Addison Road - All That Matters Lyrics

I may never be the one that gets a second glance
I may never be the one they call the prettiest
But that's alright with me

And maybe I don't follow every crazy passion
Spend all my time trying to get a good reaction
But that's okay with me

This world is like a trampoline
High and low no in between
Jumping at the chance to please
Everyone but that's not me

Cause all that matters is
All that matters is
I know your love has set me free
And that's all that matters to me

Some people tell me to step out and do my own thing
And others say I got to blend in just to be the same
And stop being me

But this shallow world is no longer what I'm made of
I've been changed by grace
I've been saved by love
What more do I need

My life comes from the One
Who made the stars and brought the sun
He loves me more than these
So I don't need another identity

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Addison Road All That Matters Comments
  1. tskjesusfreak

    This was one of the first videos that I liked. Back in the day... this brings back memories of the first couple of years of college.

  2. cracej08

    I don't like it........I LOVE it go Addison road

  3. Eric Riley

    Myy sonngg ..

  4. Trailer Drake

    I'm not a Christian anymore, but this song has actually stuck with me for years xD

    Joshua Donez

    Trailer Drake y did u leave the lord?


    I second with you dude. Even though I left the Christian world (and will never return) I have always loved this song especially when I saw 'em live a long time ago

    RandydnaR MoorerooM

    @DarkWolfKartria Why?

  5. Beatriz Keity

    ohhhh this song is beautiful! ♥

  6. Dbzxmatt

    Goodbye Addison Road. :(

  7. mshara1

    What a killer chorus.

  8. Fenrir

    Haters gonna hate. Lovers gonna love. All that matters is you know what side you're on.

  9. Rita Carvalho

    I love this song ! I'ts like my song, what really matters is that Jesus's love set all us free ! <3

  10. Julia Phillips

    Dang. This song is awesome. 13 people who meant to hit like, accidently hit dislike.

  11. marshey123

    Wow. I like this song! :D

  12. ThuSkyline

    I love how a very attractive girl is singing, "I may never be the prettiest". So ironic, lol. Good tune, tho.

  13. April Rose Lina

    @jubellaxox so true!

  14. Chelcie Hughes

    Love this song! :)

  15. MeltedPearls

    What a powerful and passionate voice and sound for the awesome Lord!

  16. SCARmerchant777

    I love the entro!!!!

  17. Angeluxx Landeta

    Diosa ^^ como siempre *-* E= la mejor.. jajaja recuerdos tontos pero con addison road siempre (L) amo esa cancion me hace feliz

  18. KINJ9

    reminds me of the 90s

  19. Karen Briseno

    why should it matter what they wear?

  20. Jehuel

    I love the video and the band, God bless them <3

  21. Raina Behrens

    i've beenchanged by grace, i've been saved by love! so true

  22. mrich21087

    They are good; I just wish her clothes were a frame for her face and not her body. Her beauty should found in her her godliness, not a plunging neckline.

  23. Valerie Godwin

    Wow, I really like them....I love their sound!! And of course, the fact that they're so passionate about God :D

  24. ed p

    I cant wait to see my reflection in his eyes give him a hug and be with him forever!!!!!
    Praise God

  25. gloryboundkev

    Great song. My feelings too. ( = I can't wait to see Jesus.

  26. Darien Barnes

    i still love this song

  27. Anna Januszak

    Świetna piosenka!
    Great song!

  28. Pri Barros

    canta Igual a AVRIL LAVIGNE

  29. Natalie

    ACually FL

  30. Natalie

    I love to listen to this song on 88.1 FM!!! This is such an AWESOME song! It's Christian and Rock band!

  31. DrigO1091

    I didnt know seth rogan was in the band! good song!!

  32. coconutJones109

    Air 1 must play this song a lot, cuz that's where i heard it too XD

  33. BiGTeX8605

    Right?! I heard this on Air1 also, same story lol

  34. Ears14U

    Inspirational song, and Lord knows we need many more of these to go around these days.......Thanks for the post, and God bless all.

