Adema - Promises Lyrics

I went outside to take a walk
So I could relive memories
I thought that you would lend a hand
But you were never ever there
It's all in your mind
You do what you wanna do

Your promises are all played out
You've got your wish you've worn me down
I treated you the best I could
I realize that I don't need you

I lost my way when you left home
I thought that you could change your life
What did I do why do you lie
You've walked back in my hands are tied

I'm tired I'm so damn angry
With you
Your not gonna change
I see who you really are

Your promises your promises
They're all played out
Your so played out your so played out
There all played out

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Adema Promises Comments
  1. Iamdann

    Raw emotion! Simple as

  2. Brandon Sirbaugh

    I needed this after my wife left me after I had a stroke

  3. burbujita face painting

    This song really suits me know😣

  4. scifiaudious2


  5. Alice the Artist

    Vine por ZellenDust :v

  6. Harrison Mckay

    Why do you lie?

    Harrison Mckay


  7. falconx881

    Put the Playback speed at 1.25 sounds better

  8. Abel Aldrich

    this song is awesome my fav one by Adema

  9. Ismael lp

    Good music I heart it every day.

  10. K O

    Completed slept on these back in the early 2000's, besides 'The Way You Like It'. Wish I'd bought this album back then lol. This is a really good song.

  11. Твоя Принцесса

    Охуенная группа!

  12. JoshDeftones

    But you were never ever there... 🎶

  13. Blaine Bailey

    Song is intense... is good for the soul

  14. Smashmouth Drew

    I need my Adema back .i seen them at linkin parks concert they opened for them .now that l.p. is down I need you guys

    Anthony Green

    They are back.

  15. Vince McMahon

    Loved this song, reminds me of my ex GF / fiance....

  16. Stevie Ray Medina

    I miss them

  17. Romulo Damasceno

    Merecia um clip linda canção

    lidia sylmara dos santos santana

    Romulo Willer TJ amo essa banda , essa música é fodaa

  18. PatSch

    Nu Metal has the songs about heartbreak!

  19. nigelica browne

    Story of my life

    Jack Diaz

    nigelica browne me too 😕

  20. Supplemental Sense

    This song was so under-rated. This band's first two albums were under-rated.


    Underrated? maybe a little. But they were hugely popular for a few years after they came out.
    And then the downfall happened..

    Supplemental Sense

    Lots of songs are big for a year when they come out but very few from this time period are still played on the radio today. I think this is one that should.

    Ali Granger

    Hey, I'm just commenting on this so you have an excuse to go on another feel trip.

    Thai Corralo Vigo

    The first two albums were part of my teen soundtrack and will probably blast them from time to time for many more years.

    Sad they lost the way after.

  21. cofferful

    I loved this band so much, really miss those times

  22. skullz karma

    Sara Guerre ikr my older brother listend to Korn n showd me the music video "Giving In" i fell in love with the music since..i was like 11or somethin..wished they would have stuck together

    Shaun Freitas

    They are back together and working on new material. All the original members

  23. Raul Lima

    Download Adema Discography

  24. Francisco vask

    nossas promessas vc jogou fora

  25. Christopher Clark

    Listen at 1.25 speed

    Diego Díaz Orellana

    now sounds like wonderwall xd


    This song sounds very similar to "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" by Green Day in a way

    Jive Wilson

    It does! Except this came out a few years earlier than "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". I think this album came out around '03. Adema used to be my favorite band during my teenage angst years lol.

  27. Adalgisa Sampaio

    gostei de vídeo

  28. Estrela Guia

    Música linda fica marcada

    Melque alexandre

    essa banda ainda existe

    Luan Renato

    +Melque alexandre mas o vocalista atual é uma bosta

    Melque alexandre

    O de antes era melhor

    Fernando B.S

    Marky Chavez sempre foi o melhor vocalista

  29. Shawn Alexander

    by far their best cd in my opinion

  30. SeeUFall

    this song´s bringing back so many memories, haven´t listened to this awesome song for far too long. Can even smell the scent of her perfume. Thx for uploading ;)

  31. Angel Of WicKeD

    the guitar riffs are badass! even when you play them urself you can feel its energy :))

  32. Kristina Marquez

    Yes this pic was me at 39! People keep thinking I was young in this pic.I won't lie about my age!


    Really?? that's awesome!! :D


    So how old were you in the album cover picture?

    Kassidy Johnson

    Kristina Marquez ....hey. there, that was funny as hell. u got that dude going thinking u was on the album cover lmao...

    Angel Of WicKeD

    well your sexy as fuck can we get married please :(


    @Angel Of WicKeD lol wtf

  33. Kristina Marquez

    I think of my soon to be ex husband! I'm so glad I'm single now! I have me a younger bf.Im 40 & he's 28.


    That's not a good thing lol

    Cameron Muise

    Good lord when you were 20 he was 8!


    @Cameron Muise its actually pretty disgusted really🤢

  34. Anirban Roy

    This is the first song I have heard by this band. Never got into Adema very much, but like Unstable and Promises out of all of their songs.

  35. Doyledeth

    Song always reminded me of, "fine again" by Seether.

    Keith Wardin

    I thought so too! It has a very similar melody!