Adrian Marcel - I Get It Lyrics


Eyes shot red, know you went hard
No traffic on the freeway
Wish ya life was that easy, yeah
Always on the grind, tryna just get it on ya own
I know you gotta do what you gotta do

Some people like to smoke
Some people like to drank
And I ain't here to judge you

Said if this is your song, for real, no doubt
Light the swisher up if ya feeling thugged out tonight (yeah)
I wanna let ya know, my nigga, I get it
I get it, I know why you hit it
Times get hard, nigga I get it
I get it, I know why you hit it

Light brown eyes
Two things on her mind
Steady claimin' what she gon' do
But it's nothin' that she won't do now
You know we just friends
She say she wish I was her man
Cause I be doin' things that he'll never do

She said he just wanna fuck
I ask her do she wanna smoke
And then she wrapped her lips around it

I said this is yours girl, forreal no doubt
I'm gonna ease ya mind, turn it all around tonight (yeah)
Don't be ashamed girl i get it
I get it, I know why you hit it
Damn you know that I get it
I get it, I know why you hit it

[Casey Veggies:]
Girl, I know why you hit it
We was drunk and got lifted, after you gave me the business
We both went on to our business, since then it's been different
See, more into religion, this lifestyle full of sinnin'
I'm like, na I ain't finished, I'm tryna get deeper in it
How I can make you remember, was out on tour the whole summer
We had sex in December, girl, I can never forget it
I'm so damn relentless, I never think about feelings
I just love how I be feelin', girl, it's that sexual healin'
Damn that dress is appealin', like a banana I peel it
Then put yo legs to the ceilin', yeah, I know that you wit it
And you know that I get it
Every time that I'm gone, she bout to blow up my phone
And I'm comin' back home

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Adrian Marcel I Get It Comments
  1. Force Music Group

    Who did it first? Heard a song with the same beat MONK ft Capital STEEZ - BudderScotch 🤔

  2. Groovin Rueven

    Song should be re released

  3. character4thought

    One iof most chilled underrated rnb songs. I love that hes from the West Coast Lawd they do music justice.

  4. M. H.

    Still tha bomb May 2019 and on..💕❤️🎶🔥👌✌️🙏

  5. Demetria Calvin

    Adrian and Casey the vibe and delivery is so chill! Loved it instantly when it came out. 😎😍

  6. Fabien Olivier

    So underated ,for real ...

  7. nera donna

    This should be bigger .

  8. Michelle Johnson


  9. NiAni Favorites

    People are questioning if he's mexican. No he's just light skinned. But he could pass for Mexican

  10. Enheritance Derrico

    Love this song ❤️ Adrian Marcel is so fine 😍

  11. John Blom

    Listened to the song for a bit, til I realised Casey's surname was Veggies haha what a bro-coli..

  12. Stephanie Campbell

    Oakland finese , the most underrated Superstar is in our mist .I love his music 🎶

  13. Rell .Russell

    Song so chilli and cool so is 🔥🔥 but just think if snoop got on this shit!!! #hightimez


    One of My favorite songs... Love love love this beat!!!

  15. Jamal Pierce

    love love 510 in the house .. Cali fam


    sexy and original perfection

  17. Where is She

    if the old Myspace still existed all his music would be my music of choice to play in the background

  18. Gabrielle Perez

    ohh yyy goodddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  19. Matt

    Whos the producer?

  20. Mia Hall

    oh kkk...Kenneth J...this dude is hot!!!!!

  21. Nikita Stowe

    he so popular still love him

  22. Tracy Garcia


  23. Yvette Herrera

    Adriean marcel can you come to my birthday party please

  24. Shaquanda Jones

    my jam back in 2014, this song is so underrated i swear.

  25. Kenneth Jones, Jr.

    Definitely didn't know he had a video for this song. People was so stuck on "2 AM" by him and think that's his only song out. He is an amazing artist.


    Dudes 1 of the best out on the loew trynna bring back r n b

  26. Taylor made

    Love this old school look on him!

  27. Ione

    Adrian is a much cleaner classier version of Chris Brown. Love the 90s vibe in this video and Casey Veggies is totally channeling Guru.

  28. young mantis

    *Clone my bad on the clown that was not the word I tapped lol but I just don't get it y'all dudes would be bigger than ever just one song tho idk

  29. asim q

    this guy looks like mixture of chris brown and J. Cole

    Ya Boy H.K Stain

    Lol Nigga name Chris Cole

  30. Lætizia Honey


  31. Lizbet C

    on god he looks fine as fuck in this video, just like all the other videos.

  32. akaEssence

    when you realized MONK and Capital STEEZ used this beat first.


    +akaEssence track name?


    +Robzy_K it's called Budderscotch

    Force Music Group

    Who did it first tho? Still wondering. Its Adrian s beat or Monk's?

  33. Safron Sahara

    The snapback, windbreaker, and the Pumas is a good look on him. CB and Tyga never rocked it that well.

  34. Roxy Ayala

    Ay' that crown chili burger in the back be so lit #northhollywood

  35. ahkiylee montanna

    I love you bae

  36. anisah ayob

    Adrian marcel why u gotta be so damn fine?

  37. Porsha Foxx

    This video is so 90's. This visuals and vibe. I love it!

  38. Ch Ki

    I will do everything I gotta do to make this Truth of an Artist more famous! Most of the world so sleep on good real music. His music is the earth, wind and fire. So underrated but "I Get it"

  39. dzgroove

    This Cat.....! This my type of groove!

  40. Where is She

    yooo!!! some red wine and lights dim out and a hot guy this!!!! THIS IS THE SING TO MAKE OUT TO PEOPLE!!!!

