Adema - Tornado Lyrics

A screaming match again
Could this be the end
A breaking point and I can't bear it
You wanna know the truth
The map to life is long
I've taken every wrong direction
Writing on the wall
Love once strong now falls
I'm staring into space
And drowning under my decisions

I wonder how you can sleep
At night, having lied to these eyes
You could feel the relief
The lying awake at night
Wondering nowhere the same time
To know his face and his name
Made me lose my mind
I fell apart for the last time
These eyes neglected to see it
And thanks to you
My conscious finally feels clean

I brought you into this
You blame me over that
We fight each others accusations
You wanna know the truth
The truth is I'm afraid
Afraid of going nowhere always
Writing on the wall
Love once strong now falls
I'm burning in the flames
Covered with the scars of our love

I wonder how you can sleep
At night, having lied to these eyes
You could feel the relief
The lying awake at night
Wondering nowhere the same time
To know his face and his name
Made me lose my mind
I fell apart for the last time
These eyes neglected to see it
And thanks to you
My conscious finally feels clean

Lately, lately
I just keep wasting, wasting
To make me hate me, hate me
Maybe we just don't belong
Again, is this the end

After what you put me through
I feel nothing for you

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Adema Tornado Comments
  1. Bama Pirate

    And this was beginning of the end of Adema. I remember hearing this and was like, "What is this shit?!" Still is.

  2. leandro one

    Todos os 3 vocalista que colocaram no canta bem pa caralho.

  3. leandro one

    Muito bom um clássico, sonzeira.

  4. Zeratox_Omega

    This has a very 12 Stones vibe to me.

  5. Solano Lopes

    Fez parte da minha infância

  6. Dead-Rose Official YouTube Channel

    Its not really Adema though is it????

  7. Ганс Халиков

    После первого альбома всё остальное - хуйня.

  8. Timothy Glidden

    And this kid sucks at singing btw

  9. Timothy Glidden

    This isn't ADEMA!!!

  10. Mariano Ramos

    Jaja que gordito impresentable. Kitenlo now

  11. Vybxy

    Hate the new singer all you want, I think he sounds great and is easier to understand than most singers nowadays. If ya'll can't accept the new singer, then you're not a true Adema fan so please don't even bother replying to my comment if you can't accept the changes that the band made.

  12. Fred Cash

    Adema néds Mark Chavez! These new guys arent Adema at all this new guy is making Adema into foo fighters wtf?? He is good but he is no Mark at ALL

  13. Prønøunced Dead

    Where the hell is the original lead??

  14. Emmannuel Claure Uriona

    Alguien me dice si empezaron con otro vocalista!?

  15. Joe Taylor

    The breakdown is pretty slick...

  16. Cam Man

    This new lead singer is not bad planets is a great album

  17. Robbie LifeLess

    When did Adema become 3 doors down?

  18. Jen Ray

    Love this song and the singer 😄

  19. Joe Taylor

    3 doors down!.. oh?

  20. A N

    This isn't "Adema" but still a good song xD wish bands would find another name after a distinct member leaves.

  21. Horst S.

    I suppose Luke wasn't a fit because Planets lyrics are fairly introspective, versus the mindless numetal that was put out by past albums.

    Everyone has their preferences.

  22. Kendukin

    This sounds like some shit that would play in a 90s movie about teenagers. Where tf is Mark.

  23. aaron weaver

    mark. is John Davis brother from korn. they sound the same.

  24. IvorySoul696

    Now that the original band is back together after 13 years, my childhood dream has come true. Adema was one of the first bands I ever fell in love with as a younger teenager. When Marky left in 2003 I was so upset. Luke was pretty decent, and the guys created an album with a sound and atmosphere that fit his voice, but Luke was a serious diva and treated the guys like shit. Kill the Headlights was fantastic and if Bobby Reeves had stayed I would have been happy. Thankfully he left on good terms and I hope maybe one day Marky can do a remaster of Planets and Kill the Headlights.

  25. Eric J. Botelho

    This guys vocals sucks more dick than a chiavato

  26. Bill Schrack

    No one gave this singer a chance or the next they are the only to adema albums I own planets and kill the headlights

  27. cferge

    Who are these jack wagons?

  28. Phil McCool

    It does grow on you.  I'll probably get this album for the sake of completion.  'Kill The Headlights' with Bobby Reeves is damn good.  A sincere attempt to keep nu metal alive in 2007.


    man, i cant even imagine what KORN would sound like if John left


    I agree, I like about half of Planets, maybe a bit more. Kill the Headlights was really good and underrated.

    Christopher Regan

    I actually liked "Kill The Headlights" a lot more than "Planets." Bobby Reeves was a stronger and more versatile vocalist, the instrumental arrangements were catchier and more diverse, and the production quality was a lot more crisp and punchy.

