Adams, Oleta - I Just Had To Hear Your Voice Lyrics

I know you thought it best
That we spend a little time apart
But one night without you
Was too much for my heart
I know I promised not to call
Sorry but I didn't have a choice
I just had to hear your voice

I had to know that you're okay
I couldn't get to sleep this way

Please don't be mad at me
'Cause I really did the best I could
Not to dial your number but it didn't do much good
Hung up the phone so many times
Till I didn't have a choice
I just had to hear your voice

I had to know that you're okay
I couldn't get to sleep this way
And I had to hear you say hello
Had to hear you, because I love you so

I know you thought it best
That we spend a little time apart
But I had to hear your voice
Though I know it wasn't right
I just had to hear your voice

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Adams, Oleta I Just Had To Hear Your Voice Comments
  1. Checho Castro

    Cristian Castro El deseo de oír tu voz

  2. Musick Junkie

    Sing ma’am 🥰
    This is my favorite Oleta Adams💝

  3. Sharon m Saunders

    Going to see her in S.C. in a few days at the Newberry S.C. Opera House.

  4. Rita Coleman

    Love Love Love Her Oleta Adams, She Is The Best!!!!!

  5. Andria Michaels

    This song got me thru losing the love of my life. Brings me to tears everytime hear it. Thank you Oleta. My broken heart started to heal because of this song.

  6. lovi tom

    Like her voice

  7. Orville Lawton

    This is one of my FAVORITE songs. It makes me think of a special love I had in my life. Brings tears to my eyes every time.

  8. Earnest Williams


  9. A H

    Who else is listening in 2019?

    Katrina Mccall

    I am. Been in love with this song since the album came out.

    Cassius Watson

    Still sweet like sugar



  11. Gregg Mitchell

    I wish someone would post the music video for this song - very rare - directed by Randee St. Nicholas in the Northern CA forest - Oleta is stunning in it - deserves to be seen!

  12. Enhle Maphumulo

    Oleta.. Oleta... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Elaine Wilson

    11:25 a.m.
    Falling in love
    Can't stop it even if I wanted to.
    I don't

  14. Scorpio Life

    I would love to hear your voice and see your face🤷🏽‍♀️❤️

  15. Lucy No name

    I love the quality of her voice...haven't heard this one in years

  16. Michelle McDougall

    I pray that I can hear your voice again someday. Rest well tonight Sweet Dreams my love goodnight. I love you with all my heart and soul forever and always.

  17. Inspirebymikaeli

    Love will make you wake up in the middle of the night longing for your soul to be quieted knowing your love was alright.

    Called the phone knowing the answering machine would play your voice to my ears as I hold back the tears...Goodnite.

  18. DA Espada

    This is amazing. I didn't realize Cristian Castro had sung it as a cover.

    Anyone that wants to listen to an amazing Male vocalist cover this should type El deseo de oir tu voz by Cristian Castro

    It's pretty dang amazing

  19. Angela Morgan

    Black supremacy...

    Phil Wragg

    here we go again, blacks with a chip on there shoulders so u are the only race that's been shat on?!!!

  20. Angela Morgan

    Black supremacy...

  21. Veronica Brooks

    Once in awhile Oleta, I just have to hear your voice, goodnight!!!!!

  22. Robert Obergh

    If you love somebody.


    Just Love Lady Smooth Soulful Sweet & Gentle Anointed Amazing VOCALS

  24. Robert Obergh

    If you need one so bad.

  25. Kelli Elaine ?

    This gives me chills down my spine because sometimes there are no words...sometimes you just have to see their face to understand your place in this time, in this space, mo words at all....Just a glance and that glance says it all..... 😊😊


    Kelli Elaine ? so so true

  26. Mikha D

    The kind of music i listen to on a rainy night...

  27. Gregg Mitchell

    Oleta shot a stunning music video for this single in the forest up in Northern California with director/photographer Randee St. Nicholas - it's gorgeous - pity it's not posted on YT - can anyone post it? I had it on a VHS tape decades ago (#90s), but lost along the way...


    Gregg Mitchell yes i remember that video but i couldn’t find it anywhere on youtube...

