Adams, Oleta - Picture You The Way That I Do Lyrics

Broken wanderer, you think you know you so well
It's hard to move ahead, when your so down on yourself
Take it easy, take a lesson from me
You'll be all you've ever needed to be
Love is simple, in its someone else
And you see all the things, you wish you'd found in yourself
Just imagine, for a minute or two
You could picture you the way that I do

Oh, I wish you were to love you the way that I do
Oh, I wish you'd see the beauty that I see in you
I wish you could imagine a minute or two
That you could picture you the way that I do
That you could picture you the way that I do

Your distracted, in your world of despair
Broken hearted, convinced that nobody cares
Your reflection is intended with grace
When the sunlight can't fall upon your face
Don't be troubled, by the image you see
It's out of focus (out of focus), unless your seeing through me
From where I'm standing, its the best point-of-view
See the underlying beauty in you

[Chorus x3]

If you could see you (see you)
I gotta see you (I gotta see you)
Picture you like I do

If you believe in you like I do
Picture you like I do...

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Adams, Oleta Picture You The Way That I Do Comments
  1. Ellis Mnyandu

    Angelic sound.

  2. crunchyyellowlion

    This woman's song has helped me thru hell... and i share her music with people going thru hell. Thank you for posting this song! If you could do sacrifice? The only one out there is political and I don't care for politics... ty

  3. jafta twala

    good sound indeed

  4. Maarten Zwetsloot

    love here..... straight to my hart

  5. Joy Ngobeni

    just heard this for the first time today and I had to find it

  6. ross causon

    I listened to this lovely song for the first time just now and Oleta has once again captured my heart with her beautiful vocals. Thank you for sharing Rodney.

  7. Miriam Saunders

    The beautiful LADY with the beautiful VOICE singing a beautiful SONG out of a beautiful HEART!!!

  8. Earl Cotton

    This is one of my favorites!

  9. Orbot

    Hmm, never knew of this one, but it sounds beautiful ofcourse, It's Oleta afterall! ;-)

  10. Jeff NYC

    Simply beautiful. What amazing lyrics. And that voice!

  11. fourleafclover

    my favorite from the first time I heard it

  12. akaziaj

    This has to be one of the most beautiful and spiritually uplifting songs I heard in a long time. It has become a real favorite of mine. Thank you so much for posting.

  13. Donita Wright

    Such a beautiful song.

  14. iprazgd

    Oleta is the consummate lyricist! I'm a fan for life and have been for yeeears. People only know her for her rendition of "Get Here," but she is soooo much more than that. I appreciate the GOD of Heaven in her.

  15. Psalmist Ledra McClinton

    This song is such a feel good song!!! I love it... Oleta is just a sound that lifts my spirits and has for years. Very unique and classy. Keep them coming please.