

    who all hit reply once the guy starts to rap? lol, I'm sorry I couldn't get into the rap part...

    Nikia Malan

    His name is richie rich he from oakland too he was on the original 5 on it remix  

  18. J'aime Deorosan

    Go Adrian Marcel KILLA!!

  19. Y ungg

    another rapper destroying a close to perfect song..... shoot me

  20. Luzi Trends

    all his music is amazing... i enjoy his voice the melody , lyrics all dat personality .. beautiful.. wonder when he will be in the NYC i would def be there!!

  21. Eduardo Meza

    im likeing the latino r&b in english we the ones thats started this type of music..pachuqouse praise the beautiful goddesses ...much respect for putting the truth out there big doog

    Nikia Malan

    Adrian is bi racial Black and Asian mixed.You got Miguel still he black and Mexican.Adrian dont even look like he mixed with Mexican though I bet y'all thought the debarges was mixed with Mexican too.Regardless to what he mixed with he black 1st  

  22. Kool Breed

    is there a way you could check my stuff out?

  23. Nikia Malan

    I got 5 on it 

    Jordan Gray

    He mentions that he borrowed the beat in the song

    Rick Villyard

    Actually, it's originally from Why You Treat Me so Bad by Club Nouveau 1987. Ya I know I'm old.

  24. Jennifer Jurgens

    Why you treat me so bad?


    Yup! Timex Social Club with Mike Marshall from Berkley.He did the hook for I got 5 on it.All Bay Area groups though .

    Rick Villyard

    Club Nouveau

  25. Elizabeth Perez

    Can't get enough of this song!

  26. Anastasia Sima

    loooooooooooove it! #Pandora


    we fasho gon have to collab

  28. corvettez06ss

    JUSTICE LEAGUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Rexeverything

    hahaha thats Richie Rich, dudes a legend

  30. Anson Wong

    how tf yall gonna say richie rich trash when adrian took the beat from 5 on it

  31. Dax Browne

    horrible ass rapper killed the fuccin song smh

    Kyrese Morrison

    Dax Browne OI

  32. Jxzor

    trash rapper completely ruins this track, remake this shit without him.

  33. jojo castro

    this some good ass music

  34. TheeKinnySwaggg

    done listening to the song at 2:12

  35. Fresh Presh

    Richie Rich killed it!! One of my faves on his album


    His whole album is the bomb. You dont have to skip one song. All of them is great. This dude is definately on his way to the top. My fav is "Caught Up"!!!!!

  37. ohshucks30

    heard this on pandora and i thought i liked it