Adema - Topple The Giants Lyrics

Exert my authority
I want all that’s known and all we see
The complete collapse of your destiny
Convert your anxiety
I’ll exalt myself from decency
Wrong end in a thousand foot’s control

This is the phenomenon
When all hope is lost
Caught up in another storm
And you’re sinking fast

You think you’re gonna topple the giants
Won’t you leave it up to me
I’ve got it down to a science so
Leave it up
Leave it up to...

What’s it gonna take to de-throw me
From atop of Mount Hypocrisy
None of you can ever break my grip of control
You go ahead and try to take me down
Really is the head that wears the crown
Listen closer, you can hear the sound of control

This is the phenomenon
When all hope is lost
So now you’ve all been warned
That this time is your last

You think you’re gonna topple the giants
Won’t you leave it up to me
You wanna wear the crown of defiance
Well just leave it up to me
Whatever you want, I’ve already got it
Just leave it up to me
I’ve got it down to a science so
Leave it up
Leave it up to...

The flames are getting higher
All of my life has been erased until the flame expires
The flames are getting higher
So burn!

This is the phenomenon
When all hope is lost
The path of all the storm
Is where meeting the last

You think you’re gonna topple the giants
Won’t you leave it up to me
You wanna wear the crown of defiance
Well just leave it up to me
Whatever you want, I’ve already got it
Just leave it up to me
I’ve got it down to a science so
Leave it up
Back to fake up
For me!

(For me!)
You think you’re gonna topple the giants
(For me!)
You think you’re gonna topple the giants
(For me!)
You think you’re gonna topple the giants

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Adema Topple The Giants Comments
  1. Nikathon93

    Music is not thaaat bad. Cover art is atrocious indeed, but music is more important I guess

  2. Pete Thelman

    very bad album

  3. MG Tha Underground Nu Metal Kid

    This Is Hot Trash I Feel Like Adema Without Marky Is Below Mediocre Except Thier Only Good Album After Markys Departure Kill The Headlights When Bobby Reeves Was The Lead Singer, Other Than That, This EP Is Fucking Trash. Plus What Was The Cover Artist Thinking When He Put Time To This Horrible(But Hilarious) Cover

  4. Henrique Maciel

    Much of the same, with a ridiculous artwork...

  5. ahmo2

    Their new singer is huge! WTF? Where did he come from?

  6. Das Omen

    I must admit it. I love this album. I know it's bad but damn, it's bad in the very best way it's possible. After 10-15 listens I just started to really like it, the whole bad art, b-category singer, short length album, re-recorded songs thing became one true entity. And I'm really not sarcastic. It's the kind of love that old bad movies get like Plan 9 (ofc it's nearly not that bad).

  7. NightCrawler775

    Gotta admit, Tim’s got a decent voice.

  8. Mr Krabs Productions Inc.

    No Just No

  9. Brandon Riott

    trash, they completely ruined the original songs by Mark..
    and also, that is the worst album cover i've ever seen lol..

  10. Alfons Beirs Hlychho

    I'm adema hardcore fan! I love this album because this is Tim Fluckey Version.

  11. Jack Diaz

    This is fuckn gay shoot yourself. Mark will an always be the best

  12. Alfons Beirs Hlychho

    I love Adema! Great album with awsome tim's vocals.. Keep on going adema!

  13. Chris Thomas

    this is kinda sad, will admit it's nice hearing giving in again though

  14. Chris Thomas

    this is kinda sad, will admit it's nice hearing giving in again though

  15. Chris Thomas

    this is kinda sad, will admit it's nice hearing giving in again though

  16. Chris Thomas

    this is kinda sad, will admit it's nice hearing giving in again though 😁

  17. CorModo

    The present sounds good.

  18. Hbdbjjkl 666

    Beautiful cover !

  19. PyramidHead138

    doesn't even sound like Mark

  20. defthe1s

    So, who's the vocal? The rest of the band are the original members?

  21. MediaFreak97

    Its not all that bad..

  22. 7StringSlaughter

    I have to admit, I did not give this album a fair shake when it came out...I saw that cover and knew about the Mark-less lineup and just closed my ears off, and it was stupid of me. This is a great album, fuck the haters.

  23. malicious1111

    gonna pretend i never listened those new songs

  24. Phil McCool

    What a strange release- The album cover looks like a Mortal Kombat clone such as Kasumi Ninja.  We know 'Immortal' is the soundtrack for a MK: Deadly Alliance so maybe that's what they had in mind?  Musically it's not too bad.  I like that they brought back the rapping element in the first track- This is something I missed from the second Adema album and thought Bobby Reeves might have brought back.  The cover songs are just pointless.  They should have carried on with Bobby Reeves since 'Kill The Headlights' is outstanding.