  41. ShiShi Mcghee

    Damn, Adrian!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Atiyyah Smythe

    Love this song but the whole mixtape is fire!!! perfect mix of rnb with a hint of hip hop!!!

  43. Jay Complex Kid Randle

    El Trey Songz Dibarge

    Porsha Foxx

    +Jay Complex Kid Randle Chris Songz El Debarge

    Jay Complex Kid Randle

    @Jammal Lee Not Al B. Sure though. The position for an Al B. Sure look alike is reserved by Anthony Davis.

  44. Ernesto Lucano

    this video get famous byy Casey

  45. Jubz Music

    He looks like Prince Royce and Chris Brown put together haha

  46. elhawari

    Is it just me or Adrian Marcel looks like the combination of Chris Brown and Scarlet Johansson.


    Hahahah so true 😂

    Gina R

    Lmaooooooooooo 😂

  47. erin phillips

    The beats on this track is so smooth!
    IT gots me bobbiN my head...
    Yes, it!

  48. Suheily Hernandez

    When did Cali get hip to puma? I see the Bay Area is influencing the rest of Cali to do the east coast looks now

    Orlando De Los Santos


  49. Martina Makre

    I have been a huge fan of yours since your early career! Its a pitty that most people know you for '2am'.. they are missing out if they havent heard your other music! You have a one of a kind gift and i hope the public can see that you are worlds away from just a regular pop/rnb singer! Much love!

  50. Jones206

    This is heat! Between him and Preston Harris.....I think RnB is making a much needed come back!

    Ch Ki

    +Jones206 yaasss!

  51. Patrick Monaghan

    Is he Hispanic?

  52. Ernesto Lucano

    I Lov Casey Veggies

  53. jade batch


  54. Alex Flores

    Can't stop listening to this good shit homie

  55. Roshni V

    that kind of chilling/cruising in the car music

  56. Loveveon Wilkerson


  57. Maya Abu Dhabi

    Love  From  Abu Dhabi :))

  58. Maya Abu Dhabi

    puma   :) 

  59. TaterWorld

    Same chick from 2am

  60. SisterKnight

    Why is it this song isn't in the Google store,

  61. Brielle Cruz

    I see Adrian like dem chocolate girls.

    Porsha Foxx

    +Brielle Cruz Them brown skinned ones too! YAY!

    Jamilla Harris

    Tijera Slack as long he like his own race


    Brielle Cruz hes black n latino so that explains it

    Porsha Foxx

    My favorite! : )
    My daughter is part Puerto Rican.

  62. XCVI Mac

    Y'all don't understand what his Musics all about. This isn't hood r&b this is that smooth.

  63. Pink Perception

    1:04 i see a illumanati sighn omg adrian

  64. Pink Perception

    i know i didnt see that illumanati signal oh adrian

    XCVI Mac

    You dumbass that's Mac dre thizzle.

  65. MrsAN6ELINA

    The way Adrian dances though! HAWT!

  66. Tyler Kinboii

    good song but you're just coming up my nigga you need to TurnUp with a Banger beat!!

  67. D Maya

    Love Love this song!!!

  68. ElMaaya Abu Dhabi

    Real  RnB Music .... thanks Adrian Marcel for bringing back real RnB Music  ;D

  69. ElMaaya Abu Dhabi

    Love From   Abu Dhabi   :)   UAE

  70. Robbe Toichoa

    This shit is SO GOOD! Like it!

  71. Angelo Floyd

    Good shit AM! I'm a new fan as of 4 months ago and I do have Weak After Next. Shit bang homie. Stay you stay true. My name ALo homie from OakCliff.

  72. Pound 4 pound

    People be like "he looks like chris brown" and im like what the fuck! Chris brown gotta caveman forehead. Cmon maaayuunnnn

  73. xI-Drew-lx

    My nigga look constipated at 1:44 lmao

  74. Marcus Williams

    Casey spit a killer verse, and Adrian's voice is fucking classic. Love the song

  75. TheRnBLuva

    This is my jam!

  76. DriftingMusic

    this beat is so fly man

  77. TheTriceyR

    <3 This song! And its a nice chilled video.

  78. Marisia Massingue

    adorei o videooo

  79. Alexis Wiggins

    Love this song.

  80. XCocoaCutieX

    LOVE this song

  81. Jorea'

    Love it!

  82. Bobby Martian

    Lmaoo good song but the video.. they spend most of the time next to a phone booth.

  83. creole_mamii

    Such a fan of Adrian I named my son Adrian!Lol I discovered him last year when I was pregnant and been hooked on his music ever since! He looks like Chico DeBarge and Chris Brown mixed together.His voice,his swag his music is so refreshing to me! He's sexy as hell too! Love everything about him & this song is so laid back I love it!

  84. Jasmin Danielle

    <3 everything you do 

  85. Kris C

    This shit goes

  86. Tr0picalexi

    I'm just so in love with his singing style, style of clothes, melodic rhythm, just everything. As close to perfect as you can get lol he's forever bae. Can't wait to see you in concert in Cali one of these days! 


    Me too!!

    Isaias Bautista

    Its that East Oakland heart :)

  87. eksoedusprime

    perfect song to smoke and vibe to 

  88. Jamie Vanessa

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Edu Azanza

    Lovin this!!! Pure R&B!!! :D

  90. João Lima

    Is this a sample?? I'd really like to know the original!

  91. Angela Bazemore

    The mixtapes are solid fire such an amazing talent!!!!

  92. Suzy QC

    I'm feelin' any and everything from Adrian Marcel *** His vocals tho!

  93. D D

    i ufkcs with this

  94. Patrice Bass

    Found a new appreciation for R&B ...Adrian has my support ! 


    SO GREAT!!!!