Adkins, Trace - My Heaven Lyrics

Everybody has their own idea of heaven
What kind of paradise they'll see
Pearly gates, streets of gold
No getting sick, or growin old
Sounds like a beautiful place to be
But as for me

My heaven is a wood frame house with a great big porch goin all the way around
Sittin on the swing listenin to the sound of the birds singin
My heaven is a warm summer day in the back yard
While the kids all play, flies and mosquitos stay away
While we're eattin watermelon
That's my heaven

You're always gonna find a few non-believers
Those who stay lost in the dark
But I believe there is a place
Full of light 'n love and grace
And I don't believe that its all that far in my heart

My heaven is a cell phone ring while I'm at work
And the only thing that you have to say
Is you miss me and get home in a hurry
My heaven is the very worst day that I spent with you
When you were so mad but I still knew
Nobody would leave cause that don't happen
In my heaven

My heaven is where I am now on the front porch of the wood frame house
Swingin with you just lookin around at all I've been given and this life I'm livin
Is my heaven
My heaven, My heaven

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Adkins, Trace My Heaven Comments
  1. Jody Bowman

    Beautiful song, heaven is a beautiful place too be, if i die i want too be there

  2. Nancy Dee Beam

    Why is it so hard for people to understand its the crown of thorns you want, everything else you lose no matter the direction you go.

  3. Nancy Dee Beam

    Still one of my favorite songs despite the constant 💩...thought by behaving better than most kids from the paradox of 12/31/83:4/7/84 would never be separated from the wo/\man of the fall.

    Thanks for destroying & tearing up my heaven with my kids, my blood lineage.

  4. Yue Zhang


  5. Nancy D. Beam

    I love this another senior trip memory back I'd rather not have but whatever. I don't think it's funny to have any part of 'snowball' around, even if my children do not matter to anyone else those kids matter to me.

  6. Nancy D. Beam

    #15 Nash Bridges - Burning Bridges, ♠️. Love this song.

    Nancy Dee Beam

    Once again got hijacked...

  7. Kathleen Bright

    My heaven is you my baby cuddling up on the sofa with watching TV and making sweet love all night long

  8. Sunda Fricks

    The most beautiful song I think I've ever heard.i love you trace , your music is my favorite, your my favorite singer all your songs are awesome and I love listening to your music

  9. Kathleen Bright

    Honey you are so awesome you are my world and my heaven hurry home my sexey man

    Jennifer Dijames

    I'M looking forward to seeing you at the end of the month with Blake Shelton at the Key Bank center.

  10. Kathleen Bright

    My heaven is is spending every day and night with you for the rest of my life love ya

  11. Stachia Thurmond

    My heaven would be to get to have a picture with you and meet you.

  12. Stachia Thurmond

    Hoping to get my picture taken with this SEXY AND HANDSOME MAN when we see him in Venton Louisiana at Delta Downs on July 7 2018.

  13. Kathleen Bright

    Honey you make me so happy to have you in my life you are my heaven hurry home to me my love

  14. Kathleen Bright

    Honey your heaven is here waiting on you in meadview az hurry home to me ilovethis song

  15. lorraine obar

    My Husband bought this CD and said honey this is us he put it on held me and sang with it in the kitchen of our wood framed house. He has passed on and I am thankful for that moment and this song.

  16. Jennifer Dijames

    good job Trace.

  17. Jeff Apel

    We played this at our wedding reception 9 years ago.

  18. lorraine obar

    I would like to thank Trace Adkins for this song my Husband brought this song home and held me in the kitchen while signing along and he told me this is us honey our home. He has now passed on but I play this song often on Sunday mornings for all our neighbors to here. If I could post a picture of home you would know. Trace if you are ever in Sultan Washington and want to sit on the deck you and your family are welcome.

  19. Allie Douglas

    this is the best and beautiful song i ever herd in my life

    Allie Douglas

    i agree

  20. Lila Stevenson

    my heaven this song I love it don't get me wrong it just freaks me out because ten fifteen years ago I wrote a poem your song and my poem is so almost so close it's unreal can we have the same heaven?

  21. Helen Courtois

    My Heaven, What we all wish for!

  22. Kody Kellner

    my grandma just recently passed ... this was her song ... i miss you now and forever

  23. nippy22

    Lovely ...

  24. Cindy Rotert

    Amen!! Dad Hope You Are Happy.

  25. Philip McCahill

    I probably make up about 10% of those views. I love this song.

  26. Leilani Herrera

    love this song!! I can't listen to it without tearing up :,)

  27. neverlovedaboy

    I posted that I hope me and my ex get back together but I found out she cheated on me the whole time, I don't want her back I don't feel what I once did for her. I still believe that this is my heaven but its not with her, it is with someone else I hope I have found them.

  28. neverlovedaboy

    I'm not a huge country music fan but I have to say this guy recently his songs describe perfectly whats going on with me. Me and my girl broke up a month ago and I'm praying everyday she comes back, she is my soulmate. This mans music is definately fiting into my life right now.

  29. Jack Ryan

    Atheistic and blasphemous. Love it!

  30. nelied

    Simple pleasures.... love it!!!!

  31. Cody Denham

    @MegaPrimo77 yes..deserves maaaaany more great job dude :)

  32. MegaPrimo77

    this song deserves more then just 1887 veiws

  33. Edward Quintana

    I Love this song! God Bless You and All.