Adkins, Trace - Whoop A Man's Ass Lyrics

Every now and then you gotta take it on the chin
And gotta turn the other cheek
But then there's times your old stubborn pride
Don't back down so easily

And you got no choice but to let your voice
Be heard and hold your ground
And that's the point that he'll get the point
And you'll probably back down

But if he bolts up and steps across that line
You gotta whoop a man's ass sometimes

Man, I'll be the first one here to call you crazy
If you let me catch you cussin' out a kid or roughin' up a lady
And God forbid that anybody mess with mine
You gotta whoop a man's ass sometimes

Yeah, I let it slide when the liquored up guy
Asked me, "Boy, what you lookin' at?"
And I kept my cool when the reckless fool
Put a dent in my Cadillac

And I don't care if my long hair
Draws stares the way it does
As long as you ain't throwin' sticks and stones
You'd probably be alright 'cause

I'll take the high road if I can out of a bind
But you gotta whoop a man's ass sometimes

Man, I'll be the first one here to call you crazy
If you let me catch you cussin' out a kid or roughin' up a lady
And God forbid that anybody mess with mine
You gotta whoop a man's ass sometimes

Man, I'll be the first one here to call you crazy
If you let me catch you cussin' out a kid or roughin' up a lady
And God forbid that anybody mess with that little girl of mine
You gotta whoop a man's ass sometimes
You gotta whoop a man's ass sometimes

Hmm, that's right
Yeah, you gotta whoop a man's ass sometimes

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Adkins, Trace Whoop A Man's Ass Comments
  1. Brain Sample

    I guess it depends on what whoop means . I would steer clear of singing about a man’s ass lol

  2. Ann Jones

    Trace Adkins you are a Very Sexy MAN!!! I Love the picture on your music,

  3. Walker

    sometimes kids are lil shits and need cussed at those, teach those lil bastards to behave

  4. Tommi Lingle

    " Amen..."

  5. Dee Harris

    I just like this song

  6. Richard Glazebrook

    Love it 2019

  7. Mark Mcss

    That's right you got to woop a man ass some time hell yeah

  8. spiko 1337

    Very true


    Chef IchRoostar

  10. Monkeypwned

    Who's still bumping this is 2019?

    Dee Harris

    I'm with you. 🤓👍

    blake b

    Of course

  11. Mr Horsepower

    Gotta stand up for something or you'll fall for's just lot tuffer these days...even if your right ! your wrong ! The things that make me glad I'm old

  12. Kitten Lyric

    lol all these fake keyboard heroes with their bullshit stories lolol

  13. Velma McGlothin

    HELL RIGHT!!!!!

  14. Tammy Jo Brown-Pusloskie

    The very moment I fell in love with my hubby is when he offered to whip the ass of a boss who was cussing at me daily. I knew right then he was a keeper.

  15. Terri S Rankin


  16. Daisy Edberg

    Love you

  17. Dani Sullivan

    Love this it's for us girls too , we have to Whoop a women's ass sometimes. 😃

  18. Bryson Taaffe

    And when the girl in my class probably flipped me the bird 😒😂😂

  19. The Shovster

    Could you imagine Justin Beiber singing this?!,... ME NEITHER!

  20. Velma McGlothin

    I am a woman but I decided to "whoop a man's ass" when my ex found me. I met him in the driveway with a loaded shotgun on hip!

  21. roger parker

    I felt that shit

  22. Veronica Contreras

    Its Ruby E

  23. James Frank

    Someone calling me homophobic or transphobic is crossing a line. To me that is throwing sticks and stones and that's when the ass whooping will come.

  24. Lukas Röösli

    Country Music is Cool

  25. Melissa Slater

    Whoop a man's ass sometimes

  26. Joe Bigs

    Dam right

  27. Mike or patty Rhoades

    Yep! YOU got that right Mike! songs! No and yea! OH yea easy Good night MiKe! Hey and guess what I do! GOOD night Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Kelly Starkey

    Skipped 4th, 5th, & 6th song.

