Adele - Skyfall Lyrics

This is the end
Hold your breath and count to ten
Feel the earth move and then
Hear my heart burst again

For this is the end
I've drowned and dreamt this moment
So overdue I owe them
Swept away, I'm stolen

Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall
Face it all together

Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall
Face it all together
At skyfall
That skyfall

Skyfall is where we start
A thousand miles and poles apart
Where worlds collide and days are dark
You may have my number, you can take my name
But you'll never have my heart

Let the sky fall (let the sky fall)
When it crumbles (when it crumbles)
We will stand tall (we will stand tall)
Face it all together

Let the sky fall (let the sky fall)
When it crumbles (when it crumbles)
We will stand tall (we will stand tall)
Face it all together
At skyfall

(Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall)

Where you go I go
What you see I see
I know I'd never be me
Without the security
Of your loving arms
Keeping me from harm
Put your hand in my hand
And we'll stand

Let the sky fall (let the sky fall)
When it crumbles (when it crumbles)
We will stand tall (we will stand tall)
Face it all together

Let the sky fall (let the sky fall)
When it crumbles (when it crumbles)
We will stand tall (we will stand tall)
Face it all together
At skyfall

Let the sky fall
We will stand tall
At skyfall

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Adele Skyfall Comments
  1. Leo Bee

    I know another film that should have been the theme song ice age collision course but yeah I know it's kind of overdramatic but it has all elements in the film

  2. Xristina Pap

    My grades:B*tch get the F now you should've studied!
    Me:This is the endddddd!!!

  3. Mr bully YT

    2020 best song

  4. yogi Slash

    Press f for Repeat mode

  5. Yasin Khan

    There are 86k comments.
    If you find mine then you are a legend.

  6. Yoren M. Reid

    Let this guy fall, when he crumbles.

  7. ស៊ិន សុវណ្ណរ៉ា

    [Fa] can be Fomal or famolto to order Note it's not up to up or uper.

    ស៊ិន សុវណ្ណរ៉ា

    We sing sky fall
    Instrument can be A1
    But sing in note [Fa] or f4
    Means SING by instrumental .A1 sing c2 or F4

  8. Mahijeet Singh

    Voice is intoxicated

  9. overkill 213

    this song is magic I was at 1% and it lasted through

  10. Тимур Махметов


  11. Rio Doblados


  12. ItsDaKoolaidDude

    If the Janes Bond movie flops hard

  13. Daniel MGF

    Looking forward to the next 007 film! Fingers crossed the soundtrack won't disappoint

  14. Nesli

    I covered it🔥

  15. Red Shadow

    0:33 when your teacher comes in with the exam results.

  16. John Wick

    When daniel Craig(007) or aka james bond heard this song he cried he said i knew the way it sounded when she sang the first part i knew it was thr right song for the movie

  17. Paloma

    i literally got the chills

  18. H Hy

    Sam smith wishes

    Peter Ainsworth

    The less said about that dirge the better.

  19. Камиль Темирханов

    Muse - Supremacy much better

  20. Gabriel Souza

    Dome breaking and fallen angels coming to destroy everything.

    - This is the end.

  21. Mïstër Ïncönîtö


  22. Angel Hernandez

    Haces arte puro

  23. h duv

    i refuse to accept that this happened 7 years ago

  24. Ruan Felipe

    Caralho, essa música me lembra massacre.

  25. José Carvalho

    One of the most Beautiful James Bond songs!

  26. Tadas

    When on 1.5 speed it becomes better

  27. Exyll

    I was gonna say this has to be in a bond movie but turns out it is

  28. Darth Krul

    When you enter the class and everyone in your class was in test formation 0:32

  29. Thomas Deku

    *James Bond gets shot by Moneypenny in a moving train*

    Adele: this is the end

  30. Rudra Prasad

    Where you go i go what you see i see saale chor Israel or America meri jassosi karte ho bas ek baat dhyaan rakhna god is watching you. Bachke rehna bura waqt sabka aata hai.

