Addison Road - Don't Wait Lyrics

Today I lost a friend of mine
I never even got to say goodbye
I thought we had time to burn
But life is short you only get one turn
Oh gone before you know
Oh so make the most

We’re not indestructible
Our lives, unpredictable
It can turn on a dime so now is the time
Don’t wait, don’t wait, don’t wait
Gotta live today

So here I am wide awake
Blinded by a brand new day
Every breath given to me is a gift I want to redeem
Oh the minutes they unwind
Oh so I gotta make the time

'Cause We’re not indestructible
Our lives, unpredictable
It can turn on a dime so now is the time
Don’t wait, don’t wait, don’t wait
Gotta live today

In the blink of an eye
You snap and time goes by, time goes by
We’ll wonder where it went
If we forget, so don’t forget

We’re not indestructible
Our lives, unpredictable
It can turn on a dime so now is the time
Don’t wait, don’t wait, don’t wait
Gotta live today

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Addison Road Don't Wait Comments
  1. Dalton Brown

    I never used the shuffle on my ipod years ago (like 10) when I had this on there and I still am always prepared to hear "Don't Wake Me" by Skillet since it came next alphabetically.

  2. Baconface McGee

    I remember listening to this song all those years ago.

  3. Your call is not important to us

    The thing is, you can be here one minute then the next you are dust, forgotten, you only ever existed in the minds of people that knew you, then they are gone, you never existed.

  4. Matt Garza

    I heard this song on a Christian station and really enjoyed it. I'm not religious, but I really enjoy this song. Thanks for posting it.

    Baconface McGee

    Matt Garza I’m a Christian, and I chose to only listen to Christian music, it’s the only music I like.

  5. Biovox13

    that humans aren't infallible

  6. Brie Hall

    This is a good song, but whats it about


    that humans are not infallible

  7. Daniel Rauch

    wow not the song I was looking for but its pretty good.

  8. Poppy McCabe

    I lost a friend to nueroblastoma cancer a few weeks ago. She was 5 years old and she lit up the world. Go summer sunshine.

    Your call is not important to us

    Poppy McCabe I'm soo sorry. 5 years old should be having the time of their lives, not suffering. Life is cruel. She is in a better place, she's in no pain and at peace. 🙂

  9. Rishad D'souza

    I came here for comfort from the grief I'm facing due to the passing away of cricketer Phil Hughes. Was a great lad. Passed away at the tender age of 25 after a cricket ball hit him in the head. Please pray for him, his family and most importantly the bowler, Sean Abbott, who'd never have wanted something so devastating to happen to his good friend. #RIPPhilHughes

  10. Tina Jensen

    I lost a good friend to cancer a couple years back she was only 33

  11. Zach S

    Awesome song!

  12. Zach S


  13. jacob baluski

    I love you !!

  14. Toth Szilard

    Please read the 91 of Psalms and Isaiah 54 and after say that "We're not indestructible." The Word of God say that we're indestructible the question is you belive this or no..

  15. Allen Hollstein

    I love this song and hate it all at the same time! Don't let that be one of my friends please!

  16. GodBotherer1

    Young lady, don't waste yourself. I have had the shit kicked out of me by life & I'm still here. Sure, I drink alot (alone) [I had to be honest there] but true friends don't give a rat's arse about the shit you are going through. They only care about if you are a true friend to them. It is hard to find good friends who love you like family, but don't throw away family.
    You are 14, the friends I had at 14 are no more. Well, maybe a small select few are still ok.

  17. katey hanson

    thanks i was having a bad day then still up and down but thanks

  18. katey hanson

    no one cares i get it but i need to vent my dad died when i was 5 i'm 14 i miss him like crazy i wish i had a chance to know him the real him not the sick meantel him i have several disablites some fisical some meantil learning to deal i've lost freinds i've done wrong i've thout about suicide but there are to things that keep me hear god and my pashion to help kids with disablits just cause i never got help does not mean i can't make a BIG difrince for someone else

  19. darlene jones

    mine too

  20. David Wittrock

    My names addison

  21. Jthe$man

    As cruel as some non-Christians may think the "We're not indestructible" phrase is, I believe it is entirely true. And while man might be shaking his fist in the Lord's face and wagging technology back and forth, he really should be sweating over the fact that God wins...

    ...ANY day.

  22. J Ray

    Yay I get to learn a dance to this!!!

  23. lili garcia

    oh im so sry

  24. biskpinch

    @DancingQueen4Life105 I totally agree!

  25. toomanypets4

    this is AWMAZING! i spelled that wrong because i was so shocked! DON'T WAIT!

  26. Harrison Durnil

    I'm touched

  27. Rob Kunkel

    I'm an 18 year old Christian athlete, and I love this song. I am physically very fit, and I really enjoy running and all types of sports. However, I have to have a pacemaker installed next week, and after that - I will have to quit all my current sports. God has really taught me that I'm NOT indestructible, and my life is unpredictable. The only thing that stays the same in my life is God - and EVERYTHING, every breath, every minute, every day, is a gift from Him. Thanks for the song!

  28. Edward Sarah Matthews

    @gkmjesus4life I'm sorry to hear that. my prayers go out to you. I lost my cousin from heroin o/d and a aunt to lung cancer. both were young. in the same week.

