Adkins, Trace - Just Fishin' Lyrics

I’m lost in her there holdin’ that pink rod and reel
She’s doin’ almost everything but sittin’ still
Talkin’ ‘bout her ballet shoes and training wheels
And her kittens
And she thinks we’re just fishin’

I say, “Daddy loves you, baby” one more time
She says, “I know. I think I got a bite.”
And all this laughin’, cryin, smilin’ dyin’ here inside’s
What I call, livin’

And she thinks we’re just fishin’ on the riverside
Throwin’ back what we could fry
Drownin’ worms and killin’ time
Nothin’ too ambitious
She ain’t even thinkin’ ‘bout
What’s really goin’ on right now
But I guarantee this memory’s a big’in
And she thinks we’re just fishin’

She’s already pretty, like her mama is
Gonna drive the boys all crazy
Give her daddy fits
And I better do this every chance I get
‘Cause time is tickin’
(Yeah it is)

And she thinks we’re just fishin’ on the riverside
Throwin’ back what we could fry
Drownin’ worms and killin’ time
Nothin’ too ambitious
She ain’t even thinkin’ ‘bout
What’s really goin’ on right now
But I guarantee this memory’s a big’in
And she thinks we’re just fishin’

She ain’t even thinkin’ ‘bout
What’s really goin’ on right now
But I guarantee this memory’s a big’in
And she thinks we’re just fishin’
Yeah, aww, she thinks we’re just fishin’
We ain’t only fishin’
(This ain’t about fishin’)

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Adkins, Trace Just Fishin' Comments
  1. Ashley Fletchall

    This song has always made my emotional but now that my dad has passed it hits in a different way

  2. Sarah Adsitt

    This has been mine and my dads song since it came out. Makes me cry sometimes but I told him were dancing to this song at my wedding

  3. Terrie Forneri

    Beautiful ☺️❤️🎸🎶

  4. John Wheater

    I bring my wife every Sunday just to fish. I played this song and she cryed. 24 yrs marriage love her so much.

  5. Chloe Denson

    this song means so much to me ... my dad hasn’t made the best decisions but i have these memories always here i am bawling

  6. Jeanne Fiddler

    Wow love this song and I can see how this could relate to a lot of making memories of live and loving it.

  7. mollykat Mayhem

    I hear this song all I think about is my pa (grandpa) and me. Just Shishin. As I would call it rip pa thank u for the best 12 years of my life.

  8. Rudolf Domes

    What Fathers do. I loved to spend time with my kids, not just to spend it. Fun for me was time only I could give my kids. Teaching to drive for example.

  9. Gary Shaw

    Could it get better than that


    My dad played this when we would fish when I was young I miss fishing with him I hope we can this summer

  11. Latino Fisherman

    What a song,I took my doughter fishing the first time when she was 2 years old,and she was 4 also when I took her Ice fishing,well she told me about this song and she got married 10/20/2019 and we dance this beautiful song on her wedding day♥♥♥🙏👍💯

  12. Ocean Wilkerson

    im having a little girl and my husband is looking forward to doing this with our daughter

  13. Patrick S.

    My daughter and I danced to this at her wedding. I still tear up when I hear it.

  14. c b

    this reminds me of butterfly kisses ///// beautiful songs

  15. Kaleb Coco

    My dad never really took me fishing but my brother did and I'm blessed to have those moments even though I'm not a girl I still enjoyed the bonding relationship😁

  16. nb nb

    To missy and des keep fishin and makin memories

  17. Greg Kral

    Trace, dammit, I don't like much country, but you nailed this one dude. Thanks. Subscribed. I got one day maybe two left for fishin this season, and oh ya man, great lyrics, you nailed it. As another new song said to me today that led me to you..... and this great picture and memory and fact, when tough boys grow up to be men, we turn into big babies again eh? I kow that's a different one, but today, all songs new to me are a surprise, it was a music and singin' day for me and my kids on our weekend..... Thanks so much sir.

  18. Sam Smith

    This is for my grand daughter.. Paw Paw loves you...

  19. to too

    what bait he uses for fishing?

  20. Elsie McMillan

    Oh Shawn Riley McMillan,,,,, LOL, The tiny one didnt really care for fishin, you brought her home to Grammie. Shelby-Dawn and I had lots of cuddles and play time!