  29. Tabitha M. Broadway

    Who hits a woman as this man has 4 times blacked my eyes my body i will be dam if i let this thing is not man he dont know me abd peopleb wbo do whatch over me.

  30. Carolyn Grissom

    Love the song & well yeah I've had to kick a man's ass, crazy too, but sweet as can be til crossed!

  31. Kittygirlawesome

    Any guy who needs his ass whooped for messing with a kid or roughing up a lady is not a man

  32. The Reynolds

    I crank this song when I'm beating my wife.👊👊👊

  33. Txbadboy Texas

    That is today I'm ready to to do what I do..

    Beverly Davis

    so are you from the Great State Of Texas?
    i am born & raised Texan
    live in Htown
    (even was given that gorgeous nickname by a Very Special Canadian Man 💓😌& i am extremely honored by it)

  34. David Blagg

    How this guy became a singer is beyond me his voice sucks!!!!

  35. Mike or patty Rhoades

    NOO and NOOO!

  36. Mike or patty Rhoades


  37. Nicholas Hale

    the 305 people that gave this a thumbs down are pansy ass liberals crying in their safe space

  38. Joey Arnold

    I know a guy he should probably hear this song. Cause im gonna find him....hes gonna learn he shouldnt of fucked with my ol lady

  39. demon 2 society

    Wheres my patrick county boys at💯✊💪

  40. Anthony Mccloud

    My mom's phone number

  41. Lola Combs

    No a men

  42. Steven Vavrik

    I dont play well with others. Touch a kid or woman and you'll find out the hard way !

    randy Alsbrooks

    Same here

    The Reynolds

    I just spanked my 4 year old for breaking a window, what are you going to do now?

  43. Sarah Robinson

    This song is so true by Trace Adkins keep the music coming good job sing

  44. Yimmiedwina Hanshaw

    -x|ephes!an--6:12--|x- Luke 11:31 -x|genes!s6:4|x- P$alm 82: Genesis 1:27-29 **Yi$aiah 54:5** Luke 10:20 ~YmmDwnHn$hwRomiLzrsMi$$ionTzdk__ Amos 3:3?

  45. Keith Rockwell

    Hell Yeah you do

  46. John Galletta

    Nothing wrong with a good ass whopping. Real man knows when stand up and when walk away. And no REAL MAN EVER HIT A WOMAN, wasn't raised that way

  47. Mr Superman

    Big ya face music.ready set.cocked and pullit boys you in listen up.session 1 101.whoop a man's ass class McGregor I'm forever on that .not even for the scrap but to trap and amaze set sail and blaze new days.alk fer good reason country rap for season of change chairty a better man in me a clean living and time of back to Mr McGregor u gonna have to wear that or whoop my ass ain't that right if u will

  48. Edd Tll

    Stand ya ground👍🇺🇸

  49. Robbie Wiley

    Fuck the two faces bitches call u family

  50. Robbie Wiley

    Someone knows

  51. Backwoods Survivor

    Y’all have no clue how much this song describes me and my outfit all of us grew up in the backwoods ain’t scared of a gun a knife or someone else and if y’all agree with me you might have a place in the rangers

    Kitten Lyric

    lol all these fake keyboard heroes with their bullshit stories lolol

  52. jim johnson

    oh hell yea..

  53. tommy hall

    And he had a black eye

  54. tommy hall

    I was in 7TH grade it took 8 boys to pull me off of this one boy I was suspended for a whole week

    The Reynolds

    Were you just making out or full-on humping?

    ChanMan 2802

    @The Reynolds you must be from the pride parade. Okay. There's this tradition called "putting somebody in their place" it's okay if your parents never done that, there are many people like you around the world, but it's cool! We'll set em' straight and you'll be good to go.

    The Reynolds

    @ChanMan 2802 Hmmm... Will I become as straight as your boyfriend?

