Adkins, Trace - Watered Down Lyrics

I don't go all in but I'll take the gamble
And I don't burn both ends of the candle anymore
I take the corners, slower and steady
This chip on my shoulder, it ain't so heavy anymore

We still fly like gypsies
Just a little closer to the ground
And we still love our whiskey
But now it's just a little watered down

Couple girls I could've married, married someone else
These torches I still carry don't burn like hell the way they used to
The back side of 40 ain't near as crazy
And Sunday morning ain't near as hazy anymore

We still fly like gypsies
Just a little closer to the ground
And we still love our whiskey
But now it's just a little watered down

Those old ghosts still chase me
But feels like they're losing ground
Yeah I'm still crazy
But now I'm just a little watered down

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Adkins, Trace Watered Down Comments
  1. Judy Braden

    WOW !!! Mr. Trace Adkins , Keep up the good work :)

  2. willie surrency

    Love this song life is great

  3. Eunice Gachuru

    You nailed it...Mr.Trace
    This is a kind of stuff(music) I want to be listening to....
    Thank you!

  4. Kelly Starkey

    Awesome. This was published on my birthday. Cool.

  5. Jennifer Delay

    I dont make this stuff up

  6. Jennifer Delay

    U do that to your daughter son u aint right

  7. Jennifer Delay

    I did burn out the driveway headed to jons to show him crazy now see what wrong give up on her i dont think u should i held that baby too that why i came dumbass

  8. Kelly Starkey

    Only 25 songs on playlist instead of 50. Trace Adkins needs to be in front of all song titles as well.

  9. Shubham Srivastava

    Absolutely brilliant...your voice is incredible.

  10. varun singh

    my favorite country music Singer <3

  11. Riverluvr1

    Great song showing off a great voice!

  12. Santos Garcia J.r

    I'm hitting 40 in two more months. I'm scared I don't want to die. I'm getting older. Even tho I learned from my mistakes in life. Lost friends and loved ones,,family. I don't want to get older please God I know you have a plain for me.

  13. Aristilus

    I can relate to that beautiful song. Conjures up good memories. Thanks Trace. Greetings from Scotland.

  14. Stachia Thurmond


  15. Pamela Knowles

    Mr Trace Adkins now this is Priceless
    Thanks for bringing back True Country Music! Your awesome and number ONE!🎵🌲🌊💦🎏🛶⛵☮✌💋💙

  16. Rowena Bahinting

    I love this song 😍😍 I watch it 10x thumbs up👍

  17. Pamela Knowles


  18. Marcella x9

    Me encanta 🎧🎶❤👏

  19. Alyssa

    this song makes me feel things.

  20. Countrycowgirl S

    Great song I can relate

  21. Aubert Oliveira

    amo essa música!

  22. tjjenn

    so beautiful.

  23. tjjenn

    Wow, love this so much,could listen to him all day.xx

  24. tjjenn

    Could listen to this over and over all day. Makes your heart melt.

  25. tjjenn

    Love this so much.

  26. Vickie Chisum

    Beautiful singing and music, beautiful background to this video, perfect, ready to settle down, Trace Darrell Adkins makes you wish you were there with him...beautiful Trace Darrell Adkins, Love Victoria

  27. J's movies N music

    Live his voice I saw him a few years ago I hope I can see him again!

  28. beckie lassetter

    Lord have mercy this man is ate up with sexy

  29. tjjenn


  30. William Cramer

    What a great song!

    William Cramer

    BTW: Love the dobies!  This song speaks volumes to me.

  31. Excal abur

    Heard this on Fox and Friends here in Australia and really liked it, great song and great mellow voice.

  32. daleu harding

    Hell ya damn

  33. tjjenn


  34. Lisa Reitz

    OMG Mr. Adkins...what an awesome song!!! Thank you. I am a 59 year old bartender in a little po_dunk bar in GA...and your song described me to a T.....My daughter"s 21'st Birthday is Monday...She is coming up to GA on the 14th of Oct. to go to the GA fair with me to see you!!! That is her birthday present. I don't know if you see this stuff...but if you do....would you be kind enough to please sing Your Gonna Miss This and dedicate it to her for her birthday? Her name is Tommie Lynne. I bought the tickets yesterday and we should be up a bit to your left as you are standing on stage looking out. Thank You So Much in advance!!! Lisa

    steve predico

    Lisa Reitz how did the concert go?!

  35. Rachel Roberts

    Beautiful animals

  36. Robin Reich

    Pure LOVE

  37. Mr. Moua

    whiskey is the only song i know.

  38. Brotasium Gaming

    He is my all time favorite country singer!

  39. stillebenfilm

    What a voice!! Hit me straight into the heart. Most honest lyrics and best country i´ve heard for years

  40. Moore2Life the pantrylovinprepper

    just saw you last night in Palmdale, you were awesome! Just wished you had done this song, it's probably my favorite of your ever

  41. Zach

    This wicked country song has been number one forever on GAC...Great to see him come back so STRONG and give us the country music we love.

  42. Rick Willard

    This is why he's one of the greats! Amazing!

  43. kittentude

    At my age...Yes. Beaitiful...Thanks Trace.

  44. aitech nasus

    God Bless Trace Adkins He Knows How To Record Great Country Music. His Music Is Excellent And Always A Pleasure To Listen On Any Occasion Anytime Of The Day Or Week.

  45. Arjun pahadia

    Thank you Jimmy Falon

  46. great man bo

    I usually listen to new age rap music and hip hop but I seen this man preform while watching jimmy Kimmel show and I had to come find it , its mad relaxing and soothing idc how different it is from the music I listen to and friends listen to I love it💯💯💯💯

  47. secret sailor

    Beautiful. Makes me sad.

