Adkins, Trace - More Of Us Lyrics

Seems like everytime I turn around
Another ten commandments is comin' down
As if this country revolves around
The people who hate my God

They want Him out of the courthouse
And out of the schools
Off the airways and under the pews
I think it's time we remind those fools
Of something that they forgot

That there's more of us
Than there are of them
Don't you think we've taken enough
Of all this givin' in
It's bout time for pushin' back
Watcha say we take a stand
I'm talkin to the Red, White, and Blue
Tried and through proud American friends
Remember there's more of us
Than there are of them
Now listen
I know we've learned to talk the talk
But now it's time we walk the walk
With one voice we oughta call a halt
To the madness in D.C.
We gotta change the course they've got us on
Double check whose side they're really on
Seems to me they've got this country wrong
It belongs to you and me

That's right

Yeah there's more of us
Than there are of them
Don't you think we've taken enough
Of all this givin' in
It's bout time for pushin back
Watcha say we take a stand
I'm talkin to the Red, White, and Blue
Tried and through proud American friends
Remember there's more of us
Than there are of them


I think it's that time for packin' back
Whatcha say we take a stand
I'm talkin to the Red, White, and Blue
Tried and through proud American friends
Remember there's more of us
There's a whole lot more of us
Than there are of them

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Adkins, Trace More Of Us Comments
  1. Sue Doten

    Let’s roll. Love your new song.

  2. PATRIOT 777

    This country belongs to you and me!

  3. Kelly Starkey

    YOU TELL UM BIG GUY!!!!!..... <3 8-|

  4. Kelly Starkey

    You tell um BIG GUY!!!!!!!!!!! ……….<3 8-

  5. Kelly Starkey

    Edit box not coming up when you click on edit.

  6. Kelly Starkey

    Only 25 songs not 50.

  7. Kelly Starkey

    You tell them Trace Adkins. Thanks for all you do. We appreciate & love you. <3 8-|

  8. Jennifer Lambert

    Amen!! This song says it all. Really listen to the words its how is suppose to be in our country especially if your proud to be an American. We don't back down nor give in. Beautiful tell it like it song Trace!! Thank you

  9. Kathleen Bright

    honey you tell about it thats right god blessyou

  10. Ella Johnson

    Amen Trace

  11. mr kleen


  12. Sarah Robinson

    I love this song by Trace Adkins it's so true thank you keep up the good music

  13. America needs Shalom

    It's time to pray that we don't have another civil war or marital law or complete anarchy!

  14. America needs Shalom

    It's too late now. Just like the founders said we have been too complacent!

  15. Dee Dee Serpas, Ret Reserve Lt, widow 2/18/19

    Yes there more of us. Love this song says it all. Keep Negative comments to you self. Thanks a million Trace

  16. Dee Dee Serpas, Ret Reserve Lt, widow 2/18/19

    Love this song speaking the truth. Keep your negative comments to yourself

  17. Jeannette M Owens


  18. Nancy Dalbosco

    Zowee, babe you are gonna start a big fire

  19. Barbara Schweikart

    Wow what a great Song I love it ❤..... Please Trace come to Germany... Than my wish come true ❤️

  20. By Nm

    United States of Angels, is what I was told several times. Those who know the difference and walk the line

  21. Kathleen Bright

    igot alittle love buz to love you

  22. Pamela Knowles

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Well said Trace Adkins!!!

  23. Informant

    "OF THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE." We are a nation who by our votes put these people in office to protect our blessings of liberty.They are suppose to represent us and work for us, As Bill Clinton said as he lied to us all on t.v. "now i need to get back to work for the American people." Well as the great but sad quote said, POWER CORRUPTS AND ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY. We are a nation of laws not men in high places. NO ONE is ABOVE THE LAW! We are suppose to be A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC GOVERNED BY THE RULE OF LAW...... As Dio sang if you listen to fools the mob rules. After all that i need to stress that we the people are in this mess due to most of us not keeping our Republic.As Ben said when asked what have we wrought? "a constitution if YOU can keep it. That would be ALL of us! The one who gave us life and liberty has now for the most part been mostly forgotten, So now we are reaping the sad consequential sorrows of what we have sown.


    no not high been up 3 days so you keeping track of my every movement, that's why i could not spell and it took so long so, so long, ya'll.

  24. Douglas McConnell

    Yes very powerful Amen Trace !!!

  25. Lila Stevenson

    That's right there's more of us than there are them straight up!!!!!!

  26. Harad - Fantasy Music

    Feel that. With all the bullshit nowadays, suddenly a conservative political view doesn't sound so bad.

  27. Linda Krueger

    If they don't listen and do what we ask and they are out! Two-year term limits should be activated for both Senate and Congress! Put a stop to career politicians!

  28. Linda Krueger

    Senate and Congress should all be pulled out of their buildings by their ears until they listen to us and all the changes that need it be done for the betterment of our Great Country! It's the only way anything will get done!

  29. CLEARLIGHT 333

    i don't endorse fighting against our own Government,but there is some good words in this!

  30. Gary Christensen

    spot on bloke this world is going to shit

  31. Amy Amy

    best song I've ever heard U nailed it trace AMEN


    great song,but Jesus nailed our sinful offences to the tree,and became an offence for us so that now we can be clothed with His righteousness

  32. Darlene King


  33. Tonya Hankinson

    Great song! explains the world at this moment.

