Adkins, Trace - Country Boy Problems Lyrics

My baby got her legs so long
That she can't put 'em up on the dashboard
And my uncle makes shine so strong
You can pour it in the tank of this old Ford
Yeah, everybody, and a-holler (holler)
If you understand
When the twelve pack's gone and the fish didn't bite
Gotta buy more beer 'cause the cooler's full of ice

That's country, country, country boy problems
Oh, such a pity, y'all
Country, country, country boy problems
Don't got 'em in the city, no
Too much rolling around in the hay, hey
Too much biscuit at the end of the gravy
Country, country, country boy problems

These back roads are so back road
You could get lost out here with your honey
Moonlight swimming, skinny dipping's pretty cool
But the water's so cold, it ain't funny
Yeah, everybody, and a-holler (holler)
If you feel it too
I got a hoe but it ain't what you're thinking, oh no
If the rain don't rain, then the corn don't grow

That's country, country, country boy problems
Oh, such a pity, y'all
Country, country, country boy problems
Don't got 'em in the city, no
Too much rolling around in the hay, hey
Too much biscuit at the end of the gravy
Country, country, country boy problems

Yeah, everybody, and a-holler (holler)
If you understand
When the twelve pack's gone and the fish didn't bite
Gotta buy more beer 'cause the cooler's full of ice

That's country, country, country boy problems
Oh, such a pity, y'all
Country, country, country boy problems
Don't got 'em in the city, no
Too much rolling around in the hay, hey
Too much biscuit at the end of the gravy
Country, country, country boy problems

I got 'em
Yeah, country boy problems

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Adkins, Trace Country Boy Problems Comments
  1. Olivia Myers

    What country boy would have long hair?

  2. Moto Wedo

    Ladies you want a country boy I got what you want on the steel horse I ride and the 45 on my side come and get it ladies. 😘

  3. djw4299

    I married me a country boy! 15 years and going strong!


    No kidding it's still going strong he's a country boy

  4. Mikii Sutton

    Still the sexiest man in country music 2019!! Hell right

  5. Jacob Sipos

    Hey Trace Adkins

  6. Lory Cortes

    Hi from Pruerto Rico, Omg Trace Adkins is so sexy, I love country boys!

  7. Gazi Star

    This music is me bole

  8. Jennifer Justice

    I'm married 2 country boy

  9. Rikki Bishop

    I'm an ex city boy now I've married my country girl and love the life

  10. technology productions 2019

    At 1:57 possibly Billy elish.

  11. Aluminum Cloud

    I'll take them goth girls

  12. Shelby Cobb

    I fell in love with Trace Adkins when I was pregnant with my third child in 2007 For some reason his voice did something to me. My husband bought his CD for me and I love it.

  13. Mr Wilfred Myers

  14. 1000434 1000434


  15. Mr Wilfred Myers

  16. Howard Heflin

    Most city guys hate when we come to town

  17. Jack Daniels

    LIKE THIS 1 👍 😎

  18. william Robert

    Brasileiros nessa bagaça?? Deixa like aí pq muita paz amor e rock in roolll

  19. Hunt31 Fish31

    All the dislikes are the city boys

  20. Benjamin Green

    Born in the city but country boy in the heart best horse is a Tennessee Walker favorite tool is a wheelbarrow because you can turn it into a recliner and rest

  21. Steven Bradford

    Great Video

  22. mike huston

    Hell ya video says you need to get in shape, I'm 60 and I don't look half that bad.

  23. Aidenm108 Mancuso

    One of my friend is a boy and he popular and he hates it

  24. Piotr Woźniak

    I love such pieces I just want to live 😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍

  25. Harley Daugherty

    that redhead,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!

  26. Martin K. Schröder

    Ladies like country boys because they can protect them.

  27. Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY


  28. Jada Dennis

    hes got a point tho..

  29. James Griffiths

    Met Trace at Blossom few years ago i am 6'6" and we were eye to eye. So he isnt 6 4. Very mellow guy pleasant to talk to

  30. Ms Panther

    YES I DO

  31. Djuric Susanna

    just love it <3

  32. Celeste Lehtomaa

    I'm Sending Me midstate for a law degree..