  48. Tuula Mäkelä

    What I can say enymore!!! PERFECT ❤

  49. blueheaven hind

    What exactly he is trying to say can anyone explain ?? Chip on shoulder ?? Fly like gypsy just a little closer to the ground ?? These torches that I carry don't burn like hell ??
    I guess he is talking about his life experience but what exactly is the meaning of expression that he uses ?

  50. Сергей Савчук

    Man, I'm Russian but this video and song make my eyes wet. Holy God, I'm almost 40 and this song has a lot common with my own feelings

  51. Tommy D

    Trace.ya did a good one bro. knows fir sure what watered down feels like

  52. Passion Cash

    Loved this seen him perform it on jimmy kimmel live !! Now I'm just a lil watered dowwwn

  53. Carol Cox

    Trace never disappoints! Watered Down has got me goin'! Perfection for this old gal! MWAH!

  54. DAN DOU

    so glad hes back.....what a voice

  55. SouthernNerd

    I'm glad that he's coming back, because this is real country music. I went to see Trace in concert and he did amazing. Keep on truckin it with the music cause you're amazing.

  56. Lisa Mckinney

    I understand ...

  57. Lila Stevenson

    you and I share something Watered Down

    Lila Stevenson

    We both have a few things in common and specially this song you know it don't matter how many times I hear it every time I get that one tear in the eye I truly straight up know these lyrics All Too Well

  58. Theone Theonly

    Not to many like Mr. Adkins anymore.

  59. Lem0nsquid

    this is my kind of America. its nice to still see parts of new jersey like this

  60. cynthia Massey

    he was #20th last week on GAC. THIS WEEK......! ONE!!! 🙌 yay 🙌

  61. Hagfan789

    This is good stuff here..Right on Trace.

  62. Guadalupe Perez

    Trace I love your music!!!!!!! God bless you always!!!!! Everyone need to buy his CD Woohoo!!!! I love my country music!!!!!Amen!!!!!

  63. Sharon Geter

    Love him and this song......

  64. Marlene Morris

    Love this video. Great new music.

  65. dakota Smith

    my new favorite..I love the dobies in they lean into his leg at the end ..makes me miss diamond n Kauai, you were the best protectors and buddies a lady could have

  66. tanneja hutto

    Love this song. Kinda hits home.

  67. Cody Malcom

    funny cause I thought it was

  68. winplaceshow845


  69. Rick Grimes

    Can someone explain what this song is about?

    blueheaven hind

    Rick Grimes Same here Anyone


    Rick Grimes its about getting older and how life starts to settle down instead of being wild and young

  70. Susie B


  71. Mark Kavajecz

    Alot of meaning to these words, been there! Hang tuff Trace, you got this.

  72. CHERYL T

    Beautiful song,love the words,but then again love Trace!!!☺😆💘...

  73. Jera Anderson

    I'm with ya, Trace. Sorta like this new slower lifestyle. Ain't quite so hard on this old sack of bones.

  74. Kathy Hardee

    Fantastic Singer, just wish the words were Angels in Heaven, not Gypsies to the ground, but don't drink Alcoholic Beverages!! But you sill have a great voice. Just glad to hear your music again!!! Many thanks Trace

  75. Amanda Nichole

    In love with this song❤

  76. mike Burgoyne

    Trace is the real deal, he sings from the heart and about real things. Can't wait for the album.

  77. Bryson Bowers

    Songs like these hit ya right in the feels

  78. Bryson Bowers

    Wow he's still got it I love songs like this love ya trace ur a legend in my book

  79. Christabell Rose

    Love this song... I hope it is a sign Trace is on a path to better things, he sure has been through enough. Be well, Trace, and welcome back!

  80. Joseph Ashmore

    great song

  81. Lila Stevenson

    I'll take the gamble it's worth it to me

  82. Melissa Brown

    Simply amazing,awesome the song Still a Soldier.....your on fire with this hits Trace Adkins your simply amazing. STILL THE SOLDIER gave me chills and goose bumps.what another tribute to our soldiers coming home. Thank you for anothee great song.

  83. pam richardson

    LOVIN THIS SONG..................

  84. ryan aitchison

    well that was great. a hell of a thing eh im only 22 years old and i would rather listen to this then anything ive heard on the radio. guess i was born a couple decades late.

  85. Jeepbilly

    can anyone else just listen to this song on repeat????

  86. MrJonypeace

    Thank god for guys like trace for keeping real country alive !

  87. Patric Wight

    What a beautiful melody.. Love this new song by Trace.

  88. CHERYL T

    another beautiful song,love the words!!!😊❤👍...

  89. Tommy41105

    awesome song

  90. Crystal C

    His voice is my favorite ❤

  91. Elrose Davis

    ♡♡welcome back♡♡
    ♡♡♡Love it♡♡♡

  92. Irene Martinez

    Absolutely love this song and video! Thank you!

  93. ortiz oarteez

    Love you Trace and Jesus does too

  94. Bob Cloutier

    Just heard this song for the first time today. I listen to country music about 25% of the time but more lately. I have not heard Trace Adkins in a long time.

    This song caught my attention right away. The melody is very catchy.

    Then as I listened to the lyrics i thought "THIS IS EXACTLY WHERE I AM AT IN MY LIFE!".
    This sums up JUST how I have been feeling lately.
    The mood the song conveys, somewhat glad that I have mellowed over time and somewhat sad I can't be as young and free as I once was, well, it felt therapeutic!

    Love the song!
    Glad to hear Trace again!