    Gregg Mitchell

    We also shot a fun video for Oleta's "Never Knew Love" 1995 single in the desert, but alas, that also isn't available on YT!

  28. Scorpio Life

    Thanks You!

  29. MusickL0veher


  30. 910cadillacredd

    I forgot that I loved this woman! Am i the only one that thinks she sounds a little like Stephanie Mills at the top of her register?

  31. Reginald Andrews

    LOVE this song!!!

  32. Ikenna. Ikenna714

    So much love from Dubai oleta

  33. Tommy Keith



    Tommy Keith omg thats awesome

  34. Tha Candy House

    I had to hear Oleta's voice. 🌻♥️

  35. Scorpio Life

    I really need to hear your voice. Need to see your face help me please please help me

  36. Flower flower

    Soothing voice,doing so much to the soul

  37. sue carrigan

    one day my darling, one day

  38. Vincent James

    please don't be mad at me
    I really did the best I could

  39. * Taz

    I love the sound of her voice


    * Taz i know right...powerful but sultry and soothing...

  40. yvonne Finch

    Love her albums will be at her concert coming her voice just go through me can't wait to see her an hear her sing


    yvonne Finch she is a diamond in the rough...her voice is one of a kind indeed...

  41. MotivationalMe

    Love this song! Music like this doesn’t exist anymore and I love this song!


    Me emociona demais, ouvir essa voz abençoada. Ouço toda hora no meu carro.

  43. Bill Payer

    A very intensely moving song...Ms. Adams sings with passion ♥️

  44. Scorpio Life

    My💖💓💞💙❤💘is wherever you are.

  45. Tracie Wallace


  46. shydmples

    After all these years...this song still gives me chills..I have ALL of her albums...she's DEFINITELY UN-SUNG.


    shydmples spot on 😍

  47. Clarmich Marteillat

    " Fabulous ... Merci ...

  48. Veronica Brooks

    Ms. Oleta Adams, sings as beautiful in person as she does on her cd's.  Just had the honor of seeing her in person, in April of 2017.


    Veronica Brooks wow that is awesome

  49. passion84life

    I thought I was over my ex... now I just want one final conversation 3.5 years later.

    Phil Wragg

    get over it!!

  50. Deborah J. Steele


  51. BK Lulu

    I heard "Get Here" right before I went into surgery in 1990. I swear her voice was the only thing that saved me right before the anesthesia hit. She has saved me ever since.


    BK Lulu just one of those unexpected things that change your life...

  52. elisabeth nerolk

    Hey!! Last week i could see this video and now its unavailable??


    elisabeth nerolk thats odd...i can still view the video...huhuhu

    elisabeth nerolk

    thesinger79 video unavailable it says! 😭


    elisabeth nerolk oh dear im really sorry...i dont know whats wrong...

    elisabeth nerolk

    found the problem!! it was my phone not recognizing it!! (strange though)


    elisabeth nerolk yayyyy hehe

  53. Eboni

    sheet music pretty please!!!

  54. John Burke

    There are songs the touch me in a way that reminds me of what God intended love to be.

  55. Lynn Coles

    What feeling, depth, honesty!

  56. asser noel ndzabe

    02:30 AM, South African time.

  57. mercyprosperity

    what a gift. roland got a great blessing when he met this woman. this is her classic imho ..will stand thru time

  58. Sarina Garber

    One jewel of a voice that got away in time before she got eaten up by the mainstream. It's like finding a vocal pearl at the bottom of the ocean. Oleta. I bow to you. xxx

    David Bergman

    Ditto. Thank you, Oleta, for sharing your gift.

    Rosi Cauwels

    Wonderful voice

  59. LGKids

    Not only am I honored that I got to play this on radio back in the day,  I had the storyline actually happen to me,  she called and said what the song said and then she said "Goodnighttttt"! Peace!



    Roger C

    Great story my friend. Ms. Adams is just the Best.
    God Bless, Roger C.

  60. JD1204

    Wonderful voice and song.

  61. Rita Coleman

    I Love Her Music All Of It, She Has One Beautiful Voice Can't To Many Touch Her!!!!!

