Adams, Oleta - New York State Of Mind Lyrics

Some folks like to get away
Take a holiday from the neighborhood
Hop a flight to Miami Beach
Or to Hollywood
But I'm taking a Greyhound
On the Hudson River line
I'm in a New York State of mind

I've seen all of those movie stars
And their fancy cars and limousines
I've been high in the Rockies
Or under the evergreens
But I know what I'm needing
And I'm not going to waste more time
I'm in a New York state of mind

It was so easy living day by day
Out of touch with the rhythm and blues
Now I need a little give and take
The New York Times and the Daily News, oh

Comes down to reality and its fine with me
'Cause I've let it slide
I don't care if it's China Town
Or up on Riverside
I don't have any reasons
'Cause I've left them all behind
I'm in a New York State of mind

I don't have any reasons
'Cause I've left them all behind
I'm in a New York state of mind

I'm in a New
I'm in a New, New York
I'm in a New
I'm in a New...

New York state of mind

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Adams, Oleta New York State Of Mind Comments
  1. Maria Bolte

    What an outstanding voice and music! She’s the best

  2. wilwad

    Love this song love her voice

  3. Rik Bison

    I wanted to hear this song so I typed in: new york state of mind jazz version. I never knew this lady sang a version. I only remember her from Woman In Chains - Tears For Fears. Glad i listened. Gonna be a go to favorite for this song.


    perfeita versão!!!!!! ESPETACULAR

  5. martinezdelarosa

    Oleta Adams is wonderful. I do not understand how I have not met her until now. Amazing.

  6. Captain Everyman

    Sorry, but she puts everyone else who sang this to shame.

  7. Zintle Jamela

    My God...

  8. mpho mokubung

    I bet she's the one killing these keys

  9. Michael Mcgarry

    One of my all time favorite singers.
    I have seen Oleta.about 10 times and she's always brilliant! Giant talent....

  10. Alessandro De Felice


  11. Matthew Mark

    A real singer!

  12. Gianni Abbenda

    Spectacular.....the B3 in the background is out of this world!

  13. mimmo vitale


  14. charlie couch

    What a great performance by Oleta Adams.. of the Billy Joel classic song..Soft jazz with a suttle hint of swing at it's very best..I love it....

  15. Kenny Williams

    My self :) Thinks they alll do a fantastic job :):) give them a A-PLUS

  16. Bobby Lewis

    take a closer look at this particular diva in her presentation likes or dislike 'shame of me, when modern studies of contemporary modern African American Artist forming my shapes of African American pieces of music a must have included in the line of an artist to examine.

  17. Wendy Combe

    What rubbish she’s singing like she’s rushing it terrible

    Brendan John

    you need a new set of ears my friend . GREAT version ! Better than Billy

  18. akis s

    Oleta Adams,New York state if mind?! Barbra eat your heart out as much as I love your perfomances!


    Essa é demais para o meu coração ! não vou aguentar de saudades !


    Mr. Joel himself would give this version five stars.

  21. Saturn Bolt

    I ❤️ NY 🗽

  22. Mewford

    amazing drum and bass riffing at the end of the song....that bass line is impossibly cool.

  23. Susana Mon

    Amazing Oletta. The best versión.

  24. Michael Mcgarry

    Oleta Adams is a stunning talent....
    I have seen her 5 times...Oleta is the bomb!!

  25. francisworldgmail

    Sensazionale...! <3

  26. john george

    how can any person not love her.she is great

  27. weyne savane

    And she is simply magnificent on the keys on that piano solo.


    Yes, She is for sure .Did, You know She toured and played Keys also w/ Tears for Fears. Before The "Get Here " hit.

  28. Diedre Kelly

    Beautiful voice.! I'm in a New York State of mind...Smiles

  29. Ohcomeon369

    Her piano mastery!

  30. stonehenge9

    I Love Oleta ! Awesome and magic
    voice !

  31. Rex Durrett

    Anything I write must be must be understood through the fact that I have been in love with this woman forever.....the most delightfully beautiful woman ever made!!!!! PERIOD

  32. Ben Stewart

    Eat your heart out Billy Joel. This is the best1

  33. Chai's Room

    Alright now...sing your song...

  34. Scorpio Life

    King of the Lion's 🦁

  35. Franka Baly

    This is the best version of this song I ever heard. I wore it out when I first heard it and her piano playing is outstanding as well. Oleta is truly amazing!

  36. stevede0000

    This is awesome! Billy Joel + a touch of Gospel + a touch a BB Blues with her voice. WOW. Next Superbowl have her sing the National Anthem. Oh Yea!

  37. Beverly Derry

    Amazing voice and WOW does she use it!!

  38. The Flyer

    OMG i cant stop playing this everyday, and i am not even from New York!! Oleta's voice is one of the greatest and can even beat the greatest when it comes down to it! My top 3 greatest voices ever!!!!

  39. Carlo

    MARAVILHOSA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Xtra Delite

    They say, they say, they say.

  41. Giu. C.

    Una voce stupenda.

  42. Roses Gustavsson

    Best Vocals - Best Recording! Best Performance of this Composition! Supreme Majestic Magnificant Superb Excellent Marvelous Grand Unique! BRAVO! Perfect! Wonderful Fabulous, Splendid and Dynamic.! CROWN ON! ***** Oleta Adams *****....Awesome.

