Adams, Oleta - I Will Love You Lyrics

I called the morning my distress
With darkness all around
The cords of death and godlessness
Had left me trapped and bound
But when the sound of my feeble cry
Finally reached his throne on high
He flew down from heaven
On the wings of the wind
And I found refuge in Him

I will love you
Christ my savior
I will ever sing your praise
Be my rock, my strength and fortress
Till I see you face to face

The Lord has kept all his promises
To be my strength and shield
He lights my path and trains my hands
For war on life's battlefields
By and by I can leap over walls
All I have to do is call
He promises to be a shield for all
Who put their trust in Him

I will love you
Christ my savior
I will ever sing your praise
Be my rock, my strength and fortress
Till I see you face to face

I will love you
Christ my savior
I will ever sing your praise
Be my rock, my strength and fortress
Till I...
Walk on the streets of Zion
Where trouble will be no more
Where the lamb will lay down with the lion
And there'll be peace like never before
There won't be no pain and sorrow
He's gonna wipe every tear from our eyes
And the last will be first and everybody that thirsts
Is gonna drink from the waters of life
When I see you
When I see you
When I see you face to face

Love you forever
I will love you

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Adams, Oleta I Will Love You Comments
  1. Shanna Barnett

    Hey yes 😊 when I see you Lord hallelujah 🙌 👏🙏❤️😇 face to face I will love you forever ❤️😘💖💖 but I work to do not right now Lord Jesus 🙏😇🙌👏 💪

  2. Jerry Johnson

    Good Sunday evening; 'Time to feed the meter': Lord, we pray you grant new strength so we can successfully meet the demands of a new day. thank you for helping sustain us every hour. Amen

  3. TheTrusouldj

    Didn’t know Special Gift was on this album. Nice.

  4. Lore Bay

    I love this song, heard it on the radio today, and could not wait to get home to hear it again. Beautiful voice beautiful music, but most of all beautiful words. A great love song to my Lord JESUS, i will love you Christ my Saviour, I will always sing your praise, be my rock, my fortress.

  5. Nite Angel

    Wow!!! I use to own this CD.....This song along with all of songs on this recording...helped me thur some troubling times....Thank you Ms. Adam's....Your GIFT IS TRULY A BLESSING FROM THE MOST HIGH!!!

  6. Denise Sartin

    I couldn't sleep and then I run into this heartfelt🎶blessing,this wasn't no coincidence. 😴

  7. L Lewis

    Still listen to this album to this day. It is a balm to my soul and reinforces my faith.

  8. Patrick Boyela

    I will always love Christ my saviour,beautiful lamb of God.

  9. Edith Jewel

    I confuse this queen voice with someone else. Now I know this beautiful voice belong too I will listen to her music forever. She is truly a queen with a beautiful voice

  10. jafta twala

    This woman shes a genius her music very soothing !!1 and uplifting

  11. Claudette Irving

    So soothing and beautiful....thanks Oleta

  12. Anthony M.

    i have beeeeeen loooking this song for long time..
    thanks for uploading.

    Gospel Nostalgia

    You're welcome.

    Anthony M.

    +Gospel Nostalgia

    am playing it over and over..
    she is special and the words are very prophetic...
    like it.

  13. Veronica Byrd

    This CD is awesome I love every song on it. I first heard this at my sister home during the holidays. That was it for me . Love it.

  14. nonamichelle


  15. Reginald Andrews

    I had this recording! Beautiful music, by a beautiful lady, about a beautiful GOD!

  16. Ferlin McGaskey

    Can you believe this album is 20 years old? Literally, for me one of the best albums ever done. That it is so classic and timeless speaks volumes. Thank you Oleta Adams for a nearly perfect (what is perfect in this world?) piece of work that speaks to the desires of the heart of people seeking to grow in their relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

  17. AlexandraLeann

    This album give me the peace that Iseek from Jesus Christ , Seek Him First all thing will be given Peace is what the world need now more than anything.

  18. sweetpeeyah

    This song blessed my life almost 20yrs ago. I'd forgotten about it until I heard it today. God is always speaking to me. He knows what I need when I need it. That ending though...🎶"walk on the streets of Zion where trouble will be no more, where the lamb will lay down with the lion and there'll be peace like never before, there won't be no pain and sorrow He's gonna wipe every tear from our eyes, and the last will be first and everybody that thirsts is gonna drink from the waters of life."🎵 I love it!!


    sweetpeeyah ff

    Audrey Freeman

    The lamb will lay down with the Lion


    Unbelievably uplifting and restoratively wondrously peaceful.

  19. isaaczamar

    this song is on WOW gospel 98

  20. Brittany Eaddy

    this whole album was amazing!!!! please post if your willing

    Gospel Nostalgia

    That song has been posted twice already.

    Brittany Eaddy

    Yes I saw after I commented on here, thnk u

    Gospel Nostalgia

    You're welcome.

  21. Betty Rowe

    Beautiful song

  22. G.T. G 1

    My 2nd or 3rd favorite song on the album???? LOL!!! I really jokin' The Title track "Come Walk With Me" Favorite...

  23. Manta Mthembu

    am going thru a very difficult time currently but when. I listen to this song I gain hope and understanding that our God is a miracle worker and I know that he will make a way for me.

  24. Betty Carr

    This is how I'm feeling this Saturday afternoon--loving "My Jesus" and feeling loved by Him!! Good place to be !! Good afternoon to my family and friends, Doug has to work today, and I am enjoying Betty! alone, but not lonely!!

  25. vm24seven365

    This is the first time I've heard this song by OA...its sooo beautiful.  (Sigh)  I will visit it again and again.  Thank you for posting it.  Happy holidays...and peace friend.  

    Gospel Nostalgia

    You're welcome.

    Roger C

    Keep the great Gospel Music coming - Gospel Nostalgia :)

    Roger CHRISTensen ( cool last name)
    San Diego, California
    Matthew 6:19-21

  26. Juracy Lopez

    Lord, I Love & Adore You !

  27. rthominc

    so beautiful............makes you wish for glory

  28. Gospel Nostalgia

    You're welcome.

  29. Gospel Nostalgia

    Sherry, sorry to hear that your mom is not here with you anymore, but glad to hear that this song helped encourage you through.

  30. Gospel Nostalgia

    I know exactly what you mean. One of my favorite projects of the modern era.

  31. Jennifer Otey

    This songs just moves my soul, God is so good. I love the whole album, still playing on repeat today.

  32. Linda Howell

    thanks for your posting how true.....sorry, the rest of world can't feel this...

  33. Gospel Nostalgia

    You're welcome.

  34. Marlon Johnson

    I've been looking for this song for the longest while. So glad I found it. Thanks for uploading it.

  35. Gospel Nostalgia

    You're welcome. One of my favorites by her as well.

    Steve Harton

    Gospel Nostalgia beams of heaven

  36. Knuckle Sandwich

    One of my favorites from Ms. Adams. Thank you for posting.

  37. Gospel Nostalgia

    I'm glad this helps you remember your mom.

  38. Uriah Gunn

    I remember this song from when i was about four or mom used to sing this all the time....havent listened to this since i was about 11.

    I've just thought about this song at 17 years old... I have been looking for this song for a while not remembering the title...and i finally found it.

    This is a dedication to my mom. R.I.P. Missing your beautiful voice....