    ChanMan 2802

    @The Reynolds poor choice of words on my part... Funny, I see what you did there, allow me to say it more clearly. We'll beat you snowflakes like your parents shoulda.

  55. Todd Chambers

    Talk is Talk

  56. Velma McGlothin

    Whoop a man's ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Tha Real Mccoy

    whoop somebody's booty

  58. conway mcelroy

    man who lays their hands on a woman or cusses at kids deserve to be left out in the swamp for a week


    I will curse out anybody who pisses me off.

  59. Velma McGlothin

    I will also whoop a man's ass if the abuse animals!

  60. Beckii Kaye

    💓Mr. Adkins... Celebraty Apprentice.. cheers.. wanna be on my team?

  61. amy speary

    To my scummy neighbors

  62. DuGsZ Gaming

    Aint hating but all these texans talking about wooping someone idk why but every texans almost

  63. Kit Rose

    I see anyone hint a kid I'm going kick there ass and kick there ass if they try to hint me daddy don't rise no princess he raised a SOUTHERN GIRL

    The Reynolds

    I just spanked my 4 year old for breaking a lamp. What are you going to do now?

  64. Samantha Cureton

    Don't mess with a girl from KY or anyone from there they will gladly stomp your ass

  65. Chris Winkleblack

    I HEARD of guys like you .beat on your women to keep them and drug the MEN.

  66. Chris Winkleblack

    Trace ATKINS REMEMBER THE SITUATION. Whoop or whoopee .FORCE the WRONG GUY on tranquilizers.

  67. SouthernGhost 1865

    I keep seeing A bunch of people cursing out someone named Chris Ulmer but i am yet to find someone with that name in the comments

    edit wow 666 comments

    edit 2 seriously who the hell is chris ulmer

  68. mr. halloween

    In my Japanese voice
    "Oh this is the comments full of those tough guy"

  69. first name last name

    Id bet over half these comments are from people who have never been in a fight and if they did they got their ass whooped

  70. eileen dennison

    No No. No. No No. No. No No. No


    No, what?

  71. Christian Hackler

    Nataul instinct 😶😑😐😞😲😈👹💩😡😡😠😈to protect call it PREDATOR 😊😃😄😄😁

  72. Black Viper

    My father made sure I understood something my entire life... the old saying, "Don't start a fight, but always finish one." In true Southern style, though, he added a little something extra: "And if I find out you ran away from a just fight, I'll whoop your ass when you get home!"

    GA Peach13

    That's what my mom told me!

  73. SupahMikeMahDawg

    Trace Adkins reminds me of Hulk Hogan for some odd reason...

    unkown unkown

    cause hes the same size lol

  74. Dan S

    snowflakes killed songs like this but I have a flame thrower

    Kitten Lyric

    only an idiot pussy uses the term "snowflake"

    ChanMan 2802

    @Kitten Lyric only a pussy ass idiot bitches about the word.

  75. Jason Jones

    This is what I was playing the other day when my exs new boyfriend decided to run his mouth at a gas station towards me when they pulled up next to me needless to say he is now in the hospital I told him ask anyone in my town no one fucks with me and he decided he wanted too she called the law and the law said his fault he shouldn't of been running his mouth there was no need I have a feeling she will comeback to me I told her there is a side of me I don't want you to see and she saw it

  76. Cooper Turner

    I just got in a fight

  77. Pamela Knowles

    Trace Adkins, love it!!🎼🎤🎸✌🏼😘

  78. beckie lassetter

    Don't mess with a TEXAN cause we will stomp a mud hole in your ass.

  79. Aria W

    Damn, this song is awesome!

  80. True Horrors92

    Trace Adkins could whoop a man's ass he is over 6ft and over 200 lbs I read an article about him. He has had his nose ripped off, back broken, got into a fight on a cruise ship that was about not drinking (he was drunk) and he threw the dude over board, got shot twice and multiple other things.