  34. Michael DaRosa

    Well said Trace!

  35. Kathy McClain

    Gosh I wish my hair looked like his!

  36. Carmen Gilliard

    NRA meaning "National Rifle Association"
    It's not exactly the country music style you expect to hear on this channel? Who's side you're really on?
    I really love the the fact that TRACE ADKINS has the guts to "sing" the truth & listening to it makes me feel so good...I hope it works for you too!

  37. JDK

    There is More of Us, but we all just sit on our hands and watch America go away.....

  38. Zoe Skarlatos

    RED: Is the blood of the American lives, that was shed, while fighting for freedom... WHITE: Represents the souls both here on earth and across the veil, that still have Freedom running through their veins and in their concience... BLUE: The sky is no limit, for the true American, who will soar the skies and crush the chains being placed upon the American people by the depraved minded fools......  Love and Light to you all..               Australia.

  39. ArcticFamilyMN

    Great tune, great show... was at this show and enjoyed it immensely!

  40. Tia Biker Chick

    High 5 Trace

  41. angeleyes1246

    @ Dan Lewis - You must be one of those kiss #@#@ Liberals. Trace has done great things for our Military. Look in the mirror. What have you done? He travels overseas to perform for our troops, he raises money for The Wounded Warrior Project, and he sure speaks the truth in this video. If you don't like what he has to say; DON'T LISTEN !!! You Liberals are so dumb and uneducated.

  42. angeleyes1246

    I love, love, love ... this video. So true !!! Trace is amazing in concert.

  43. Melisa Rechenmacher

    One of the best songs... Arlington is my favorite, My nephew made it there...

  44. Shakeyblues

    An Anthony for today's USA!

  45. Erma Hernandez

    Proud to be an nation under God.........

  46. Dan Lewis

  47. Dan Lewis

    YES, there are often going to be more fools than knowledgeable folks.

    Anybody can be lazy and ignorant of the facts. That's easy.
    Trace and his little pals have taken the lazy coward's way.\

    Trace prefers comfortable lies over the hard truth.
    Beep him and the other lazy fools like him.
    You all need to grow the beep up.
    Little child man, rolling along, spreading lies. Way to go, Trace.

  48. Dan Lewis

    'Trace' is a good name for that guy. He's only got a trace of brain matter in his head.
    He's got no real empathy for The People. He doesn't grasp true Freedom.
    I hope he'll wake up and start helping The People instead of contributing to their insanity.

    brint holeman

    Dan Lewis Dan Dan Dan... I want to hear your thoughts on what you think helping the country is? As far as I'm concerned, you need a lesson on what this country was founded on! What our four father's stood for and if you can't grasp that, go back to school bud...

    Adam Gajewski

    You suck hang yourself! Fuckin idiot.

    tim howard

    you need to take your high and mighty self and go and live with your friends over in Islam.... you ARE whats wrong with this country... you should not be able to use a type writer or keyboard to type out a message, I see how it took more than one time to try to get your point a crossed, and FRANKLY, WE DON'T GIVE A DAMN!! CAUSE LIKE THE SONG SAYS, THERE'S MORE OF US, THEN THERE ARE OF YOU!!!

  49. Harad - Fantasy Music

    You can see this a heart felt performance...

  50. Confederate Studio


  51. Lindamaeb B

    should have posted this nation wide before the election, but, better late then's going on my wall.

  52. John Ferris

    Awesome.. We should all feel like that!!!

  53. RobertVol

    I have had this song on my iphone since it was on the store. I love it. Trace, this needs to be pushed more and more. Get people involved with this. Love it

  54. Elaine Whiteman

    Thanks for playing this song!! Bring the show to Canada big guy......we're in the same boat:)

  55. Charles Hudgins

    I saw him here in Atlanta, I have ALWAYS been a huge Trace Adkins fan! This is one more reason why! It's time for us as an American Nation need to hear and follow this song like a rally cry! We need ta man up and kick our government in the ass ta get it straight again! We the people, not we the polititions!!!

  56. Michelle

    You didn't sing this in Wendover, but heard it on the way home on CD, and F Ya! I think were the words out of my mouth. LOL. <3 ya Trace & Band.

  57. Dolphieness

    I LOVE Trace Adkins. He is a REAL Man and he is a USA Redblooded Country bred Man. Patriotic to the core. I am GLAD he is performing this song. We need more country songs that LOVE THE USA and hate what is being done to her.

  58. Ballad of Janine

    Trace for president. I dont take it back.

  59. s10dreamer

    Bring this tour to Ontario, Canada!!

  60. Samuel Zistl

    sing this on july 8th in lancaster

  61. HugoBoss

    come to the netherlands~!!!

  62. wardc72

    I saw you here in Birmingham last month and I most certainly do wish you had sung that one here. But I loved the concert anyway.

  63. Lorraine Keegan

    Amen, Excelent, Bravo!!
    Love ya Trace.....

  64. 21N73N25

    L E G E N D !

  65. Debbie Roe

    Got to see this done live in Ashland Kentucky just 2 weeks ago...really enjoyed this concert