Addison Road - Fight Another Day Lyrics

Your broken dreams, your crazy schemes
They always let you down
The things we chase, a hopeless race
You’re breathless on the ground
From soaring heights to crashing dives
A peace yet to be found
But you could spend a lifetime running
You could spend a lifetime running

And do you feel the fire when the flame gets hot
Are you living every day like it’s the last you’ve got
Will you step aside when it all falls down and watch it burn away
Have a little faith when the walls cave in
Pray for strength to fly against the wind
Will you walk away when the fire gets hot
Or fight another
Another day

Your fractured heart, your disregard
It leaves you frozen still
A slow withdrawal from it all
That keeps you unfulfilled
Will you spend a lifetime running
‘Cause you could spend a lifetime running

And do you feel the fire when the flame gets hot
Are you living every day like it’s the last you’ve got
Will you step aside when it all falls down and watch it burn away
Have a little faith when the walls cave in
Pray for strength to fly against the wind
Will you walk away when the fire gets hot
Or fight another
Another day

Even when your heart’s been broken
He’ll be there with arms wide open
Be strong and his love will lead you
To fight another day

Keep your head to the sun ‘cause it’s shining on you, on you

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Addison Road Fight Another Day Comments
  1. Ieyeshia B

    This song got me through ALOT in high school

  2. Rick Rickard

    I really miss this group. A lot. Their words are completely original, in the way they presented them. They really kicked it.


    I JUST discovered these guys,and their charming "front woman " verrrrrrry easy to listen to ,with personal involvement in the songs' words and a great "LOOK" as a group of nice Christian "KIDz" BRAVO ,Addison Road --- too bad fate compelled you to reach the end of the road in THIS format !!!!

  4. Obvious Bambi

    Used on an ad for the Irish version of the Biggest Loser earlier this year.

  5. MrOZ55

    Who needs Katie Perry or Pink when you have Addison Road.

  6. Nicole O

    One of my favourites :) Thank you for sharing

  7. Matt Spinello

    Do you feel the fire when the flame gets hot?
    Are you living every day like it's the last you've got?
    Will you step aside when it all falls down.
    Or watch it burn away?
    Have a little faith when the walls cave in,
    Pray for strength to fly against the wind.
    Will you walk away when the fire gets hot,
    Or fight another
    Another day, yeah
    Another day, yeah

    This is a great song! I don't know about all of you guys, but I choose to live life to the fullest and try my best to fight through when things get tough! (:
    Be blessed everyone! (:

    Trish Hodges

    You're the bomb girl! Thanks so much. And u were really fast too!

  8. Rishad D'souza

    You'll know God the day your life on Earth ends. Hoping that day is not anytime soon because it may not be the best experience for you to stand in front of the almighty, repent.

  9. cutiepatootie3495

    Love this song!!!

  10. je moeder

    god? can i eat that ? what is a god? hmmm sheep followin sheep goto love them.

  11. Sarah miller

    This is an awesome song I love Addison road

  12. groggy231

    I can kind of see him writing this song, but I do like it better with Addison Road. :)

  13. Gabrielle Simonson

    my favorite! <3

  14. Rishad D'souza

    A metal version of what you said :D
    You say Slayer I say (New)Megadeth :D
    You say Lamp of God I say As I Lay Dying
    You Say Cannibal Corpse I say Mortification

  15. bonhamfish75


  16. Eric Lehman

    This song is why God and life are so precious. The person you are is wonderful, though it's ok to have dreams and fantasies. LOL

  17. desala2007

    I think I needed to hear this song today. Things have been so stressful at work and in my life and I have thought about just quitting my job but I realize that I'm there for a reason. And this song tells us not to quit but stay strong....I praise God for bringing this song to mind

  18. TheCrispylettuce

    I learned this song in a week on guitar this summer and rocked out at my family reunion! Did I mention that I didn't know how to play guitar?

  19. Lil J

    @MrSmartpie too true!!