  29. DemonMutt007

    i'll admit its not that bad....but i agree he just doesn't fit

  30. Chris

    doesnt he kind of look like that one guy from the movie accepted that liked to cook?


    the one that wanted the battle royale


    Yeah, I think no one really cares about what he looks like. Everyone mostly cares about the music they make your comment was totally unnecessary and doesn't even make sense.

  31. Benjamin Colley

    he just wasn't a fit....every band has that moment that they don't talk about....this would be Adema's.


    Actually from what I read, this was Adema trying something outside of "nu-metal" and their way of showing they can evolve and be a solid rock band. Obviously this album wasn't your taste preference, but it is still a solid rock album and I don't think lack of commercial success means they regret it. Most commercially successful music out there right now blows in my opinion.


    @SunDiegoRockStar I agree, most rock bands nowadays aren't that great but Adema actually has talent while other rock bands just use too much autotune nowadays.

  32. Joe Taylor

    they sound good. just not original. music is different but melodic

  33. Jonathan Lauber

    This is a waste to my ears..

  34. Eden Kane

    Well that don't work

  35. Sergio

    I remember listening to this when it came out and being all like "DIS AIN'T MARK LOLOLO SO BAD". Now I listen to it and realize it was as freaking good as ever. This guy's legit. Can't believe I was such an arse.


    I don't believe it was an "arse" move. He is good no doubt, but he's missing that extra Adema touch that Mark had.

  36. Barry AsILayDying McHugh

    Almost the same amount of dislike as likes!

  37. Barry AsILayDying McHugh

    Totally fooled me until I saw the singer hahah!! TRolled BIGTIME!!

  38. sorasorasora0

    first 20 seconds sounds like something a high school garage band would play...

  39. Piano Girl

    Luke doesn't seem to show show agression in his voice. Who doesn't open wide on high notes? Anywho Mark's WAY better.

  40. Piano Girl

    Luke doesn't seem to show show agression in his voice. Who doesn't open wide on high notes? Anywho Mark's WAY better.

  41. Brian Beaulieu

    I don't mind a change in lead singer so long as their voice goes with the bands sound. This singer's doesn't go with Adema

  42. Gabyrhcp15

    Wow... It's kinda shocking listen an Adema song and it's not Mark singing... This guy is not bad, he sings fine and the song is nice but the problem is... He's not Mark :p


    They had two albums with other singers, both good, but Chavez is back anyway


    Definitely agree. He's good, but he doesn't have that Adema sound in him that Mark had. I'm glad Mark's back with them now.

  43. Dwayne

    i think the fucking band trolled us with this lead legitimatly trolled us, like haha, how u like this dude....this isn't adema.

    Aenon Proxi

    +Gabyrhcp15 Bahahaha please


    Ive met adema they held me when i was a baby and i know the guitarist tim i talk to him every summer

    flare the fox

    Simpletrev lucky


    Simpletrev the lead singer of Seether held my daughter back in 2010 when she was a year old. One proud papa here.

  44. Nue Houjuu

    I liked Bobby the best.

  45. Michael Graham

    That fat fuck ain't got nothing on Mark.

  46. Jorge Luis

    WTF that is bullshit.. Adema is Marky Chavez..This is not anywhere near what it was ADEMA, That is a joke men.. COME ON!!!!

  47. Jugguernaut4truth

    Getting a very 3 Doors Down vibe. And I hate it.

  48. D J

    Sorry who is thiz guy and where is Marky

  49. Oscar Mejia

    ya no es igual mierda

  50. Giovanna Salinas

    n'sync ??

  51. Lorenzo Ferri

    Where the fuck is the Mark Chavez Oo?

  52. AmyLette Xc

    @Kenneth Becker  This is the shitie new lead they have now


    Actually this singer left the band almost 10 years ago lmao

  53. 1893 Productions

    The new lead singer sux


    Not a new singer, there was another since him and Mark is back, where have you been?

  54. Leo Paolone

    This sucks

  55. ConfuserOfficial

    I don't know why everyone hated on Luke he is an amazing vocalist.Give the guy a break it was better to have him sing for the band than have no Adema at all.Get a life and stop being so fucking narrow minded.

    Michael Jackman

    I'd actually rather them break up without mark. This is awful

    Lewis Bush

    +ConfuserOfficial luke is a cool dude

  56. Jacob Stefo

    this shit sucks bring back Marky Chavez back.

  57. Joshua DeVance

    This fucking sucks. Adema died when Mark left.

  58. Dutch MZFK

    To everyone that's on Chavez' dick. Please remember that Midnight Panic made even poppier music.

  59. Your Nightmare

    Ok guys I know that this song doesn't sound like Adema, but you can't just hate them because Mark is gone, this is still a really good song.

  60. Javier.J Coasaca

    Try at 1.25 speed, ik this isnt Adema, but sounds better 

  61. Cody Raulston

    Apparently I was the only one that liked all 3 singers of Adema. 

    adam reed

    +Cody Raulston you're not the only one. this guy wasn't that bad to be honest, i wondering where this band would have went if he would have stayed.

