Adkins, Trace - Semper Fi Lyrics

He sat in that long line of barber chairs
And the sergeant asked him, "Son, would you like to keep your hair?"
He said, "Yes, sir," as he heard those clippers buzzing hum
And the sergeant said, "Well, hold out your hands, 'cause here it comes."

Semper fi,
do or die
So gung-ho to go and pay the price
Here's to Leathernecks, Devil Dogs, and Jarheads
And Parris Island in July,
Semper fi

I sleep in my bed instead of a foxhole
I never heard my boss tell me to lock and load
Ain't no bullet holes in the side of my SUV
Because the kid next-door just shipped out overseas

Semper fi,
do or die
So gung-ho to go and pay the price
Here's to Leathernecks, Devil Dogs, and Jarheads
And Parris Island in July,
Semper fi

For the few that wear the dress blues
Haircut high and tight
Who are proud to be the first ones in the fight
Semper fi

Semper fi,
Do or die
So gung-ho to go and pay the price
Here's to Leathernecks, Devil Dogs, and Jarheads
And Parris Island in July,
never leave a man behind
You're a Marine, a Marine for life
Semper fi

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Adkins, Trace Semper Fi Comments
  1. Lonnie Spivey


  2. Tom Boyte

    Semper Fi to all Marines past and future!
    Tom Boyte
    GySgt. USMC, retired
    Vietnam, 1965-66 / 1970-71

  3. Guillermo Cazares

    What about San Diego 🤣🤣 I’m a Hollywood Marine

  4. geralt rivia

    U.S.M.C - 1972-1976 went
    through P.I. for boot - 2542 and tdy 1st A.N.G.L.I.C.O. The last shot of the older guy with a Marine behind him really touched me and reminded me - Once a Marine, Always a Marine

  5. Trent Johnson ONE

    A marine, is a marine for life....

    Semper Fi✊🏾

  6. Steve Inka

    People that disliked this video never had the guts to serve and go through bootcamp Marine corps training. Proud of my Service even though I didnt finish honorable but other than I am still proud i fucked up but i will never forget how the Marines made me the MAN I AM TODAY OORAH SEMPER FI

  7. Lisa White

    I cry when I listen to this song ❤❤❤

  8. A Bar

    Different generation. 69 -73. But it remains God, Country, Corps. Semper FI.

  9. Marilee Dent

    Salute. Oohrah

  10. Christopher Woods


  11. tom bovard


  12. jimi bush

    Semper fidelis !semper fi !till I die

  13. Albert Nordin

    Much respect for those who have said the oath and wore the uniforms! Between myself and my father, we have 50 years of service in the United States Navy. Now my 19 year old son is serving in Marine Corps and we couldn't be any prouder and happy for his decision. Subsequently, he did go through Parris Island in July.

  14. Lego Gamer 2109

    I love marines

  15. SplayWord

    158 retards disliked this

  16. A Bar

    Happy 244th Marines all My brothers and Sisters. Semper FI. PLT. 276. Thats right MAGGOTS , 2nd Battalion, Second To None. Parris Island 5/69 - 5/73

  17. Glenn Hoopman

    I went to P.I. in 1967 after graduating from high school at 17 yrs. of age. Went to ITR at Leguene & then to Tank School at Camp Delmar, CA. Next stop was Vietnam. Operated from '68 to '70 & was grateful to accomplish what the U.S. Government wanted me to do! I'd do it again because I'm not a SOCIALIST but I'd take out a lot more Commies the next time!!!!!!

  18. Bobby Schmidtzinsky

    Hell yes DEVIL. Semper Fidelous

  19. ghostbear200123

    SEMPER FI‼️🍻

  20. Chuck Bailey Custom Guitars

    Thanks to Mr Adkins. For this

    I miss my brothers. But my kids are here because they did, when I did not

    I'll always be grateful. Even when they visit and i know they aren't here. I'll always be grateful for my Corps

  21. Mike Benoit

    I eanted to be a Marine but you turned me away because of my age

  22. scorpiooooh


  23. Catina Caldwell

    To all your veterans and soldiers THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU for your freedom My prayers are with you all.

  24. Anthony Knight

    Marines are FOREVER hardworkingmotherfers keep humping 100 pound pack heavy guns and a gas mask y'all know that feeling no one can take from us what we have done and endured not for the flag but for the brother next to us much love and gratitude my brothers.