    The Reynolds

    So what youre saying is, if I ever have to fight Trace, I should go for his nose or back. Thanks.

    Brandon Ebaugh

    @The Reynolds No he is saying that's a bad motherfucker who walks the walk and to be careful lol

  81. True Horrors92

    Tribute to the troops, WWE, he performed this song there. I love this song so much. I am 10 and love country. This is the song I think I hear in my head when people make me mad. I am 10 but I WILL [email protected] your day up.

  82. Wyatt Wilson

    I’ve watched somebody get punched so hard they forgot where they were and I punched him.

  83. Richard Ellis

    I am Texas, born, and Chacigo raised. I will and have put a S.O.B OF the first order on his ass.hit a women or child in font of me and only god going to save your ass.

  84. Roy Mandeville

    Love it

  85. Dylan Crane

    I'm from new Hampshire and I'll whoop a mans ass anytime

  86. Trent Keyes


  87. Debbiej Hensley


  88. Mikii Sutton

    Trace will be on the voice with blake.. I'm sooooooooo excited.. they better listn to trace.... mom huh...

  89. Mikii Sutton

    I'm crazy .. but Trace Adkins will you bend over so I can beat your asssssss... and then take a selfie with me.. heheheheheh

  90. Amanda Stotts

    I like this song

  91. HigherWaysWoman

    My Hero...! And a Role Model for All the Up Coming Young Brutha's who are becoming Men...Gentle Men...Us Sistah's Luv Ya ;-) :-) Agree Brutha-Tracy best not let me catch cussing & especially molesting any Child-Kid(s)..!! Tracy can you come lend me a hand....where I Am there are no True Brutha's....aka Men....I revealed a pedophile predatory sect..showed how they were brutally treating a group of special needs kids...making them live in filth...found the hidden bank-checking accounts had 3 IDENTICAL CHECKBOOKS...their cruel overlords living well off those kids money & those kids living in sqawler conditions. They came after me...hung my pets from my back fence...held me down while their blades split my flesh open....DRIVING my truck & I was arrested for a "Public Intox"...I'm ALLERGIC TO ALCOHOL...goes on 'n on. No one helped me here...but they sure pulled together to destroy everything I have & bankrupted me as well. BTW...they killed 3 of those special needs kids....send a mesage to the keep their mouths shut. I HATE THEM TRACY....I WANT VENGENCE...I WANT WRATH...WHAT EVER IT TAKES TO SEE THOSE BLANKITY BLANK PIECES OF CRAP ROTTING IN JAIL & THEN IN PRISON..!! Yeah they sure taught me..destroyed my home, truck, businesses...just little ol' me & it took 3 towns of these bottom feeders...well...I've been bed ridden now for 14 months. Not permitted to see any doctors &/use their medical facilities here. They showed me didn't they. They stole my Winchester 375 Big Bore Rifle...took me years to find it & my 357 Smith & Wesson Gun....guess they were afraid i would use it on them...think they could be right. Looks upwards..."God...could you send some Real Men-Brutha's to Elk City....sometimes when they aren't any Men-True Brutha's in places...Ya gotta send some in....think I need a truck load..!" They've made so many atempts on my life...punctured my power stewing line...looked like a water fountain & then ran me off into a dry river bed. I loved my truck....she's been sitting since Dec. 2002..when they ran me off the on a fixed income...for 16yrs they've been pounding on me. They killed 3 of those Special Needs make the other shut up about the horrific abuse they were inflicting on them...and to make me back off. Ain't no brutha's & there ain't no Sistah's where I live...pedophile cases keep hitting the news around here...but they have themselves well protected by the the real perp's never get held accountable. BTW....this past weekend...another one of my feline son of 10yrs..they poisoned him. I have a little graveyard in my back yard for all my pets they have been killing. Is there really a God out there somewhere??????????

  92. Royce Bennett

    Trace gets my black approval

    The Reynolds

    That's all Trace has been waiting for. Now he can finally get his career going.