  25. XenoVI

    yeah I'm gonna have to agree with some of comments this is bad, not as bad as planets but the mix and mastering is terrible, I just hear someone signing i feel no emotion just a empty voice...

  26. mark lenkiewicz

    god this is terrible. i could listen to kill the headlights, and part of planets as long as i didnt remind myself it was adema but this i cant even do that

  27. Charlie Swing

    This is absolutely fucking horrible.


    that stupid cover

  29. Jonatan C.

    No is Mark but no is a bad work!!

  30. TeaPips

    New singer??

    Jonatan C.

    No, is Tim Fluckey the old guitarrist haha!


    What happened to the old singer the original singer I want to know he kicks ass that's my perspective

    Gabriel Aino

    Nowadays, we don't have much information from him :/

  32. Dennis Freitas


  33. Zach lovett

    why not change the name? only keeping the name to try and stay relevant... this is seriously not good... and I am not that picky..

  34. mediastarman

    LMAO at album cover. People say this is not Adema at all, and everyone knows that. But there's something no one realizes: if you were these guys you have 2 choices: 1. walk away from Adema name and go get a job at a music store for 8 bucks an hour, or 2. keep milking the Adema name for all its worth and make a little money touring and doing what you love to support your family. Can you blame these guys for trying to survive with their only good option?

    Emily Bryan

    They had more choices (and still do) What Flunkey, Dooshe, and Kock should have really done was have some original thought run through their obviously closed-drug-addled minds, moved the fuck on, started a new band with a new name, (and a more "educated" style) and quit trying to ride the name of a band that died in 2004. No "Adema" fan is going to go pop in Planets, Kill The Headlights, or this pathetic , hair-brained attempt at a comeback when they want to reminisce about Adema. Luke Caraccioli left the band after barely 10 months in, and I guarantee the creative and personal differences are something that's had a gag order put on him so he can't "jeoprodize" the band's future career, or lack, there of. Either way, he's a tool as well. A fucking hickboy turned marine who thinks the world wants to hear him lament about his ex-wife. Musicians such as these have cast aside most of their creative talent and traded it for trying to touch on their personal lives while trying to make themselves marketable. Creativity comes first in the music world, nobody cares about a fucking guy in a t shirt putting no effort into songwriting or performance just because he lacks REAL musical influence.

    Phil McCool

    Actually Kill The Headlights could well be the best Adema album.

    Donny Burnside

    You're a delight, aren't you?

  35. Somerandomguy

    Just terrible

  36. oliver13deft

    the music is as good as the cd cover

  37. George Gutierrez

    the title track isn't bad. it has a mastodon/sabbath/oldmetal vibe to it.

  38. MyGoaty

    This is good and the new songs show a change in direction hope they make more albums.

  39. 88Zero

    Why re-record 3 old songs and put them on a new release? Bizarre

  40. Jorge Fragoso

    Paint of the worst cover that I've ever seen in my whole life....


    Adema has always sucked ass!!! LOL

    Mark Speza

    WHAATTTTTT how dare you

  42. kornfreak78

    Sad to say... without Mark? There is no Adema.

    Mark Speza

    Agreed. This band died after Unstable.

    Kawan Ortega

    kornfreak78 Adema is BACK! With Mark and Mike, take a look at Adema's Facebook

    Haseul's Husband

    @Kawan Ortega aaaand Mark left once again...ffs I'm gonna give up on this band for good now

  43. Onfex

    HAHAHAHA ¿this is a bad joke?

  44. Silly Siji

    Can't believe anyone actually has looked into seeing or know that the guitarist fluckey has taken vocal duties now that Marky Chavez has been MIA for the longest time. I honestly am surprised with how good his vocals are. Might not be mark but this definitely sounds like adema to me.

  45. Minigun Tony

    First time I listened to this, I absolutely hated it, now that I listen to it, it seems pretty good, not the best though.

  46. Taylor Thompson


  47. kohlfrog

    Giving In isn't bad as far as redoing the songs. The new songs aren't my thing though. The other remakes also aren't as good. Without the original singer they no longer have an original sound. They need to take some time, find what Tim is best at singing (either we haven't heard it yet, or they need to get a new singer) and develop that he sound, because they will never be the "old" Adema again. It doesn't mean they can't be good, or keep the name, band grow and change stylistically over time, and they just need to embrace that instead of clinging to their original image. If they do that, it might not be my mind of music, but if it's good, it will at least be someone else's type of music.