  31. Ignazu

    Like comment if you first hear this song in "James Bond: SKYFALL".

  32. Kittuszkaa 2000

    Csak nekem ilyesztő ez a zene?😂😢😢

  33. Rayen Siboney

    Tik Tok

  34. Monica Reyes


  35. Sasha Trump

    Очень классная песня)

  36. Max Schein

    Very beautyful

  37. Dante Mariano

    The name bond...James bond

    007 SKYFALL

  38. ស៊ិន សុវណ្ណរ៉ា

    I thoght i never be without seceurity please keep me from hymn and Put your hand
    in her hand and
    we stand . ..

  39. zlALEXlo

    Easily one of the best songs of the decade!

  40. File Scout

    So you are looking for daggerfall on skyrim engine too eh?

  41. Burger Cat

    I hate you and humanity because Tik Tok exists.

  42. antonioinrete

    Una colonna sonora semplicemente PERFETTA per un film di 007

  43. Heikki Eronen

    .... Adele rules...... And Crhis Cornell, too.... - oikeesti

  44. Luckas Graham

    This the end 😔
    Hold your breathe and count to 10❤

  45. Eyem Dunn

    Skyfalls plot makes perfect sense and has no plot holes.

    Harry Moloney

    Eyem Dunn ah a few holes in silvas plan

  46. Jung Kim


  47. fo dil

    Where is The official music video ?!??
    We need it

    Nisa Örs

    Omg yes where is it I remember the video

    fo dil

    Adele she don't need comeback 💔

    Nisa Örs

    @fo dil All music worlds need her

    fo dil

    Yaeh 😢💔

  48. Stian Kalmer

    Thinking about climate change over here when i hear this song’s intro

  49. Justine Playz

    i remember trying to sing this back then

    I sounded like a dying cat. You may ask why is it dying? Because it's falling in the sky. You get it? Skyfall, falling in sky..? no? ok... uhh.. Have a purrsome pawrfect day then..

  50. TheFlightChannel

    I feel like this belongs in an independence day movie

    Alpha zen

    Tru dat, I can imagine it

  51. Gülce Gryffindor


  52. CampbellRocksAgain

    Better than quantum of solace.
    Change my mind?

  53. Togzhan Umirkhan

    Face it all together


  54. Martin Blasko

    Cool video😇🤩🕸🦎🌞🌜🍢🎤🎼🎻🎸🎺🎷🥁🛶🏔🏦🛬🕍🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠⛩📞🎞📺📻🎙🎚🔋💸💵💴💶🔪⚰️🚬🛡⚔️🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡💉💊💈

  55. Lina Jade

    I'm auditioning on Monday to sing this song in the holiday talent show at my high school!!!



  57. txmetalhead82xk

    I'm an old dude, but watching this, makes me a kid again! Or, at least, a young man lol

  58. Stephan Krueger

    thank you,ADELE+THANK you for live-time. thanks

  59. killer 06

    TEAM 007

  60. Karine Bouchiba

    J'adore. Trop puissante.

  61. Satvik Dixit

    This song would have banged in Endgame

  62. Maria Bădăluță

    Maybe she released this song in 2012 because everybody thought that the end of the world was in 2012?

  63. יפים מג

    Beautiful song!

  64. johnny marlin

    Craig rules as the most realistic Bond period !!

  65. CityLight

    Still love it

  66. Afraaz Khan

    Noen eubanks

  67. Anjana Baiju

    Fascinating song😍😘💏💃💃💃💃💪💪💪👌👌👌💗💋💋💘❤️👀👀💕💓💓👁️👁️👏👏👏👋👋

  68. Nashwan Ali

    شكد احبهه😍

  69. alisa voz

    If this doesn't play at the end of the world I'm suing.

  70. Ingvi Notmalmstin

    Vitas´s performance is much better!

  71. Le La

    Mom calls 8 time
    Me ; no matter

    Dad calls one time
    Me: this is the end

  72. MD. Rakib Siddiquey

    When your relative's toilet flush not working.