  33. Celeste Lehtomaa

    Red horse powered pick up truck is going to be a must....

  34. James Cowher

    I'm a country boy any lady's want to be treated right let us country boys know we'll take care of you 😁

  35. John Herman

    I'm a dying veteran with lung disease and I seen my country going to hell even under Trump you want this country to survive morals back into it God's been good to this country it's people that messed it up morals back in this country put prayer back in the schools my God we got churches getting shot up charity begins at home start praying your butts off to the god of your understanding

  36. alzenir soares

    from Brasil????? Crazy

  37. Alice brenenstahl

    Such a sexy country boy. Makes my heart skip a beat.😉😉😉

  38. Ghost Rider

    Hey God, please answer this question: WHY THE HELL DID I NOT BORN COUNTRY BOY?!

  39. anıl erden

    very beautiful lovely Dear American Country song and very lovely song.

  40. SpudBuilt

    Had to pull up in a GM product...


    Don't be such a hater pal. GM is great.


    @Burleon lololololol... What ever you say bud. You know what they say about opinions? 😆

  41. Jordan Games/Vlogs

    If ALL ladies loved country boys I would have so many chicks

  42. Mr. Mansplainer

    wearing a cowboy hat is like living an axe commercial.

  43. Adriana Silva

    Born and lived almost my life in a urban area like Manhatan (Sao Paulo) in Brasil, married almost a year ago with my Texas country boy. Be a winner, marry a country boy!


    Muito bom!

  44. Mimi von Schack

    Oh yes? The main thing is that he does, not take himself seriously! And all women have switched off their brains!

  45. AJ Alvarez

    ladies sing the na na na na na na!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. AJ Alvarez

    ladies do like country boys like me!!!!!!!!!!!!
    like if u like trace adkins and this song

  47. P.J. Morris

    Trace is smokin hotttttt........That's how my husband got me that southern boy drawl.

  48. Stew L

    Friends, reduce commodity 5%. Silver?

  49. Stew L

    The PM has resigned

  50. Stew L

    Miley C. A hero (sarcasm) 5'10 trying to keep H from fighting bull. A second hero, knows better, American. cc P

  51. Stew L

    The camp. Lalala. Outlaw marriage between catholics.  Nuts.

  52. isaiah lambert

    Is this song true?

  53. Lida Eugenia Caballero a

    I loved his songs come to Colombia for a concert you will be welcome

    Stephen Lighty

    See you next Saturday night

  54. Winters Winters

    Alright, man, I caught the shot of the Goth chicks, this is great, so yeah, you're alright, Trace, yeah okay you dudes are let's say not half bad..I didn't see big dudes like you in LA, man..that's enough..

  55. isaiah lambert

    Possibly the greatest advantage of growin up country is being good with a stick shift.

  56. Lida Eugenia Caballero a

    Nice song love god yessss

  57. bobduvar

    0:44 Phallus fantasy !!!

  58. Florida Dad

    "Settle down with a doctor or a lawyer." There is a Stetson law school and it does have a few country boys (and country boy military veterans) getting law degrees. Best of both worlds ladies.

  59. JeepGirl 33

    Haha this song is so true there’s just something about a country boy 🤔

  60. 1000434 1000434


  61. Akym Rinkovsky

    PS * yeah the na-na-na-na-na is way hot ⚡️⚡️⚡️ 😉

  62. Akym Rinkovsky

    Ha Trace 🙋‍♂️~ Awesome (rec) brother ✍️~ Wow, way to go 😁~ Thank you Trace, love it . . . Mm? 😗~ What are you trying to say ? 😚 lolol 😛 hahaha *** I Dom't know . . . 🤷‍♂️ . . . bows 🙏~ <3uta

  63. Elizabeth Gassner

    girls love country boys and country boys love country girls

  64. Hunter Conley

    Trace about get a goth gf

  65. Travis Garbutt

    I do got 15 songs that I want to get out there but at the make the money to earn the money to pay for the money but I'm a rookie kind of guy

  66. Q Co

    K . Nob. Polish can do 2 eggs for polic.