  20. MrSmartpie

    @PuppiDawg1 people woship all those terrible role models, when they should be worshipping God.

  21. Angela Zahurones

    I'm going to use this in my ZUMBA Fitness Class :) Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  22. OriannaEstelle

    @PuppiDawg1 Exactly! :)

  23. Hannah Robinson

    Awesome song!!

  24. cheefulcactus

    Love this song :)

  25. Jason Brown

    Something to think about: been a metalhead since high school (starting with Demon Hunter) and got into industrial techno (like Celldweller) in college. Still addicted to them and so much more, yet, while I was reading a Dean Koontz book, a character's first name is Addison, and it reminded me of this song, which I heard on Air1, so it's a good thing a good book reminded me of a good song.

  26. DakotaVisilina

    @iHeartJesusandTrevor Lol, why thank you:)

  27. iHeartJesusandTrevor

    @DakotaVisilina i love you too.

  28. DakotaVisilina

    @iHeartJesusandTrevor Uh hum. wtfh? Excuse me, I'm not sure if you noticed or anything but I'm pretty sure that it was already stated that @CurseOfBoggart is a child. I agree with what @Creaturecreator said. Calm down, pray for the child, please I'm having no problem against that. Just don't be cussing him/her out while you're doing it. I mean come on, really? On this song's comment panel? Really, I mean really?

  29. DakotaVisilina

    @CurseOfBoggart Uhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm, no.

  30. iHeartJesusandTrevor

    @CurseOfBoggart wtfh is wrong with you?! ill be praying for u, hun.

  31. Andi Fels

    Hey PuppiDawg1!!! The first of all those people u mentioned (Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Tyler Perry, Ke$ha, Michael Jackson) No offence 2 them but the are TERRIBLE!!! if i had a choice, i would listen only 2 the 2nd half of ur people!!! Thumbs up cuz that is great & so is the song!!!

  32. RustyNuggets

    @sarahanime14 Just a child :)

  33. Irma

    love love this song!! <3

  34. avrghr

    @CurseOfBoggart I dont think so...

  35. RustyNuggets

    I honestly think if anyone were to dislike this video, they are going to hell.

  36. Shana Jeter

    wow. this song is amazing :)

  37. TheRandombrunettes

    Oh and when I said -3 I meant to put a heart!! Whoops it won't let me post a real heart.?

  38. TheRandombrunettes

    I -3 this song!!!! I love it so much, I'm singing it at my church!

  39. TheTrueKira101

    Wow is song is just amazing. Just wow!

  40. Shayden Weber

    @PuppiDawg1 putting this on my face book hope ya dont mind!!! couldnt help it!!! i just love it gotta represent! lol thanks and God Bless!!

  41. dachamp692

    this song totally helps me fight another day haha thnx for the vid GOD BLESS =D

  42. elizabeth hernandez

    @PuppiDawg Me Agree. ^.^

  43. Irma

    @PuppiDawg1 i totally agree!!!

  44. amandapandabear1999

    david if see this is an amazing song!

  45. Audra Miller

    @FavedTheLamp lol, don't ya hate it, you're looking for a great song, and you can't find it!!

  46. Dudzhelle Mharie

    you could spend a lifetime running

  47. MannequinArmy

    Gorgeous song :D I'd love it even if I wasn't a Christian <3

  48. Audra Miller

    I have been looking for this song FOREVER!! literally forever! I heard a part of it on air1 and i have been looking for it ever since. I looked it up on Google, and found,played it 100 times, and it still never gets old!!!

  49. richardtodd62

    Great job! My 14 y/o daughter is singing this song in our Church's praise service this week. Our guitarist, bassist and piano all used your video to tab the song and work it up. Sunday is my dad's 70th birthday and he and my mom will visit this praise service. I will be playing drums, my son will be playing djembe or congas and my daughter will lay down the vocals. What a blessing to play as a family, together my best friends, on my dad's birthday. We all used your video to prepare. Thnx

  50. Mack Reilloc

    i love this song!