  48. miaz1111

    No no no this can not be a real cd, it sounds like a cover tribute album, the new vocalist can not replace mark, nope not happening. Linkinpark still sounds good Korn still sounds good slipknot is still bad ass, but adema is just digging its grave like limp bizkit.

  49. Lexi Vampiress

    No just no. Bring back mark

  50. Edgar Canelas

    Oh god, I wish I didn't ear this in the first place, that Giving In cover just awfull.... As A drummer myself, since WHEN the drums sound higher than the vocals??? Plus the drums sounded way better in the first songs. R.I.P. indeed

  51. Tasha Schneider

    This group is getting worse! They don't even have the synth sounds that helped the band sound better in the first place!

  52. Jorge Luis

    holly shit .. whats this?

  53. Luiz Lucena

    What a damn horrible cover art...

    Tasha Schneider

    It is hilariously bad... matches the music!

  54. Carlos Mexia

    The best album was kill the headlights, the production, the energy of the band was in that moment a fucking xplotion, and the contributions of Reeves and Faris put a great vibe in the album. I think they should come back to the band cuz the things with Mark seems to be irreparable.

  55. Soldado de Juan José Torres

    how many original members are still in this band?


    3. Guitarist, Drummer and Bassist

    Jeff Sanders

    in this album?

  56. AwakeServant

    Wtf adema why did you do that

  57. NØFΛCE☿

    this singer sounds like if The Smiths had sex with Ben from breaking benjamin

  58. Barrel Roll

    And also,i dont even count this as adema without mark :(
    this ep is good though,just take out the horrible covers of the old songs and you are good to go

  59. Barrel Roll

    I hate the covers of the older songs,but the new songs are great,i contacted them,they are making a new album!!

  60. mp4ever31

    I could have done a way better job in the album cover, then again the album is shit 

  61. Garett Geho

    R.I.P. Adema
    You will be missed :'(

    Ramiro Destroyer

    wheres Mark

    Kawan Ortega

    Garett Geho MARK IS FINALLY BACK! Take a look at Adema's Facebook


    Apparently the whole original crew back and gonna drop another album

  62. jonathan

    they need to bring out the bass more! along with the guitar!  needs more distortion!  i think this was badly produced!

  63. Grumpy Platypus

    For an EP album, this sounds pretty awesome. Way to go on Timmortal. Just needs to be cleaned up by a real studio and it'd probably sound better than Marky b*tchfaces version.

  64. cdstv

    So I came here to listen to the new version of Immortal...and I miss Mark...

  65. Nate M

    In the words of Simon Cowell...

    Absolutely DREADFUL.

    Seriously, Tim. Step away from the mic. You sound like Kevin Palmer from Trust Company. ..ran through a Justin Bieber filter.

  66. muffinsovervegas

    I really like Revolution. A lot. They guys aren't young as they use to be so they sound different and yes everyone favorite fuck up is gone. (Besides Mark made the band sound more pop rock then gritty rock.)  I hope they keep going. If they love doing what they do then who cares. If you don't like it them don't listen. Tim is great at vocals. I hope Mark never comes back. Because if he does he'll probably leave for the third time since hes very unreliable as a front man and a complete drama queen.

    Keep going Adema!!!!!

  67. BelugaTheHutt

    Sounds pretty good. I guess I've got a bit of nostalgia for Mark's voice, but this production sounds far more impactful and raw than the old overproduced albums, and I like the new songs.

  68. Gustavo Moller

    What a shitty version of Planets. 

  69. Freqface64

    I agree, mark for Christ sake come back :(

    Glyn Williams

    He's let them down three times already why would they take him back

    Andrew Davila

    Marks Back and there on tour writing there new album look on Fb

  70. lmpbizkit1

    Its sad how so many of the bands that rocked in the early 2000's have turned into straight pussy bands like adema and linkin park. Damn i miss the good old nu-metal days.I wish mark would come back and make these dudes rock again. Well at least there is a few bands from back then still alive and kicking and carrying the flag for nu-metal like Korn and Limp Bizkit.

    Minigun Tony

    Finally! Someone agrees that Limp Bizkit has not gotten worse!

  71. johnny88668

    Mark please Back 

  72. Ninja Peek

    What the bloody hell is this "artwork". Adema need Mark Chavez.

  73. Ashton Keeble

    Damn. I was hoping for something awesome from this album, but I guess it's not really Adema without Mark Chavez. It's a shame.

  74. β ε τ Δ P V N K Music

    It's more tolerable than anything else post-Mark. But that's just my opinion.

  75. Honey Bell

    I loved the band from that day, I saw the musicvideo from immortal in mortal kombat. and now? what the hack is this?! stop raping the bandname. this is not adema, its pure shit.

