Adema - All These Years Lyrics

One got addicted
And the other ran away
Some settled down a familiar place
One let's go of the wheel
While the other one steers
One got the money that the other put away
Some held their ground and the others couldn't stay
A few just followed their dreams while the others stood clear

After all these years
After all these years

One found religion and the other lost faith
One sold something that he never could replace
Both looked back to see if the coast was clear
One hits the bottle till his problems go away
The other never made it home from school that day
Sometimes I wish I could just disappear

After all these years
After all these years

It feels like some days that the sun never shines
I can't decipher all these riddles and rhymes
They're going down in flames
They're burning alive
I just can't take this anymore
One looked back at the past and I'm finally here
After all these years

One got addicted
And the other ran away
Some held around while the others couldn't stay
One let's go of the wheel
While the other one steers
After all these years
One found religion and the other lost faith
One sold something that he never could replace
After all these years
Both looked back to see if the coast was clear

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Adema All These Years Comments
  1. Alexa Isabella

    thanks for putting this up, computer crashed and lost it. you're my hero :D

  2. SnakeTheCowboy

    I loved this whole album instantly since I've heared it 1st time, already heared Bobby Reeves before in other project & realy glad Adema decide to use his vocal for this album. To be fair I din't liked vocals of Luke who performed in Planets.

  3. Justin Turner

    I'm still jamming to this song...after all these years.

    Marcelo Gabriel Tonossi


    Yami Sukehiro

    You remind me of a dude from high school xD

  4. Jorge Alvarenga

    They are back together again including Mark ,

    Alberto Samago

    no way, really?

    Jorge Alvarenga

    Yes check their Facebook page or website. They made the announce a couple of weeks ago

    Alberto Samago

    hell yeah, hope they drop good new metal again

    Jorge Alvarenga

    Yes they will. They also said that they are working on a new album

  5. M76mat

    Adema's been a personal favorite of mine for a few years now. I love their sound, along with the more meaningful songs (such as this one).

  6. Roy .G. Biffed

    wow basicly came here ecause immortal got me hooked since I saw the vid on deadly alliance and now adema is like my favorite band

  7. Draziak Durst

    I believe the song is about Adema tbh, I mean it kinda fits into their history as a band really, the constant switching of band members, the differences members had, other members left as others would rejoin etc, the only real conistant member has been Tim Fluckey, but that's just a theory I have, not everyone will share in the opinion and that's all good and gravy!

  8. Alex C

    Reminds me of Dissociative Identity Disorder...

  9. Sarah Nick

    My brother sent me this saying it fit Trevor Phillips and Michael De Santa. I was not disappointed.

    Joseph Fitzwater

    but its being told from the first person..."sometimes i wish i could just disappear." "and im finally here." so who is telling this story

    Flimbo nimbo

    +Joseph Fitzwater disappearing could mean a lot of things. Saying such, a lot of things say "one did this, the other did that."  Take from that what you will.


    Sarah N Holy shit this is actually perfect

  10. Jeff Axelsson

    This song brings back memories!! Loove it!!!

  11. mary bass

    Supernatural... Really people. I think they are talking about deeper things then a stupid TV show or are all of you kiddies that sheltered that you never grew up knowing these people. I've known so many of them. And even me. I'm the one who lost faith and wishes I could just disappear. While many of my closest friends in the past are the ones who sold something they could never replace hits the bottle till their problems disappear and never made it home from school that day. I sit back and I listen to this and it reminds me of the people I knew growing up.

    Matilda Peste

    eh, just because someone relates a song to a fictional relationship, doesn't mean they're shallow.... it just means it happens to fit that fictional relationship. and this song wasn't even used in the show....tbh it should, it says something if so many people thinks it relates to them.
     But I totally respect what you have to say.


    +Matilda Peste
    This song was used in the show actually, no idea what your talking about. Anyways I agree with mary bass too Adema shouldn't allow this stupid show to use any they're awesome songs, it's a shame.

  12. mary bass

    It reminds me of so many people I have known over the years. It's sad really but an amazing song

  13. Ace Ryder

    Winchester brothers.

    Matilda Peste

    i know, rite

  14. Alexa D

    Reminds me of Sam and Dean Winchester...and Castiel

  15. VerchielxKanda

    This totally needs more views!!

    My new fave song!! =D

  16. Lemmy

    What a brilliant song

  17. Mattie Kless

    Anybody else hear Sam and Dean Winchester?

  18. Blantas

    Why youtube only shows my views?

  19. Marcin N.

    What is "Psychology project"?

  20. Marcin N.

    I hear Julien-K style!

  21. FatedPlatti

    @Kirahowler No problem, I'm glad that this song is helping you transition better, I bet you'll turn out great! I have faith in you :)

  22. D M

    Ty, so much for posting this, I completely restarted my life I a whole new state, and thanks to you and this song I'm getting through it. " one looks back at the past and I'm finally here," here is to hoping it's me.

  23. Tayler Errera

    How Come this song dosent have any veiws? It truly gave me what i needed to strighten out.

  24. NightlyShadow

    Wow. I'm blown away. This song is great! :D