Adams, Ryan - Anybody Want To Take Me Home Lyrics

So, I am in the twilight of my youth
Not that I'm going to remember
And have you seen the moon tonight
Is it full?
Still burning its embers
The people dancing in the corner, they seem happy
But I am sad
I am still dancing in the coma of the drinks I just had
Does anybody want to take me home?
Does anybody want to take me home?
Take me to your house, and I'll leave you alone
Of course I will
Of course I won't
It seems so tragic... but it disappears like magic
Like magic

Can you recommend an education or drugs
Because I am bored with you already
I'm on Broadway, and I think it's a parade
I'm covered in pieces of confetti
And I am in the twilight of my youth
Not that I am going to remember
Dancing and slowly finding the truth
And it's covered in coma
All of these people in my life, well they seem so in love
Well, I am not
Memorizing my shoes in a cigarette shop
Does anybody want to take me home?
Does anybody want to take me home?
I'm kinda lonely, will you take me home?
Of course you will
Of course you won't
Of course I'm crass
It seems so tragic
Of course you will
Of course you won't
But I'll disappear
I'll disappear
Just like magic
Just like magic
Just like magic

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Adams, Ryan Anybody Want To Take Me Home Comments
  1. robdre1977

    Listened to this a thousand times!!!

  2. M Turk

    Man, this sounds so much like The Smiths musically. Great tune.

  3. Artist Tom

    Does anyone think Morrissey needs to cover this song? Definitely hear The Smiths influence on this one.

  4. tHe XeKuter

    that entire full minute intro is unbelievable. the fact that a shorter version was even released is criminal. and from what we know about 'rock n roll', im sure ryan would agree

  5. Candace D

    Damn shame
    Doritos and all predicting the burning and killing of more in the genocide

  6. Candace D

    Pretty stuff

  7. Shubhanshu Dixit

    Startin a monday with this.

  8. JoKro

    Yup, for me its a perfect song. Kinda sad, but I always feel happy when it's stuck in my head. I'm a sucker for this guitar style.

  9. Clino Bevilacqua


  10. Ape good

  11. Maick Speck

    BR aqui \m/

  12. D D

    This is the one I keep coming back to. ♥

  13. Conor Logan

    The best songwriter of my time

    Swansinthe Sea


    Deivid Santos

    ... tiger

    J R

    Good call

    RJ Bottlecap

    And very underrated. But he doesn't need superstardom to leave his mark.

  14. L.j. Wright

    Kimberly jones

    L.j. Wright

    Thanks for taking me home Kimberly... that's really turned into a long story baby.

    Kimberly Jones

    L.j. Wright You are now, forever and always, the light of my life, the love of my life, and all I ever need to feel complete.

  15. Tonya Bohanon

    find me ......I will. .........

  16. Alex Balaclava

    Hadn't heard this extended versión; the vocals are different to the one in R&R too; thanx 4 posting; we love you, Ryan!

  17. koen Emmen

    This goes way back....

  18. Lammo 71

    Fuckin ell - WHAT A SONG.

    Swansinthe Sea

    foo ken eel whate sooong

  19. blue

    The smiths.....but good


    +blue lol, yeah because the Smiths were shite right?


    +JieHadWithaVengence Not what I meant, good plagiarism! and Adams admits it himself

    J R

    But he also is influenced by Elton John and the band and the replacements and Willie Nelson and etc.

  20. AlVinceFletch

    Musical perfection. Plain and simple.


    I couldn't have said it any better.

    Tony Toni

    Yep. It sure is!

  21. TomWAO

    God Ryan, why couldn't you make more like this and Love is Hell. I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't dislike New York, New York or Everybody Knows, but damn this is fantastic.

    kevin Kraus

    New York, NY was before love is hell on gold

    Ronan O'Shea

    He's written and recorded a number of songs that have this type of feel - especially the last few years. Check out Anything I Say To You Now from his last record. Or I Lost my Fucking Mind.

  22. cmhayden

    For such a dark person, he makes some good music.

  23. Indiana Underwood

    This is the long version. I like it better.