  67. Mrs. DMP2U

    😂🤣😂 ROFL at 2:06 to 2:30...great video!!🤣😂🤣😁

  68. carmen greenwood

    I love it

  69. The_Dirty_ South

    when people find out I have a southern accent people bug the fuck out of me to talk with it. Especially the girls bro. I'm like the only kid in school who wears doesn't wear skinny jeans. I'm in my boot cut and cowboy boots.

  70. Leo C

    I am a girl, Leo is short for Leonor. I LOVE THIS SONG. I like hard working men, that know how to treat a lady, I like someone who can keep up with me. I am from Laredo TX. I am no girly girl.

    Rico Williams

    I bet you love jesus!

  71. 1Tibs1

    Check on Kenny. They're planning on raping Kenny Chesney! Eric from 4WC HMC OMFS,
    because Ahron dragged him in this. A lot of Filipinos might be acting
    innocent when guilty as fuk. Kenny you might have to keep your distance
    from me for a little bit as I am the bait. I beg anyone please have the
    sense to get help. These are the dumbest criminals. Say I'm planning a
    terrorist attack so I can talk to a government officials.

    Rico Williams

    lol wtf

  72. Leonora Jessica


  73. bayareacertified

    I'm an exchange student from Tennesseeeeee

  74. Ahmed-_ Magomedov.-_

    Salam From Russia 🖐️🇷🇺🇺🇸

  75. Michael BUCHANAN

    20NAVY, 14 Rescue Squad and Fire DEPARTMENT, WRECKED/Rollover a Fire Truck, Coma 7 Weeks Slow Starting But Steady Running Country Boy

  76. Joshua Shoestock

    No fried chicken? Poor poor child. :(

  77. guitargamery

    and thats why Trump will win again in 2020- - lol

    Andrew Moses

    guitargamery 😂

  78. Ron Kimball

    Where can I get the hat I need a new one

  79. Retired Sergeant

    Love this song

  80. Sempre Que Você Ler Os Comentários Eu Vou Estar Lá

    Eu vou estar lá

  81. Marie Spence

    From the country and I worked in the city and tbh I couldn't wait to see boots again. They are the sexys thing a man could wear.


    im a country boy and a ladies man i got good manner and all the ladies love me

  83. Marlies Große

    Cool Cool Musik ceil geil cool super klasse Hammer Stimme 🎸🎧🎤👍❤❤❤🙋‍♀️

  84. Jonathan Kenton

    1993 I was stationed in Dover, DE going through a terrible divorce at 22. The last thing I wanted was another wife. Well, a blind date with this ol’ gal fixed that. She said I had her the first time she talked to me on the phone. You see I’m from west Tennessee and I had no idea at the time but this girl’s dad was from Texas and mom was from Arkansas. She was born and raised in a place 1,000 miles from where I was from BUT that .15 acres where she lived might as well been in the southern backwoods. God put us together almost 26 years ago and I am eternally grateful. Ladies do love country boys. Well, at least mine does!

  85. Jennifer Meridieth

    NYC people go listen to gunpodwer and led

  86. Mark Sickle

    Trace you missed it on this video. You have young ladies, middle aged ones and the very young. You needed to have a granny with a walker join in to the crowd. Wouldn't that have been funny to see granny running down the street after you with her walker?

  87. Steven Bramschreiber

    YES,.. they do!!!!!!!!

  88. The Canadian Boss

    the funny thing is im arab and im the most country guy in my school.

  89. Julia D

    Ladies like country boys because they generally aren't beta leftist soy boys

  90. Vorzie

    I love this era of country music.

  91. Regidor Delarosa

    Rock on!

  92. kathy bright


  93. Ukrainian Guy

    Houston TX baby !

  94. Jesse Gervais

    Anyone else know that the cute little girl who waves at him in reality is his daughter?

    Avenue Teal

    Huh. That actually makes sense.

  95. Ean Llanas

    Me and my girlfriend are country <3