Adema - Rise Above Lyrics

Last year and a half I walked out on familiar faces
Had to cut some losses
Learned to never be complacent
I searched for some answers
But the bottle couldn't show them
Which took me to some places
I never should have been
I found that true friends may be
The ones you rarely hear from
Cause many said they'd be here
But now they can't be found

Learning sometimes means soul searching
There are no words to calm that kind of hurting

I never considered
Myself fortunate
Bowing to circumstance
Searching where to place the blame
Selling myself short
Looked right into the mirror
Face down all my fears
I will rise above

The endless thoughts that feed
The sleepless nights repeating
Almost let me give up
The only hope I ever had
Trusting too quickly
Can end up being too costly
Because many people folled me
Maybe I just wanted to believe


The world can be so cold
When you step into the unknown
The streets all look familiar
That just multiplies the danger
There is one thing that's for certain
There's no one you can count on
The change occurs inside you
Got to make Your own way

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Adema Rise Above Comments
  1. Hallaghan H

    This is one of the songs that really changed my life. Upon hearing it for the first time, I couldn't remain indifferent to the fact that things could be better. That I should look inside myself for answers. That somewhere out there, others have risen above and smiled again.
    This song did it for me, 11 years ago and I'm still rising higher to this day :)

    The lyrics are powerful but Luke really does the magic needed for the message to get across. Thank you Adema for saving one more life :)

  2. ederson dias da silva

    Adema forever

  3. ambrooks5

    I like Adema and I even like some of the songs from this album, this song is not one of them. Adema use to be edgy. What the hell happened?!


    I love this song! But yeah I haven't kept up over the years

  4. Times Adam

    They sound very different with Luke... and way way better.

  5. Dualte2071

    i thought marky came back...

  6. adarshraksh

    plzz add the lyrics..!!

  7. MyTeaNeedsMoreMeshuggah

    @AdemaFan25 and look at your username.LOL

  8. MyTeaNeedsMoreMeshuggah

    @droctagon3k go screw yourself.we like this deal with it.

  9. hike mienze

    up my ass and around the corner

  10. ZOMGitsLauren (old channel)

    wow side of adema i havent herd before. luke brought out a whole other side to this band that was amazing

  11. Brunorizzato


  12. Lucas König

    This song is Wonderfull.I love this song

  13. A_maze

    I really like the song. The lyrics are so full of meaning.

  14. Brea W

    love this one...its gotta be one of my favourites

  15. TheInstantClassic1

    One of the best songs from this album. Definatly one of the most powerful songs this album offered. Sure it's not as good as their older stuff, but still good stuff