Adema - Resolution Lyrics

Know what you're thinking
It's probably what's best for me
Appreciate the sentiment
And this time, I don't want to hear it
I don't want to hear it
I don't want to hear it

There it goes again
I met a voice outside my head
Don't break those rocks and start again
Where was I?
Know what you're thinking
Probably what's best for me

Our life
In time we find
The solution
Our life
In time we find
The solution

Travel this road
Prone to vikraphone
They twist distractions, obstacles
Keep these rainbows
Sideways of a window
From a heart that's far from home
Staying true to this
Of course you're not coped with

Our life
In time we find
The solution
Our life
In time we find
The solution

Sing your heart, shout your mind
We can feel a light
Your restitution
Never pressure under fire
Given the gift of time
We will rise
Never leave the mother’s cry
Echoes in the night
In your prime
Your resolution

I don’t want to hear it
I don’t want to hear it
I don’t want to hear it
Hear it anymore
I know what you’re thinking
I see it in my core
Those words you’ll be eating
Rats are on the floor
While there’s rats up in the ceiling
I’ve seen you before
The only place we're meeting

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Adema Resolution Comments
  1. Chris Holtz

    Could easily carry this bands vocals! So many lead singers and replacements. Bobby Reeves was the best, Marky just doesnt know what he wants to do it appears.

  2. Pete Thelman

    Very bad album Adema

  3. Chris Holtz

    trying to sound like marky. he could do his own vocal style.

  4. Jason Rouse

    sucks balls

  5. HockeyCliqueMom

    I like this album the initial backup vocals in the chorus are a little wonky though

  6. muffinsovervegas

    I love it!!

  7. therockmilan

    Adema without chavez is only dema ....

    Alexander The Great

    Since 2014, the original lineup has been reunited, including Chavez.

  8. Michael Marvin

    Hell yeah! Adema is back. Sounding good again. I always liked them but there last two albums were whack.

  9. FRT5 .NT.S57801

    Esta chingona la rola xD


    Undead Adema, I like it.

  11. Death Artic

    fuck yeah Adema \m/

  12. Andrew Southworth

    Yes, because so many metal heads have ponytails and wear skintight jeans...

  13. Eduardo Fortuna

    ADEMA ain´t dead...Ok, BUT....What is this? Zombie kind?!

  14. The Adam Toward

    omg hurling abuse over youtube, you must be very proud of yourself :) and if you look i had " " i was quoting someone else's comment, not my words. dont be jel.

  15. JJO117

    good to know adema isnt dead

  16. The Adema Archive

    Yeah the booklet and the back cover are really cool, and the cd has some cool art on it. the way most fans respond to the cover just shows they're 99% concerned with aesthetics instead of the music. This is a great song and a great ep at that, I can't wait to a full album follow up to Topple The Giants.

  17. madmike1

    What is the problem with nu metal in 2013? You guys don't sound like metal heads, more like vally girls because you are basicly saying "that's so 2004 girlfriend" and its laughable that some metal freinds are acting like that....I guess that's what happens when you let emos into rock/metal.

  18. Sora Celesti

    nul... que de changement de chanteur, Mark Chavez était Adema.

  19. Primogen18

    Now that I actually have the album, the art doesn't look so bad once you see the entire package. I love the style especially the booklet and disc.

  20. The Adam Toward

    glad someone agree's ! at the end of the day i like what i like, im not just going to dis-like a song because its still "living in 2003-4" lol i listen to a tonne of stuff, and really your gonna come across a load of songs & band that's always sound a like and the same

  21. Diana Silva

    LEVEL <3

  22. The Adam Toward

    screw the arguments about nu metal & omg its 2013 no one wants to hear this shit, bla bla bla - obviously they do because band's still make it, music is music, i love anything and everything and i for one am quite happy Adema are back! - in my opinion this is a pretty awesome song, yeah it might sound similar to a lot of their other stuff, but it's still good :) i don't see the big deal around music genre's if your going to like it then like it, if you want to be a sheep be a sheep :) simple.

  23. Liam Bishop

    I agree. The problem with the Nu Metal wave was that every song was about pain or calling someone a liar. It works when you're an angsty 15 year old who is pissed off about having nothing to be pissed off about, but in 2013, no one wants to hear this shit.
    See: Spineshank's new stuff/Ill Nino's new stuff

  24. Liam Bishop

    The vocalist is the guitarist Tim Fluckey. He's always been a member of the band and has had to fill in many times on vocals for the band whenever Mark decided to be a flake and sporadically leave and re-enter the band, or when Luke received so much drama for his vocal style or even when Bobby had to leave due to Mark wanting back in and then promptly leaving.

    In short, fuck these guys, they should've given up in 2003.

  25. KombinoHun

    It was ok when nu-metal meant early korn and deftones. But then a million clones came and they just sound all the same: generic guitar riffs, pseudo emotional lyrics, boring song structure. Not my cup of tea.
    Also, Adema used to make much better songs than this.

  26. AdemaFilth

    God, why?

  27. Dragoon Xethea

    Adema... what the heck have you done to yourselves? you used to be one of my favorite bands... and every time you got a new vocalist you kept making the band worse even if you found awesome tunes. And this... is just the worst singer, i dont know who he is, but please, just either get Jonathan Davis' half brother back or the one who sung on "Kill the Headlights," or just someone that doesn't sound like this man!

  28. KombinoHun

    It's not 2001 anymore, why is nu-metal still around?

  29. James White

    Sounds like balls.....