  25. Devil Dog 1341

    Plt 2013, 1977 MCRD San Diego. Next was Camp Lejeune NC. Engineer School, Next Cp Pendleton HQ CO. Comm plt 7th Marines, Okinawa 3rd Engr Maint Bn. Heavy Junk Plt., West 37 MWSS 373, El Toro., 1st Cbt Engr Cp Pendleton, 3rd Cbt Engr Oki, Love Camp Hansen. Team Spirit 3rd MIU KOREA, MACS-23 Aorora Colo. Loved it all, no Fucken Regrets - Old Fucking Devil Dog, Oooh Fucken Rah.

  26. Truth Exposed

    methodicaldeception (dot) com / the-artists

  27. CFSVA14 None

    If it weren't for country music, I don't think anyone would ever pay tribute to the special people.

  28. mike eat it

    I'm AUS army veteran.. You can call a marine whatever you want ,but don't you ever disrespect Them !!


    Nice song semper Fi. Once a Marine always a Marine 2/9 3/7



  31. Jesse Griffin

    How many Marines do you know or know of that was born, raised, and trained on a Marine Corps Recruit Depot? So far I know only one.

  32. Mike l

    1979-1999.   I love those Dress Blues.  They still hang in my closet, they no longer fit, but just looking at them each morning gets me going.    I'm 62 now and it's still in my soul.

    Neighborhood Hope Fiend

    1982-2003 Here. My Dress Blues still hang too with the ribbons and badges on them. I'm 56 and every now and then I pull them out, have a drink and stare at the career on my chest. I'd do it again in a heart beat! Semper Fi!

  33. Hollow BoneBaer

    When I came home from Vietnam every one hated me spit in my face called me a murderer. I have carried that with me my whole life.

  34. golden Warrior

    Marines saved my life, thank you

  35. Strider

    Thanks for this. I reported to P.I. on 5 July 1979. I know what he is singing about. Semper Fi Devil Dogs! Happy Birthday.

  36. ferris tilton

    This is such an amazing song. My dad is a retired Marine and I'm in the Marine corps program I leave in July and I couldn't think of a better country to serve. Semper fi

  37. LadyQ onIMVU

    Semper Fi.. Mac

  38. William Morales

    2:10 Those white barracks in the background look hella familiar to me. MCAS Iwakuni???

  39. mari brenner

    Thank you!! Made me cry!!

  40. mari brenner

    God Bless ALL our soldiers and troops!! Semper Fi!!

  41. Bill ???

    Thank you Marines!!

  42. chevalierjld

    27 years ago at MCRD PI, out since 1999, 20 years ago. Miss it every day since, and I'd do it all over again. Semper Fidelis!
    - Sgt J L Delgado, 92-99

  43. Wade Hermes

    To all those who gave a thumbs down, Fuck you all......

  44. N3rdHD


  45. Bakugo Katsuki

    Happy birthday devil dogs

  46. Bob Weston

    My name is Robert Joseph Weston I would like to thank all the men and women who is served in the military and I fought for our freedom and to protect the Constitution of the United States of America God bless you all and thank you and most of all thank you for all those who have fallen to give me the freedom that I have today God bless you and God bless America

  47. Scott LaPlante LaPlante

    November 10, 1775 - The founding of the Marine Corps

  48. Mexiepino

    Hollywood Marine
    2nd Battalion 2nd to none
    Foxtrot Company
    Platoon 2027
    May 27, 1988

    Senior D.I. Staff Sargent Harper
    D.I. Sargent Johnson
    D.I. Sargent Blake
    D.I. Sargent Lutz



  49. Jessiiie G Baseball Mom

    Made me cry 😢 SemperFi OOHRAH! Thank you RIP dad USMC Vietnam vet.

  50. Gear Head

    Awesome!! Thanks to all the service men and women for your service. And to the families thank your for your sacrifice. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  51. Brian Chambers

    The Corp, they are a bunch of native sons and daughters! Thank you!

  52. Oscar Orozco

    You know what type of marines make a song about motto as boot camp is a pog and a boot just saying

  53. Biker Dash

    To my Brothers and Sisters-in-Arms
    Happy 244th Birthday

  54. Douglas Campbell

    Some of the best missions this Soldier went out on were with some Marines after all the Army Marine razzing that went on they were first class outside the wire. To all the Marines, Sailors, Airmen, Soldiers, Coast guardsmen I thank you for your service

  55. Rob Michalowski

    I just found this, fitting enough that it was on the 244th Birthday of our beloved Corps.

