Addison Road - My Story Lyrics

This is not another song about the reasons I am stressed
This is not a melody to get the feelings off my chest
This is not a pop song written for the radio
These are just my thoughts and what I’m praying for

If this is my story, if this is my song
Then I want to be a part of something beautiful
If this is my journey, then show me Your road
Wherever you lead me in this world I want to go

There’s just too many times I only think of me
‘Cause I get so consumed with my opportunities
When my last breath brings me to the feet of God
I want to hear him say I lived for his glory

If this is my story, if this is my song
Then I want to be a part of something beautiful
If this is my journey, then show me Your road
Wherever you lead me in this world I want to go

Colors paint the evening sky
The sun is shining giving light
Stars light up the atmosphere
But we’re the reason God came here

We are his story, we are his song
A beautiful melody that shows the world his love
When we’re on this journey, when we’re on this road
We are a part of the greatest story ever told

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Addison Road My Story Comments
  1. Phoenix Pleiades Starr

    My story: I was sexually abused at age 3. My mom was in and out of the hospital every few days. She died when I was 4 and after she died I went into foster care. I began to show severe behavior problems and was put on a LOT of psychiatric medications and diagnosed with bipolar disorder and reactive attachment disorder. At age 7 I was sent from California to Pennsylvania to be adopted, but that didn't work out. The woman who was going to adopt me ended up physically abusing me. So I was sent back home to California only to end up in a series of residential treatment centers and group homes over the next 9 years. Finally at 16 years old, I called out to God. I said: if you're real, please heal me, do something with my life. About 9 months later, I got off of ALL of my medications, I got a full time job, and I got into a wonderful relationship with a nice young man. I am currently working on getting into college. If that wasn't a miracle, then I don't know what is. God HAS changed me. I can feel and see the difference. 💓

    Cheryl Rathbun

    I'm sorry you had such a hard time when you were growing up, but I'm glad you're doing better now. Never forget you are a child of God.

  2. singing4hope

    I didn't realise that, apart from This Little Light of Mine, Addison Road's other songs sound like 90s pop lol

  3. Sy Dalg

    want a story of your own? :) visit ♥

  4. Rock4the2Gorillaz

    Just remember you are special to God.

  5. Rock4the2Gorillaz

    I am 25 and I have been in hospitals because of a disorder. Currently I live in a home for the disabled but I truly don't believe I have a disorder anymore because God has dramatically changed my life inwardly since I learned how to walk by the Spirit and not by the flesh trying to do things in my own strength but in the power of God because of the books Heavenly man and Living Water cause we both are nobody special. We are dust but God is the King of the Universe Hallelujah Glory be to God Almighty!

  6. The Boat People

    You reach true freedom when the only 2 words contained in your prayers is; "Thank you."

    The Boat People

    Life is pain. There are 2 delevery systems from this pain. One is "power and money," and the other is "Christ." So, choose 1.

    The Boat People

    Choosing Christ may get you power and money, but it is only given to you as long as you don't abuse it and can share with those in need.

  7. Elle Pin


  8. Emma Elizabeth

    I have a LONG story. Ultimately God brought me out of some addictions and showed me His light and hope, and have me a solid place to stand. In Him. He is so great, and because of my story I've helped others see God's glory. I'm nothing without Him, I want the whole world to see His love and that in Him you can be transformed, all it takes is trust and a relationship with Him.

  9. IamNotMyOwn2012

    My story is that in my own personal life I struggle with that fact that people don't treat each other with love. Life is too short to have hatred in your heart. 1 Corinthians 13 is my favorite says so much, and speaks so deeply to how I view the world.

  10. Sarah Rosaline


  11. Selina Roque

    We are a part of the greatest story ever told :D !

  12. Ted Smith

    What a great song.

  13. ulyssis ramirez

    i would just like to say god is a major part of my life story and im am very blessed to have him in my life

  14. Chilledsock

    times can be though i had to let go of someone special to me because i realistic its not our time but i know that god has put her in my life for a reason so someday down the road i know god will do something great with us i pray and thank god everyday for the blessings in my life it can be hard sometimes but god has a plan for you and everyone you just got to keep walking on your path with him and he will lead you and take you by the hand when u stumble:)

  15. colacoco1

    Love this osong !!!! chai!

  16. nina kok

    great song i love it and i love jesus too

  17. 2educ8chu

    This is probably not your usual response to this song, but I cried like a baby. Something about the lyric "I want to be part of something beautiful," felt like the answer to a question I've had for a long time. Thank you for letting God use you.

  18. bobby7771117

    I think all Christians want to truly be led by His Holy Spirit, but fear can make us afraid to go wherever He leads, or do whatever he wants us to do! In Christ's Agape Love, BobbyK

  19. Alexisshebay

    @collegegurl415 I normally capitalize them , but i just copied the lyrics from a website.

  20. Danielle M


    traditionally we do practice capitalizing Him, His, Your, You'rs, etc. for some reason this person didn't though. Not sure why, but usually we do practice this.

  21. GunterJPN

    Real question - I grew up in a Catholic education and was taught to always capitalize He/His/Him (or You or Your/Yours) when referring to God. Do other Christian denominations not practice this?

  22. cheyanna

    I love this song so much!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Katie Beth

    @crazylexi101 okay cool thanks :)

  24. Alexisshebay

    @katiehawk94 yes. its in the description.

  25. Katie Beth

    is there a cd for this? whats the name of the album?

  26. dreamingandsinging

    love this song! I can't stop playing it! And that's saying something because I almost never play songs over and over, because I get tired of them or they get annoying, but this one I could listen to all day long :)

  27. shavenia poe

    my my school sang this song and i loooove itttt!

  28. Alexisshebay

    @Alexxkiss002 itunes has it (: um im not sure what stores. prob. a lifeway Christian store has one or any other Christian store

  29. jasmineconway8

    i love this song :)