    This is the end.

  73. Emma Schauvliege


    TikTok: iM aBoUt To StEaL

  74. Mr Devil

    My sister: have u heard tht James Bond song?
    Friends: OMG that's the tik tok song.
    Sister: I need new friends

  75. fatima akharaz



    I love u adele

  77. Oz_Tee X23

    We will stand tall face it all together!

  78. Klearhos Ke.

    Text on YouTube "the voice greece skyfall" and you will remember me

  79. TheDorsetBumpkin

    By far the best Bond theme of the modern Bond films, the rest leave a lot to be desired for, I just hope we get a really good theme song for the new Bond film coming in April 2020 ... please!!!??? It's a part of the Bond legacy the theme song.

  80. Mr. Morgan

    Second favourite Bond theme for me, behind "You know my name".

  81. Spent Lizard

    This song captures more about a Bond film than any other. Shirley Bassey might be classic, Paul McCartney might be badass, and Duran Duran may have that classic 80s feel, but this one encapsulates the entire tone and spirit of the James Bond character and particularly the events of the plot. It's operatic, dark, soulful, and has a level of mystique to it.

  82. Alexandra J

    Amazing song about all crises

  83. shinobu

    nothing but = A M A Z I N G

  84. Josivan Silva

    Muito legal essa música

  85. Alexis Watson

    my band is playing this song lololol

    Alexis Watson

    randomgeezer yea i guess


    Any links?

    Alexis Watson

    randomgeezer nah sorry


    @Alexis Watson bun dis yute fam

  86. Taylin Dietrich

    My imagination is like this :

    Zombies: Brains !!!

    People: "For this is the end"

  87. Taylin Dietrich

    How does people dislike this song ?!🙅😭

  88. Mr asshole Mr asshole

    hey it is me again like im sorryb about of yelling of yestersday ad it is all because of lisa and if you already know that and like i have to say but i just missed youj and others and sometimes i could get mad some other ways to die of me but lisa she wont go away nad i well gonna do it or something get it away of me and watching around the house and like i like food of kitchen alexis she use to help me and others too and like i just gonna have to realize and because im piseed off and like those cops well understand and like i care about proecting me from lisa supild bitch an like i well gonna have to figued something out of meeting as well and like i missed my old days of my frinds and it is her fauit of lisa and thats why i well gonna be talking to myself and getting outta it as well then k so i well gonna have to get it off like im just gonna have to getting mad and just get it done of my things and others too so i well gonna fuck off and get it aleixs or she wel cames out and like im gonna do it and she can get me ill getting angey as well and she cant do at me and ill runnin gaway from here and thats how i do it and shewell gonna have to die at the hosptal and staying with mty sister aleixs and dave he got to go back to a fort drum because i well gonn be down staris as well to see whats going on of her like i well be dead and others to say of my wqords too so sont worry i well gonna put it out so i can getting mad and whaever i need it of my things well be nice and i won't be with not my mom no more and staying with alexis if she can really do it if i knew that pleass dont forgot guys because alright see ya later then or whatever then lol

  89. Simon Raahauge

    The Doom awaits!

  90. Atharva Unde

    Usha Uthubh's sky fall in sari is better than this

  91. Maria Clara Dalariva


  92. The Shining Star

    This song really matches with the Detective actions, Fashion, Confidence and Self-dependence.

  93. The Shining Star

    Why is it 7 years old? If it wasn't, I would get more likes......😁

  94. Don Feeney

    this is perfect, well done love this song. Should be nominated for an award.

  95. Анатолий Юн

    James Bond?

    Анатолий Юн

    @randomgeezer im from Russia

  96. Simo

    Boys: this is tik tok song
    Men: this is james bond song

    gulfem dursun

    And you?

    d_boi Yoongz

    @gulfem dursun Oof

    Jungkooks Crippling Fear of Girls

    This is on TikTok??