  29. yikes gg

    @africk69 I lost my friend Jake to a head on collision. he was 16. :/

  30. Juana Peña

    this the only song I've heard of Allison Road

  31. Stewy Mclean

    dont wait, gotta LOVE* today
    or atleast it should be that

  32. Lexie Hannah

    oh thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!! I have been looking all around for this sonngg!!!I heard it 3 or 4 months ago on the radio and of course it wouldn't tell me who sings it or anything..YAAYY!! I'm excited :) :) :)

  33. MegaHisprincess

    I love this song!! It's sooooo cool!!!

  34. Kaylee Reylynn

    i wasnt trying to find this song i was trying to find "Wait for me" but now i listen to this song every day it puts a big smile on my face :D

  35. Sangheili Femme Fatale

    @GodBotherer1 Actually, I know what you said. I'm not stupid, I can see the end quote and the period and the capital letter. I'm also talking about a personal experience, sort of. I felt like sharing it.

  36. GodBotherer1

    Read again what I said.
    Notice the full stop & quotation marks?
    Ok, now see where a new sentence starts at the word "But"?
    Pot heads are a disease & scum.

  37. Sangheili Femme Fatale

    @GodBotherer1 Lol, if someone said that "smoke this joint to be an individual because everyone else is doing it" and then if you go to church, you are a sheep. I'm thinking, isn't that hypocritical or biased somehow?

    Yes, we are sheep and Jesus is our Shepherd. I'd rather be Jesus' ewe than a drug ewe.

  38. GodBotherer1

    Probably some secularist, dope smoking socialist who thinks drugs will fix your problems & God wont.
    I am sick of those group think jerk offs. "Smoke this joint to be an individual, everybody else has done it." But if you go to Church you are somehow a sheep.
    The best part about getting older, is watching those high school junkies overdose & die or end up in padded cells never to be released.

  39. Sangheili Femme Fatale

    1 person forgot he isn't indestructible

  40. Julia Modesto

    This song is wonderful!!! O.O I just love it!!!! ...any way, u know? I LOOK LIKE KIM POSSIBLE!!! Visit my channel and add me as your friend if u want ^.^ ...if you'll sub I'll return the favour :)

  41. biskpinch

    @carebear1147 np

  42. biskpinch

    this is my dance song. its my favorite ever. its difficult to dance to without running out of breath sadly. haha LOVE THIS SONG!

  43. Reni634

    best song this year :)

  44. Marisol Montoya Aguilar

    Thumbs up 4 Air1 and Ashtons accordion

  45. rgz1985

    This song is okay, but it's nothing groundbreaking.

  46. EvanKlassenTV

    love it

  47. Faith Behnke

    Best Song EVER!!!!!

  48. Kai

    there should not b a dislike button 4 this vid!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Witty Dragon

    this song shouldnt have a dislike button

  50. Faith Behnke

    This is the BEST SONG EVER!!!!! I heard it on the radio and it was like love at first site..........I guess

  51. Sandy Ang

    Make us think! Like Jenny said...we all know we are going to die, but not have to live today! Thank you Heavenly Father, for this day that YOU have made, we will rejoice and be glad in it! Through Jesus our savior, we praise Your Almighty name Yaweh!

  52. Kelsey Allen

    ok the one dislike better have had been the case of someones finger slipping

  53. Kai

    i love this song!!!

  54. Strike10555

    This song is awesome. Nothing more to it.

  55. GodBotherer1

    I heard this song on Hope103.2
    It is a great song.

  56. KiraSunrise

    @GodBotherer1 Ahahahahaha :)

  57. Cobalt Gears

    @GodBotherer1 Actually Q102.7KBIQ

  58. GodBotherer1

    Hot102.7 Detroit?
    Well, Detroit does need Jesus.

  59. Allie Claire

    Thumbs up if you heard this on Air1 and now love it! =D

  60. Allie Claire

    LOVE THIS!!!

  61. Cobalt Gears

    I Just heard this song on 102.7 on the radio!!!I LUV IT!!!!!

  62. Irma

    awsome the first time i heard this song was on Air 1!! air 1 rocks!!!!!!! XD

  63. camelia hernandez

    i lost a friend on monday too at trms adam we all love you hope your with god looking down on us we miss you dearly

  64. camelia hernandez

    i lost a friend on monday too at trms adam we all love you hope your with god looking down on us we miss you dearly

  65. camelia hernandez

    i lost a friend on monday too at trms adam we all love you hope your with god looking down on us we miss you dearly

  66. logan bishop

    I lost a good friend on monday. This song makes everybody at my school think about him. Adam Learn will be dearly missed

  67. Irma

    my fav song!!!! XD

  68. 68NYC2

    First time i heard this and caught all the lyrics in the first verse.
    Thanks for posting.

  69. Samuel Rocha


  70. Samuel Rocha


  71. Mirbakke

    <3 this song so much!! fell in love with it when i first heard it at my dance compettion last month i went crazy trying to find out the name of it

  72. AngelWyant

    I love this song! After I heard it on the radio yesterday, I ran out and bought the CD. I really needed to hear it and so do many others!

  73. Prophetic End Times

    Great amen

  74. fontz2001

    great choice Carrie :) thumbs up! Shalom