Adams, Ryan - Political Scientist Lyrics

He is drinking water from the faucet from the river
From the tributary it comes through rusted pipes
Outside his window he sees the water that's supposed to be clean
By the chemicals polluted by the candy factory lines
Someplace on the edge of town
Someplace on the edge of town
Is where they live --
Political scientists

So now she is crawling on her hands and her knees
She is dirtying her jeans choking on her own perfume
With a pen she writes below the sink in someone's restaurant
This place is inconvenient for my name
She forgets to write it anyway
She forgets to write it anyway
The government supplies the cocaine
Political scientists
There's no guarantees
There's no guarantees
There's no guarantees

Banging hard upon a crooked drum
She feels them tearing down Salvation Army houses back in Michigan
Her husband's divorced but he treats her that way of course
Because he needs her just like he needs medicine
She forgets to write him anyway
She forgets to write him anyway
What's red and white and nearly over
Political scientist
Political scientist
Political scientist
There's no guarantees
There's no guarantees
There's no guarantees

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Adams, Ryan Political Scientist Comments
  1. Reegr

    here from friday night lights

  2. Chief`s Lief

    this one in combination with calexico....should be wow!

  3. Vnarves

    Boring af

    Charles Croley

    Vnarves die


    why did u have to bring me back to this war for the planet of the apes equivalent of generic artistic feces Charles...why?

  4. Max Comeau (Singer-Songwriter)

    Damn ... this song is so fantastic. Hadn't heard it in awhile but - wow! Mind is blown once more.

  5. no comment

    This was the point here where Ryan Adams was still relevant :(

    Max Comeau (Singer-Songwriter)

    Uhm ... have you been following the EP releases? They're pretty much ALL brilliant and his eponymous 2013 album earned him some of the best reviews of his career and made him a bunch of new fans. He's still wholly relevant.

  6. Ruben Soto

    so does this song really have ties to the white stripes and or Jack white?

  7. Sydney Davis

    @Jonas311fan Meg's last name is originally White. Jack is the one that changed his to White, and has kept it. 

  8. Tamieka Coleman

    @3:29...that little guitar of my favorite parts of the song.

  9. billythekidofficial

    this album is my go to for everything

  10. BearGrisham

    Great song. Friday Night Lights S01 E17. Tim Riggins

    Jake Ahearn

    Just watched it great show man live a good life

    Charles Croley

    Goddamn riggins...great character!

  11. Agent Cooper

    @HeadlightMorningGlow For me as well, totally crazy how some hipster reviewsites were putting this album down back in the days. We're 2011 now and Love Is Hell IS in my top 3 best albums of the last decade

  12. sunzsu

    @Jonas311fan thank you very much. makes it much more comprehensible.

  13. bobvictor

    the guitars at the end remind me of 'Anna Karina' By Pell Mell

  14. Salvatore M.

    un tuffo nel passato...!

  15. sunzsu

    @MasterOctagon i know the lyrics and know what a political sientist is. last one is not one who makes political decisions like supplying cocaine. i still dont get it. maybe you are so kind to explain.

  16. MasterOctagon

    @sunzsu look up political scientist and look up the meaning of this song

  17. 1TakeTV

    One of my favorite songs... why has this not got more views?

  18. sunzsu

    i dont get it. why "political scientist" ?

  19. mike toppe

    I just heard part of the song featured on Season 1/Episode 17 of Friday Night Lights and went out and bought the CD right away. Thanks for letting me listen to this while I wait for the CD to arrive!

  20. Paola Marcato

    @HeadlightMorningGlow : Yeah! I agree!!

  21. sashaleem

    I loveeeeeeeeee this song! thank u for adding it!

  22. HeadlightMorningGlow

    Love Is Hell: the best album of this decade.