    Cris P. Bacon

    Nah Luke Caraccioli was actually pretty good. Planets was a very underrated album. Not the best Adema ever had, but definitely full of great tracks


    Not the only one, all of their albums are good in their own way

    Mario cris

    Planets is my favorite album from Adema. Mark is great and everything he is the one that pulled me into this band, but after he left, damn I think this other singers are more into it. Lets put it that way.

  62. Mark Swart

    A little weak! But catchy nonetheless


    A little weak? At least this guy was easier to understand unlike some other singers.

  63. Jkar

    This is NOT Adema....Take this down please. Bring back Marky Chavez

    Eric Monnot

    Fuck yeah he was a way better singer

    Dark Wolf

    +Joel Karschner Yeah, Mark Chavez is not in the business nor the guy singing in this video. So either accept it or lose it, this is the last of what we would have known of Adema, stop bitching.


    Joel Karschner He is back


    They have had 3 singers, and this album is pretty good. Chavez it better though, but their other two albums with other singers still rock, check them out.


    Bobby Reeves is the best singer the band has ever had

  64. kendodubbag72

    wow Adema went downhill after Mark left that's for sure 

  65. richardcp81

    que mierdaaaaa  ,   no  son  adema

  66. Kyle Hearnsberger

    I'm still a HUGE fan of Adema's for life, but when they chose to go this route, I kept thinking in my brain "THIS AIN'T ADEMA !!! THIS BULLSHIT IS BACKSTREET BOYS WITH A BIT OF A SLIGHTLY-ROCK-EDGE !!! WTF !!!!". LOL !!!!

    Kyle Hearnsberger

    OMG, just saw this and I laughed my butt off. :) GOOD ONE !!!!

    Alteric Jeske

    @Kyle Hearnsberger Why thank you lol

    Kyle Hearnsberger

    HAHAHA more like thank YOU for the good joke, after the slightly-crappy past few weeks I've been having.

    Alteric Jeske

    @Kyle Hearnsberger Glad I could help

    Laisla Carla

    What happened with mark nowdays? ?

  67. Viktor Lubchuk

    what is this sheet?

  68. Richie P

    Its not the original Adema bunch. Mark Chavez quit long ago, and the sound has been fucked since then.

  69. Eric Botelho

    What the fuck is this?

  70. Shane Miller

    That's not ADEMA

  71. Occasionally Wrong

    why so many dislikes????

  72. Karl Snook

    Yeaaaah buddy!
    Brilliant song, and planets was an outstanding album.
    Different, but great non the less.

    Glad Adema set the mark for music in my childhood.

  73. Karl Snook

    Yeaaaah buddy!
    Brilliant song, and planets was an outstanding album.
    Different, but great non the less.

    Glad Adema set the mark for music in my childhood.

  74. FrankieYLosMatadoresOficial

    this shit sucks balls

  75. Burnout RCT22

    To put it kinder words, this singer is good, but not good enough to replace Mark. He'd be so much better in a different band.

  76. Mago Madara

    que lixo!

  77. LestatTheLSSJ

    So the cave broke down, and they are all like: "where the fuck are we?" :D xD

  78. Sir .Driken

    go back to jonas brothers 

  79. Mark Metott

    i like the new guy


    this video is old from 2005!! he aint the vocalist anymore 

  80. Mark Metott

    i like the new guy

  81. 2yusuck

    This is Adema back in 2007 Marky is back in the band

  82. wod78

    so many idiotic comments... you know nothing about this band, how dare you to complain about it if you're not a true fan. They had this singer for little less than a year in 2005.... -_-

  83. adam freeman

    ....what the fuck is this? this isnt adema.

  84. Michael Money

    I'm sorry but this singer is not good at all

  85. Austin Reed

    What happened to the old singer?

  86. Abhinav Srikant

    hahahahaha spot on man, he looks exactly like a fat billie joe armstrong

  87. Mark Swart

    This singer looks like a dumb-ass...preferred the older Adema

  88. greg j

    he looks like a fat version of the front man of green day

  89. greg j

    whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttt thhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  90. HotButterflyBabe77

    people preferring Marky to this lead singer, is just like the thing with Van Halen for years. Some prefer David Lee Roth vs Sammy Hagar. Both are still Van Halen, but some don't think so. To me Marky was the best. And while this guy can sing, its not the sound I associate with the name Adema. :)

  91. Ascendancy187

    WTF??? this is nnot the Adema i heard and started listening to since they hit the scene in 2001

  92. Dark Wolf

    Yeah good comment, but still Adema is no longer alive lol =(

  93. neoneve123

    oh ....dear is all I can say I loved Adema man n its a crap cover of a good song. Totally disappointed :(

  94. Hunny Bunny

    its different between sky and earth.its not ADEMA

  95. MizerisMoney

    this is not adema

  96. demon117tc

    So wtf happened to the other guitarist ?