    Tasha Schneider

    I do not have language to describe how awful this really is!! 

  76. Dreadox

    Mark Chavez needs to be here if they want this to work. It sounds very bad, wrong and weak. Drowning Pool are in the same position, with Ryan McCombs leaving and rejoining SOiL, they now sound so bad and kiddish. Also, this album "art" is one of the worst designs I have ever came across. What were they thinking? I can do better myself, being a Graphic Designer. Such a shame Adema, such a shame... and people are right, you have kicked your fans in the face (me included)

  77. Rafa Neural

    Please, guys... just let Adema die and waste all your power in creating another project. We know it's quite difficult to achieve success, and you want to use Adema's name for not starting again at the very beginning, but what you are doing to fans is a fucking joke.

  78. brinda191727

    Seems like the guitarist is doing his best Marky Chavez impression.  Is this karaoke or a professional album?  At least come with your own sound instead of impersonating the original.  He's not bad, it just sounds contrived.

  79. Zeyk Belmont

    Adema R.I.P.

  80. Hey! It's Me!

    Tim isn't bad at singing but the voice production sucks sounds so roaugh no delay nor reverb sounds so dry and flat and that obviously kills a song.
    This could sound cool with the past production level which was badass.

  81. sapum4

    his singing is quite good i believe.
    giving in, immortal i like the older recordings better.

  82. GauschUrifle

    That is the funniest, most atrocious album artwork I've ever seen xD

  83. StaticInferno

  84. MrJbonea1

    They should've brought Mark Chavez back dude, they totally DESTROYED Unstable, Giving In, Immortal, and Planets.

  85. Johhny Titzergrate

    This is shit, old Adema pls

  86. Michael Marvin

    Bring back Mark!

  87. Steven Cymbaluk

    I am so disappointed with Adema. I stared listening to them in high school when "Unstable" came out. I really loved this band with Mark Chavez. I just came across this looking up some old songs and WOW. WTF!? Firstly, who came up with the artwork? A 2 year old could come up with that; but it took an adult to say "hey that looks awesome". Secondly, the first three songs, are understandably roughish. But remaking "giving in", "immortal" and "unstable"? They're not a tribute band, they are they the freaking originators. This is like watching a slow motion car crash.

  88. Jhun Hoe Leong

    pls. .. bring back mark chavez. fluckey voice is good but chavez is better

  89. WokeUpScreaming

    Is this album artwork a fucking joke?

  90. X&X

    their first singer (Jonathan Davis' half brother) was the best. I miss him being the vocalist. yet, i did love the voice of the dude who was their singer in "kill the headlights" but this guy is okay i suppose.

  91. GalacticGojira

    LOL welp there goes my hope

  92. ademafreak81

    Kudos to Tim & the rest of Adema for trying, but the new vocal sound is not working on the new tracks, and as for the remade versions of the other tracks you are trying to hard to sound like past lineups of Adema without the complete lineup. Please get another vocalist for your next album attempt. Every true Adema fan wants Mark to return, because Adema really is not the complete Adema without him. You guys should really consider putting past problems to rest, this includes Marky, and Mark needs to come out of hiding and resolve his problems with you guys as well. Consider taking him back, let bygones be bygones, and get some kick ass music out there. If this is not an option, then consider putting the Adema name and sound to rest and come up with a new name and sound. I'm sure you would fair a lot better that way.

  93. ademafreak81

    Mike Ransom is the only past member to recently return to Adema, and Marky Chavez is still M.I.A., he "supposedly" stated on his facebook page that he was vocalist for a new band called "The Massive Resistance", but no info can be found on them unfortunately. I wish they'd all just put this shit behind them and reform the original Adema lineup. I will give them credit for still trying, but Tim Fluckey is obviously the wrong man for lead vocals. Everyone hopes that Mark will return, hell, I hope so too, but it'll be a miracle if that happens. They honestly have a better shot at reforming with Luke C. or Bobby Reeves. In my opinion though, Bobby Reeves was better with his former band, Level. 

  94. Groullock

    they suck now mark needs to come back

  95. fooralaman

    Jesus fucking christ.

    Past members

    Mark Chavez
    Erik Jackson
    Mike "Motown" Montano
    Cesareo Garasa
    Anthony Cutshall
    Luke Caraccioli
    Bobby Reeves
    Ed Faris

    Start fresh, make a new band you guys don't even have a sound specific to you anymore.

  96. Kerzenflamme

    yeah wikipedia got edited now... Strangly their bassists removed that post from his fb though...

  97. ChazCaro

    Only Mark Chavez WAS the lead singer of Adema... :/

  98. xSilentKhaosx

    Only Ransom came back I thought.