  56. Juicy Boi

    Happy birthday motherfuckers.

  57. Bill Huber

    Hell yeah!!!!

  58. M Led

    Plt 3152 kilo PI. 14 years later had to leave for family. Wish I could still be in. Loved the Corps.

  59. NamVetBuck

    One of a vanishing breed - Sea Duty Indoctrination School 1974 - I'm 63, A MarDet Marine, grunt , gunner, and graduated boot camp at the age of 17. Semper Fi to all my bros !

  60. Jack Nicholais

    1969 Plt. 269 PI, Sgt. J Nicholais Many memories and buddies

  61. Christopher Markunas

    Semper Fi!

  62. Christopher Woods

    the walk a marine 9th Marines to brothers a code a father home to sons today our fathers the walk a marine

    Christopher Woods


    Christopher Woods

    the walk a family 9th Marines to family a brother

  63. Christopher Woods


  64. Christopher Woods


    Christopher Woods


  65. Dee Bates

    Thanks For sharing just lost my daddy served in Vietnam USMC Camp Lejune North Carolina.... he never talked much about what happend....
    God bless and thank each and every one...

  66. richard brooks

    Love this artist, Semper FI!!!.

  67. John Wheater

    Ty for your sacrifice.

  68. John Smith

    Fox holes are for the army... Fighting holes are the MARINES. Semper Fi

  69. T Berd

    Nice video!

  70. Michael Reynolds

    Thank you for writing this. Semper Fi

  71. Cindy Shivers

    On behalf of my brother, USMC Gunner Sgt. Joe M. Gregory, Semper Fi ! Once a Marine, Always a Marine... Died July 19, 2017, Buried Nov 10, 2017 on the 242nd Anniversary of the Marine Corps.

  72. Scott Dickens USMC

    A Marine for life once a Marine always a Marine Semper Fidelis forever. God bless all Marines!

  73. Christopher Woods

    a father to walk our sons the dance sons of brothers the walk son a family

  74. Joe Costanza

    My son is in the Corps. 2 years served

  75. Marilee Dent

    My father and brother

  76. Janet Suddreth

    My son is started the crucible today. My day has been filled with prayers and tears. We see him 2 weeks from today and I’ve never wanted to see someone so bad in my life. Thank you to all who have served and for all the families that have cheered you on.

  77. Fire Wolf Legion

    I'm signing my papers soon, once I'm cleared by my doctor.

  78. TomMarineVet

    47 years ago I was that young dumb recruit in Parris Island in hot July. Would do it again...Semper Fi

  79. Brian K.

    Our birthday is coming and we’re gonna party we’re going to celebrate our beloved corps and we’re going to celebrate our fallen brothers and sisters because they gave their all and we will never forget them Ooh Ra

  80. Brian K.

    Devil dog for life

  81. Charles Smith

    I served my country in the USN Active Duty 20 Years. I have not seen my sons since August 6 1999. I paid child support and paid for ex wife college education. I survived head trauma cancer diabetes blood clots black out. From a head injury in 1997, I have not had medication for type two diabetes since 2016. I GOT UP EVERY DAY and Served my Country no matter what happened to me.

  82. Tony Delfrano

    Hoorah! Semper fi!

  83. David Hawthorne

    Semper Fi, this hits home. I would make a joke about onions but I wont. I cried and I don't care.

  84. Christopher Woods

    the walk of brothers today a father

  85. Chase Golubski

    Semper Fidelis.

  86. Beny G.O

    Proud Parent of a U.S. Marine 😀

  87. william turner


  88. Dar Cur

    thank you SGT Tremper ..plt 1017, 1984 Semper Fi you all

  89. Christopher Woods

    a father home Semper Fi

  90. Kimberly Carder

    This song brings tears to my eyes as I think of my dad. He was a proud Devil Dog and Vietnam Vet. Being a Marine was a title he wore proudly all his life til he passed in 2017. SEMPER FI dad, I love you.

  91. Christopher Woods

    the walk of father s the code brothers

  92. Aurora J. Sanks

    Thank you ....

  93. Robert Morris

    Marine Sergeant William Genaust's color footage of the second flag raising on Iwo Jima.

  94. Carlos Rivera

    Semper Fi Oooorrrraaaahhhh

  95. Patrick Mcbride

    SEMPER FI Brothers and Sisters

  96. diamond wolf

    This song reminds me of my grandpa because he served in the United States Marine corps for 4 years. But then he died in a truck crash in 2013 😭