  21. Wickless Wax Lab

    Me and my daddy love this song

  22. Janie Buck

    God those lyrics are so touching. I wonder if Trace wrote it. He's awesome either way!

  23. Roger Garman

    When I married my wife, I danced with her 7 year old daughter atour wedding.

  24. mrs_acosta484

    (( funny story ))
    I told my 3 yr old girl Vivienne, let's got catch a bluegill ...... she answered NO DAD !! I want a pinkgill.......

  25. Taylor Craig

    I love this song

  26. tracker 584

    Wish I would have had a daddy

  27. tracker 584

    Happy tears..she has a wonderful daddy..lucky baby

  28. Karen Lewis

    This is in the lead for my father daughter dance at my wedding 💗

  29. Melinda Henson

    this hit home

  30. Fiona C

    Our summer fishing trips were the best of times. Yep...just fishin with my Dad. Those memories are still sharp after 50 years.

  31. Jay Weekes


  32. Rosa Lourenco


  33. Be A Lamb Would Ya!

    I used to be obsessed with country music for 2011-2013 listening to these classics makes me miss being a kid 😭💞literally would watch the GMC channel

  34. Joe Bennett

    This song reminds me of the times me and my dad went out fishing , I learned a lot more sittin on the middle seat of a 16 foot aluminum boat than anywhere else in my life

  35. Yeet boi kpop

    I've never really liked country but in crying because my dad promised to take me fishing but he never did........

  36. Mike or patty Rhoades

    34 Years Never ok!

  37. Mike or patty Rhoades

    Hey mike never hit's I OK! OH if he ever did out the door! Trust Me! NEVER OK!!

  38. Cristina Botta

    The cutest video on youtube <3

  39. Bts Jongkook/V/RM/suga/Jin/Jimmy/j-hope

    u know some pople meat till the parents they hate thim but it not True they are really tilling you they love you am now 13 this is me and my dad song evey time it play on the Radio we sing to it my dad is 50 it hard of him but he sill trying time going but fast now so to alll fathers your kids meat say they hate u and all way will but they actually are saying they love you and thay all way will me and my dad gets in fights i say i hate you with all my heart but i actually mean i love u with all my heart so dad keep going for you daughter oh love u and all way will... to represent our song just fishing at my dads daughter dance at my Wedding lovu you dad

  40. Finna Fish

    Omg this is the most wholesome song ever

  41. Julia Underwood

    Awh my daddy!!!! 🥰🥰👨‍👧

  42. Ernest Hert

    To my daughter Ari years ago I bought this CD just for you.... Just know I will always love you baby girl. I miss u and your sissy Fina.😭

  43. Bhesk24 7

    My wife danced with her dad yesterday to this song almost brought tears to me eyes

  44. Savannah Shaner

    This me and my dads song😭

  45. ᑭᕮᗩᑕᕼᕮS

    One of my old teachers would play pandora in class and the day after my father was diagnosed with afib, this song came on.

  46. Dannielle Collins

    You really gain perspective when memories are all you have.

  47. Kelley Baker

    This song reminds me of my dad, he would take us fishing and now that I am older and listening to this song that's what my dad was doing. I know my father would have loved this song. I miss him so much :-(

  48. Rob Szam

    What state is this in. Good looking home and yard

  49. Samantha Wells

    But now I know I don't know what the future beholds for me so yeah which is pretty scary for me yeah I do not know it motorcycle he says the guy on the bike nothing special in each as a character I Make Up All In My Head

  50. Samantha Wells

    Dubai Prince I lost my mind Yap I was in saying over Hills but I'm not Overhills I'm better so yeah

  51. Di Bn


  52. Sarah Hodges

    Love this song Trace!!!

  53. Ria Stephens

    Still always a beautiful, sweet song...

  54. Gage Roach

    Guys always ways the best of life

  55. Tonya Soape

    I was listening to this yesterday and I called my dad to tell him turns out he had just got off work and he was jamming out to it on the way home! I couldn’t help but cry 😭 I love my daddy!

  56. KillerKlown690

    Where's my 2019 brothers and sisters!

  57. Joseph Corona

    I honestly cried in side when my daughter caught her 1st fish

  58. Ethan Reynolds

    The biggest catfish I caught was 8 pounds when I was 13 and the biggest bass I caught was 8 pounds the bass was the same size as the catfish. I shot only 1 deer in my life and it is a 2 point buck.

