Adema - Co-Dependent Lyrics

Most people don't care
Some people just fear
There's so much pressure
That our lives will feed us
Don't need a reason
I will get even
This is the season
Where I feel so manic

You hurt yourself
And blame me when you fall (codependent)
You have lost control
And crashed into a wall (codependent)
Life has found a way
Where karma slaps you in the face
You depend on me
For everything (codependent)

I am the bad seed
It fuels my own needs
I never was scared
To take my chances
I see the downfall
Cause I'm not social
I've got my own life
And you can't stand it


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Adema Co-Dependent Comments
  1. Matthew Jones

    NHL04 taught me who Adema was, but made me love the half brother of johnathon Davis just as much!

  2. 6reen 6rud6e

    This song is for my father
    You're a bad dad!

  3. Tommy Wimmer

    I think it sounds like he's saying Kung Fu Panda.

  4. Sadie Therese Montress

    When music was fucking great! Nu-metal was life in the late 90s and 2000's

  5. Ryan Mckay

    Go To Bed Dead

  6. Derek Jones

    This song is an absolute banger, thank you NHL 04! Go red wings!

    Zcort Nigg

    Yeah go Detroit!!!

  7. BurnMaster Three6Delta

    Go to bed dad

  8. Cyx3withlove

    So glad Galerians: Rion introduced me to Adema

  9. Tohtori Salvador

    I remember When i enter nhl 04 main menu first time and this song start playing!

  10. Sam Burton

    I nover was scared to tack my chance with the ms13

  11. T Simp


    Zcort Nigg

    Co dependent

  12. Jin Su-Rha Cree Hargrove

    NHL 2004 PS2

  13. Andy Kang

    My favourite band while Evanescence were No.1 with Bring me to life

  14. El Sr. Estrada

    Mi canción favorita de nu metal

  15. Abraham Dixon

    they opened with this tune when I saw them in 2003. What is Marky Chavez up to these days?


    Abraham Dixon He has returned to Adema again

    maddyBOOMbaddy BADDY

    Back with adema and writing a new album out by december 2018

  16. tokenblackaspie

    Say what you want about Adema, they were 1% of the reason that I have pretty good vocabulary.

  17. Zetaman

    Galerians! Executing the Virus Program against Dorothy. Good times.

    Jordy Pimenta Névoa

    Most epic short-circuit ever

    Viru Shad0w

    @Jordy Pimenta Névoa I need some Delmetor quick

  18. Cesar Estrada

    Lo mejor del Metal

  19. Markoz Rozz

    ibalways thougjt the hook said got a big dank lol

    Piano Girl

    or got a big dick :9

    maddyBOOMbaddy BADDY

    Dank eh? Not dick?

  20. Aga W

    It's surprisingly effective as an alarm sound. Trust me.


    But i'll start hating it then xD

    Kênia Kalaary

    Aga W 🤣🤣

  21. Gabyrhcp15

    This song rocks!!! \m/

  22. Gameplay and Talk

    Oh, old thoughts that still ring true..

  23. Piano Girl

    Helps me take a shit :)

  24. PyramidHead138

    in the chorus it sounds like he's saying "Go to Bagdad"


    +PyramidHead138 You go to bed, dad

    Robert Marting

    +PyramidHead138 hilarious it does

    Cesar Estrada

    +PyramidHead138 asi es men

    Jay Yo

    I always thought it was "you're a bad dad!" Lol

    Create Channel

    I used to think "You're a bandit"

  25. BKrandy39

    goosebumps at 2:11


    Best Adema song ever!

    Brent Bowman

    LETSROCKTA I can agree with you
    Mainly because this is the only one by them I know, thank you NHL '04

  27. Holly Powers

    Good song from nhl 2004

  28. MMusashi7

    I remember this song from NHL 2004!

  29. Funky Krakje

    "Life has found a way where karma slaps you in the face" is the sentence that made me remember this awesome band