Adema - Rip The Heart Out Lyrics

I woke up this morning and knew
That the world would test me come unglued
Is it me or do you feel my pain
This world makes my blood boil again

You rip the heart out of me
You rip the heart out of me
You make it look easy
Control and deceive me

I've tried to everything to please you
Gone out of my way like a fool
What makes me break down like a bitch
It's so hard to crawl out of this ditch

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Adema Rip The Heart Out Comments
  1. Mark Barlow

    love this band, man

  2. maddyBOOMbaddy BADDY

    Used to dance like a passionate mother fucker to this album

  3. ihsan bayazit

    01:04 what makes me breakdown like a b****

  4. The Swanö Master

    Used to play this when i was like 4 haha.