Adams, Ryan - Shadows Lyrics

I fall, in the cutting room
Straight to the floor, before the film is through
Every day in my head, that field of razor wire
Come a little closer, honey
And touch the fire

How long do I have here with you?
The flowers that once were in bloom

Heaven waits, in the darkness of a room
And the shaking at the gates
From here to Timbuktu
Cold front rolls in, like a black balloon
And it sinks into your soul
And you tell it what you knew

How long do I have here with you?
How long do I have here with you?
How long?
The flowers that once were in bloom
Are shadows

The mystery of the stars
That fell from your eyes
Watch it as it burns
Like a signal fire
That mountain is tall
And you know you'll have to climb
Put your arms around me
And let's go for a ride

How long do I have here with you?
How long do I have here with you?
How long?
How long?
Before the shadows

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Adams, Ryan Shadows Comments
  1. Grimlock 84

    Very Jim Morrison-esque

  2. Christina

    Love your music Ryan... You are such a gift and so very talented.

  3. TheAray6

    His performance of this song on Austin city limits is so much better than this studio version. And it is a subtle difference. I think it's slowed a little more and the drum it's not so loud he even changed the lyrics a little. It is worth watching.

  4. Ron Belin

    the coors made stars go blue sound like it should, bono tried to own it..couldn't take it from them..

  5. Chris Mangold-Grant

    Thanks Quantico :D

  6. Yann Peron

    it looks like quantico tries to play it like michael mann's movie with pure original sound track like this brillant song from this guy: thanks quantico and thanks ryan adams !

  7. NWIMV10

    Moi Morgane Rr

  8. Morgane Rr

    Quelqu'un est là grâce à Quantico ?
    Somebody are here with Quantico ? 😅


    Lorsque j'ai entendu ce son, j'ai vibré comme une feuille en automne.
    Impossible de savoir le nom du song avec trackid ... J'ai pu le trouver sur un site dont le nom m'échappe, j'ai acheté l'album dans la foulée et du coup, ça passe en boucle.

    Dimitris Sypsis

    Pourquoi les français écrivent-ils uniquement en français alors que vous parlez anglais?

  9. Оксана Мусина

    Thank you Quantico)

  10. Dawn Mickleburgh

    Thank you Quantico. (UK)

  11. Bhavana Thakur

    Quantico brought me here 😀

  12. ele92


  13. Vaaruka Maharero

    Thank you Quantico

  14. Charlie D

    Quantico literally just played a clip of this near the end of tonight's episode - forgot how cool this tune was.

    Allison Byrnes

    +Charlie Doherty had to google the episode to find out who it was. sounded so much like u2. a very bono-like voice

    Ron Belin

    bonos everywhere, ask yourself who bono sounds like singing with the coors the ryan composition and my storyline,

    Ron Belin

    stars go blue....adams music composition

  15. MagicRoosterBlues

    Amazing song and album.

  16. fl6stringer

    I'm only just coming around to this guy. Whiskeytown brought me here and I believe I'm going to be very cool with that.

  17. Joseph Syverson

    this record is a miracle

  18. Skate Boards

    "another peanut short" is his best song...without a doubt...

  19. Julia Cezanne

    Best CD I have bought in long long time. Love every song on it!

    Edgar Rivera

    Julia Cezanne I think the same, ir is very amazing cd. I love it

  20. Nick Maniatis

    Just saw him on Austin City Limits.This was my favourite song.This guy is utterly brilliant.Ashamed to say I've never heard of him.

  21. Eddie Nebula

    fools. this guy keeps putting out gold. dont kid yerself




    This has a much sexier Nuance than Gold did.

  22. nedplimptonzissou98


  23. Mal Peagam-Phillips

    Everything is great about this track ... except the 'drum machine' sounding drums which annoy the crap outta me. Shame.


    Clearly, you know nothing about drums. Bummer for you.

    L'Quik Shrtz

    In fact those drums are real, on studio you get the chance to try different types of tuning and muffles to get different sounds... This is real music bro, played by real musicians, you gotta respect that in a time were everybody makes digital songs.

    Richard Redl

    @veldipers you know you're right, man ;-)


    +Mal Phillips Those drums don't sound fake to me. Not 'perfect' enough...... Which is actually a good thing in my book.

  24. Stuart Mcdowall

    Damn I got fed up with that drum track.  I guess it's supposed to drive the listener nuts?  So we can relate to the feeling of the song?  OK.  Art music, then.  Not meant to be popular, or enjoyed.  Mission accomplished.

  25. Tracy Rose

    Needs more views

  26. Ken Ward

    He always wanted to be a Rocker, but its just not meant to be. I love 3-4 of his albums but can barely listen this crap, so glad I didnt buy it. 

    EasyTiger 48



    It's okay not everybody gets Ryan's brilliant songwriting.