  59. Brysen Lay

    If I have a kid and it's a girl I'm taking her fishin every weekend

  60. Sarah Robinson

    I love this song by Trace Adkins it's so true thank you keep the great music coming good job sing

  61. Coppertop V

    2019 still awesome song! Whos still thinks so?

  62. Dyana v

    My teacher showed this at school for writing idk why but this is a amazing song!!!

  63. Trevor Seager

    i love this song

  64. Aubrey J Taylor

    2019? My dad and I love this song! He picked it for me and him!😭❤️

    KrazyKid 974

    Me and my dad call it “our song”

  65. Mary Kiernan

    That’s all I still want

  66. Mary Kiernan

    That’s all I wanted.

  67. Casey Myers

    I wish i had this kind of relationship with my dad 😔 he choose doing drugs over his kids

  68. mr kleen

    Im 56 ,im still listening and still feel this way about my little girls.

  69. Peter Loxham

    Just watched him live at the Grand Ole Opry just outstanding!

  70. CookieMama87

    I'm a single mum and this song really hits me - I make sure my 4 year old and me do loads of stuff together. She still sees her Daddy and he has promised to take her fishing (I'm terrified of fish lol). He and I dont particularly get along but hes an amazing daddy and I'm glad they have a great relationship.

  71. rose siwila

    I go fishing and camping with my dad go shopping with Dad. play this song for my dad in rehab
    I dance with my dad in his wheelchair I am not best dancer
    had fun

  72. Vicki Bryson

    Good song!! Love of a Child...

  73. Jennifer Dijames

    Trace,YOU were awesome at the Key Bank center last night with all the others But you did a great job with all your songs.I'm so impressed pal.

  74. Emily Trent

    2019 anyone

  75. theantspants1

    awesome song

  76. Windy da Sailor

    This is me and my dad

    And im still a kid too

  77. JoBrogrl95

    My family saw Trace in concert back in September and he played this song and my dad teared up. I never see him cry either. Im a mom now myself and I teared up too

  78. Cardiackid Jones

    So cute and priceless!

  79. Kayla Shilling

    this is my dad's song and myn😊😊😁😊😁😀😀😉😊😁😀😉😊😁😉😉😊😁

  80. Stuck In NY

    This Song Reminds Me Of My Friend And Her Dad!

  81. Angela Byrum

    I love spending time with my daughter she loves fishing or just being in the water

  82. Justin Griswold

    Love this song!! 2019 anyone!?!?

  83. imadimetooo

    I love this song!!!!!! Reminds me of my little girl

  84. Carmen Gilliard

    "This ain't about fishin'..."
    No Sir. This is about those precious moments when you're a kid and your dad holds your hand...
    My dad is no longer in this world but I remember when I was a kid and he held my hand...
    Why do we treasure those special moments when they're for ever gone?

  85. jim catalfamo

    been looking for more and more folk, country, indie songs that have a soul, that have life and i came across this song and let me tell you i work to give my family a good home. yes, we had our moments but when i turn 50 and took a trip to Utah i could believe what i was seeing. when i got home i apologized to my sons. life not just about having a home, working and saving raining. now i go Quote-unquote "fishin" very chance i get. i got nobody to thank but our creator for reveling himself to me. how true this song is. everybody need to go fishin as much as they can. get off the couch. the fish are biting today! they might not tomorrow.

  86. Annette Chisenhall

    Good life

  87. Annette Chisenhall

    This is life

  88. Garrett Stephens

    I’m taking my daughter fishing because of this

  89. Big Bertha

    2018?? Anyone?

  90. Off the path

    And poor daughter has been begging her daddy to take her fishing, or to give a damn at all.

  91. Dee Dee Serpas, Ret Reserve Lt, widow 2/18/19

    It's pure

  92. Kenny Wimmer

    i gave away my 2 daughters to this song...we danced .father daughter .and we both cried... a new step in both of our lives....

  93. Kenny Wimmer

    a good father daughter song when you go and give her awayin marriage......

  94. Irene Newberry

    This song and video!🥰

  95. Emily Goodling

    started my sister at two

  96. Kathryne Wright

    Haha this is me and my dad song and I miss I visit him this weekend :)

  97. michael Andreas


  98. Thatzombie77

    Add watching you by Rodney atkins its really cute

  99. Yancey Key

    Whos here in 2018


    I miss my innocence 😢