  35. Kia Bacon

    I really really love this song and I only heard it a couple of times! I love Addison Road! =)

  36. Frederik van den Hof

    FLEEEEF!!! :D helemaal los gaan.... (A)

  37. malliemallie

    Jaaa heb er zin in!! =D

  38. Reagan Ray

    It's ok, have FAITH, be COURAGEOUS, PRAY, have PATIENCE, God will heal you. I'm praying for you.

  39. hhfan5

    God is there, everything else may have abandoned you and in that you will see that he is the ONLY one there. He is all you need. It is true that it rains on the good and the bad. Hang on. Have you overcome things in the past? YES! That was God. Trust, Trust and Let go.

  40. davidcookfreak101

    love love love!!!

  41. Ashley Tuttle

    They are so AMAZING live! :)

  42. Haley Harv

    (person below me)
    i saw her too! shes awesome

  43. JeSuSfReAk6120

    I love this song so much!

  44. FrankAnguiano

    wow, i managed to only listen to his song tweenty-five times today wow.

  45. MAXiiNeeeeeeee

    is it just me or does she sound abit like avril lavigne?

  46. laffytiffy126

    Well I guess you should find out what the lyrics are, see if the video is inappropiate or how the music artists are. I mean if you want to listen to an atheist music artist, do you really think they'll have any Christian songs or any songs that would do you any good? Or there can be a song that's really good and the lyrics might not seem nasty or anything, but the music video might... I guess it just really depends on those three things, the artist, the video and the lyrics =D Hope I helped you!

  47. laffytiffy126

    but with words we can praise God. Singing, dancing, even designing clothes can be praising God. God doesn't have a hearing aid but He wants us to ask Him for stuff and He wants us to pray to Him like it says in
    Matthew 7:8

    For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who, knocks the door will be opened.

    So you see, He WANTS to give us things, but He also wants us to ASK Him for these things.

  48. Kathryn H

    My uncle gave me the Superchick "Beauty From Pain" for Christmas and that's how I found Addison Road.

  49. ColtsFan1912

    oh girl bands. I love 'em :)
    Krystal Meyers

  50. jeremy swee

    hey, i dont mean to be rude at all, but try not to speak in caps. its perceived very negatively and makes it seem like youre panicking. and for this reason, you christians are so fun to pick on - you hide your ignorance with hostility.

  51. NikAlyxx

    My statement was correct because that is what the Bible says :)

  52. NikAlyxx

    I am a CHRISTIAN so I believe that GOD created us to worship HIM and we use our words to do so...You cannot argue with that because I will still believe what I believe...God loves when we take time to use our voice to glorify HIM and HE does listen and hear us...GOD is not a thing or a figment of one's imagination...THE PERSON WHO ASKED THE QUESTION IS A CHRISTIAN WHO ASKED FOR ANOTHER CHRISTIAN'S OPINION AND I SAID WHAT WAS THE TRUTH IN THAT SENSE

  53. Curt B

    Jesus is not some thing you have to hide some thing from. Humans have those desires and as long as society allows people to be unhappy god will be happy to have that outlet. Also get and understanding of the creation of human language. Words were created for political and social reasons not to worship god. God feels people and doesn't have a hearing aide.

    Music is an expression and words have no meaning to god. I tend to agree more with AJJOnez.

  54. LivingForJesus123

    I apologize, I often try to capitalize. Thank you for your kind reminder. =)

  55. NikAlyxx

    Well, u should't listen 2 music that's vulgar/ profane or about things that are not pleasing unto God. U should not entertain anything unpleasant or somethin that u would not listen 2 if u imagine Jesus listenin 2 it with u or n the room with u or where ever, which He always is, u have 2 ask urself "Would He be pleased with me? Would He listen 2 this kind of music that is givin this sort of message?" then u can be safe & feel good about what u r listenin 2 & not have 2 2nd guess urself

  56. NikAlyxx

    hey, i dont mean to be rude at all, but when you are talking about God, you should capitalize He and His...if you are speaking about Him...just that you'll know to do so in the future. I just think that it is more respectful (and not saying that you were not being respectful...cause you i know you have not even thought of it like that) :)

  57. lydia

    yea thatz sumin that i alwayz ask myself

  58. LivingForJesus123

    yea its fine to listen to songs that aren't from christian bands. because honestly music can be inturpeted in many ways. God is love so love songs can be inturpeted as his love for us and ours for his. i'm a christian too. and i know many people are going to dissagree but thats what i think and feel.. but yea.