  43. Jeff Treadwell

    Wish I were there today, once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker



  45. Xtra Delite

    Far out, man. Just far out. Thank you again. 😎

  46. Trumpet-01 Rocket

    I think Oleta is in the same strata as Anita Baker. These two ladies would burn the stage down with their raw voice power. A female singer with a Tenor voice is unmatched for sound color, richness, and shear power. Love this rendition.

  47. Trumpet-01 Rocket

    It takes people that appreciate music as an art form involve in hard work and knowledge of the craft rather than an assembly line to make a top ten list. The other requirement is that you have to have a sense of intellect to say "Yes" to this sound whether through an instrument or voice. The pop music industry has sold out to the low intellect and thus here we are with mix tracks, DnB machines, single tone bass drum beats, yapping, and a plethora of bad nursery rhymes.

  48. Xtra Delite

    A classically performed classic.

  49. kim TAYLOR

    AbSoLutely Love

  50. Xtra Delite

    Pretty mean if you ask me.

  51. Ann Steele

    She could sing the London telephone directory and I'd listen to it. Amazing.

  52. Pfirtzer

    Oletta Adams is the only black woman that I wouldn't kick out of my bed

    Linda Bright

    Pfirtzer heres wally now. Dhurbrain.

  53. Oliver Bardy

    Outstanding vice, sing about outstanding place. Usually good voice not meet automatically good lyrics. This song easy tell us that outstanding voices can also meet proper lyrics. And have real message inside. Outstanding good! Made by outstanding artist.

  54. RandallGooding

    Class act !

  55. vestaosto

    I love this singer! Thanks for posting.

  56. anna soucek

    I have no patients for advertising , didnt hear it

    Richard Scott

    that's "patience" Dear,.....

  57. topolovatulmic

    Great voice , wonderful song !

  58. Louis Carlesi

    Billy Joel's version in my favorite, however this Sunday mornings jazz version is sweet.

  59. Zac Bauman

    My fav version of this is Billy Joel and Tony Bennett, but this comes a close second that trumpet on the intro wow great arrangement

  60. bellini verdi

    nada que ver con barbra streisand............................barbra es superior en todos los sentidos.........pues eleva la cancion a estados estratosfericos.....................

  61. Derek

    Simple class! what's it's about :-)

  62. Eric Carrington

    as a fan of billy joel and oleta I figure I'd try this version.. WOW!!!

  63. Brendan John

    This IS the BEST version of this song!    Love OLETA !!!!!

    Denise Harrison

    I definitely agree!

  64. Katya Lacrua

    Even better then Billy Joel,sorry Billy. )


    +Katya Lacrua I hate, REALLY hate to say this but I agree! As much as I love it song by the owner of the song Mr. Joel, Oleta's voice and musical arrangement is unbeatable! Sorry Billy & Tony...

    Tommy Keith


  65. tresojos

    imo best version of the song by far :D after all these years still in love with this song dammmnnn <3 have a great people one love

  66. MARTINI Sabrina

    I love her amazing voice , i'm overwhelmed by emotion !

  67. Adriano Dantas

    She is the voice!

  68. Acapella Wiz777

    check out my cover of this song

  69. Allan Bowden

    Ever heard a better version?  NEITHER HAVE I !!!!!     The lady is pure CLASS!!

  70. Kyylaa JByran

    That's what I'm talking about ....Go Head Sing Oleta

  71. Betty Smith

    This isa BLESSED, AWESOME VOICE coming from Oleta Adams, I LOVE YOU

  72. Andy Manser

    she beautiful singer this how music should be graceful jazz blues

  73. B C

    I just sit back close my eyes and picture myself walking down the street there.

  74. Trevor Krueger

    Quite simply the most awesome voice I have ever heard. I love Oleta Adams!

  75. Shirley Obitz

    wow!what a voice!!!

  76. Thomas Dorn


  77. Thomas Dorn


  78. William Hurlin

    She is just amazing. What an amazingly satisfying voice! Great version of the song.


    I don't think I've heard the word "satisfying" of music before.

  79. Al Rivers

    This is the second best version of this song iv'e heard, after Billy of course. Much better than the Barbra Streisand version.

  80. TheFunkyKingston

    Mindblowing interpretation on this classic...!!!

  81. Fred Bes

    New York... You caught my heart....

  82. Peaches Sullivan

    Always, my home town.

  83. Merly Gerald


  84. vm24seven365

    Just singing her face off!  Amazing vocals!  Happy holidays...and peace friend.

  85. Shantel33ify

    Sang it!.... I love the horn at the beginning...

  86. Moutton Noir

    What a voice. One of the most underrated singers of all time

    Richard Herzog

    Have you heard OLETA ADAMS "Just had to hear your voice". Turn it up and sit back .

    Moutton Noir

    Yes, she is a fantastic vocalist- powerful yet controlled. She deserves greater recognition.

    Carlo B.

    How true it is.... unbelieveble.

    sonia barrett

    +Moutton Noir So so true! Her voice is just beyond words!

  87. Angel Rose

    Oleta Adams what a superb singer and performer.  Absolutely heavenly.  I just love her

  88. SeptemberChild65

    So so strong and soothing

  89. hare krishna

    runk allians!

  90. Jacob Nkwah

    AAaangelic voice, nice stuff!!

  91. Rezky Maulana


  92. Willie Russell


  93. Walter Pietropaolo


  94. William MacLellan

    Brilliant, Oleta...   as always!  :)

  95. ripeyellowjockuk

    One of my favourite covers... XXXXX

  96. Willie L

    wow what a great singer !!!!  she is so underrated. an immense talent she is indeed.