  59. dancefreakxoxo

    hey guys!!! i am a christian for many years..but i was just is it bad to listen to songs that are not from christian bands that dint say anything love songs?? if any1 can tell me i would be evry thankful..

    Skylar Peak

    dancefreakxoxo yes :(

  60. Cammie Walters

    i JUST saw them
    in a concert it was amazing
    up front near the speakers whoo!
    anyway the other bands were great tooo!

  61. Kaylee Suto

    I just saw them last night at Youth Explosion! It was amazing!

  62. 00Alexis11

    Love this song so much

  63. Robert Sirpless

    Hey thanks for putting this up, very good song and pic.

    Dude, we know its talking about Jesus, that's the reason most of us are listening to it.

  64. DilyB

    ooo i love this song...and real video is pretty funny...thanks for posting

  65. Ryan Kerr

    this is my fav song by this bad =)

  66. Phoenix9109

    I also went to student life camp, this past week actually, and they were there. They were really good, and the bassist was so cyute! He's so tiny, his bass looked huge on him.

  67. batboy914

    i cant really remember any names...

  68. derik frederiksen

    got to meet these guys at planet wisdom

  69. LizTheMusician

    good song.

  70. batboy914

    i had some ppl fro ur church in my cults class!

  71. batboy914

    i was there too!!! were u there when it rained like 3 of the days?.. thats when i went.. we didnt get to go camping cuz of the rain :(

  72. Sandra Stojanovic

    no i am going to a studnet life mission camp in Shawnee, Oklahoma.they are worship leader.ARe spreak is ben stuart yah i love there music it is so amazing . yah are camp is fun to .thanks

  73. Sandra Stojanovic

    omg i love the guys and i get to spend 5 days with them at church camp.i cant wait till i get to meet them.

  74. JaiMe D'Angelo

    My producer is friends with one of the guys in this band. Apparently the guy is marryingthis girl that my producer is friends with I think :) I just got back from the Creation Fest!!! It was so0o AWESOME! I was actually part of the press this year 0=D

  75. octaviusgreen

    These guys are been making great music for a while and it is about time that they are getting some notice. INO records is a good place for them and maybe the only label that is better or them than going Indy. Listen and acquire-pass along.God bless

  76. Wakifo

    i Went church camp And They where there

    it waz awesome

  77. Emily Hollis

    my myspace song! =]

  78. Courtney6592

    i get to see them in concer on june 14th! im excited they r great!

  79. Darien Barnes

    Way Fm rock

  80. Joshua Harnden

    sick song

  81. likewoahitsciciyo

    I love this song to pieces!

  82. tazkongmcgraw


  83. Robert Sirpless

    I'm very impressed with this group, the best to come around since Newsboys.

  84. plvkd

    I love this song i hear it on air1 all the time!!!

  85. jumpincrickets91

    Hey i to just discovered these guys!!!=)
    their REALLY good i want to buy this song=)
    good job Addison Road=)

  86. heylacory

    mee too!

  87. plvkd

    That song is awesome i here it on air1 everyday

  88. Hannah Roth

    That's great.

  89. Rodrique Russell

    I luv this song alot i heard it this morning around 8:55am an change the way i felt about alot of stuff...thanx=]

  90. Abuloc Visuals

    sum friends and i are going to try and play this song for church

  91. Danielle

    very good song

  92. shanno mcnasty

    i love this song

  93. plvkd

    I like that song

  94. heylacory

    Thank you!