  62. One Who Knows Their Path


  63. doris trussell

    Absolutely love this song...

  64. TheSoundgod59

    The most underrated singer of our time........................

    Ernest Enoch

    TheSoundgod59 AGREED!!

    Maja Jaspaert

    Waaaaaaauw,the magic voise!!! love it!! GREETS FROM begium!! Maja


    I so agree. I’ve loved her voice since “Get There “. Through the years, I’ve had to look her up once in a while, wondering ‘whatever happened to...’ So when someone posted this video on Twitter, “I Just had to Hear [her] Voice “. 🙂

    Vea' Barksdale

    Anita Baker can be added to that list for sure!😃😃

  65. Frenk. Hiawatha Harks

    love you for reall shraddha,like i love my music.❤💖.

  66. Jeroen Laus

    One of the most beautiful ending in a song

  67. Daniella Pawl

    I remember this song! This song gives me chills.

  68. jam cam

    Such power and emotion,and perfect vibrato.

  69. Glinder Alexander

    OLETHA ADAMS I JUST HAD TO HEAR YOUR VOICE. fitting title for this incredible voice which indeed is an instrument itself this song and many of her other jewels is like attending a GREAT OPERA.

  70. gerald deyounge

    Sing my darling Oleta......will we ever learn

  71. Peace Nluv

    Such an amazing song by an amazing vocalist.  I can never listen to it just once, I have to always play it at least twice whenever I listen to it.  The original video Oleta made is equally beautiful, but its so hard to find, for some reason...I used to have it.


    +Peace Nluv Me too.

    Michele Higgs

    +Peace Nluv
    Me, too, and still. I was so-o-o in love; I just couldn't stand it. A beautiful ache.


    the first time i heard this was back over 20 years ago and i still have chills listening to it to this day...

  72. Hugo Leon Vasquez Castrillon

    I Just Had To Hear Your Voice my love

  73. thomascampr

    God given gift. She will always be amazing!!! GET HERE if course is another great one.

  74. Bashir Johnson

    She is truly a natural talent. With her mezzo-soprano voice, she brings gospel, R&B, jazz, and soul to life. 

  75. Mya Felicia

    This is so .... <3

  76. Joy Booi

    POwerful song!!!

  77. 1046Fay

    If there was one female vocalist I wish I could be, it would be Oleta...but for now, I'll carry on singing in front of mirrors with my hairbrush......!

    del ham

    +1046Fay I totally agree!  She has the most beautiful voice.

    Dreamer 1

    @1046Fay Let's meet, I have the same dream!


    I absolutely concur with you there. She's amazing talent

  78. Jeebee56

    OLETA 100% female VOICE, AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Major Currie

    I just had to hear your voice

  79. ThatGirlIs SoFly

    Because I Love You So ..... the best line in the song.

  80. Paul Chambers

    I so love this ... sublime. 

  81. Vuyani Marvin

    this song takes me to where ive never been before,ow i can still remember this song it used to play while i was still a small boy....

    Tumelo Jobe

    same here vuyani

  82. zeik white

    Simply amazing singer. Thank you for your talent.

  83. Gary Cooper

    I'm an eye witness that the voice of a friend  or a love one is true medicine for the soul ! ! !

    Tammy Evans

    Gary Cooper Amen! That is true!

  84. Dr. Michael Walker

    In her singing, Oleta has the unique quality of infusing passion that is palpable and easy to feel and understand.  She communicates an almost religious fervor in her interpretation of this song.  one day, I feel, she will receive the recognition and respect she deserves.

    Dr. Michael Walker

    @direfranchement I felt that you were referring to what has happened to gospel music over the past forty to fifty years, and that is why I saw no disagreement in our points of view.  Along with my brother, Philippe Escalante Walker (better known as Philippe Wynn) and my two sisters, I was exposed to all of the phenomenal gospel greats at a very young age, many of whom I met.  Professor Alex Bradford even gave me some pointers on the piano.  I would love to converse with you more about gospel music.  I am not all that computer savvy, though, because after retiring from college teaching, I have stayed away from the internet.  I assume when you mentioned your channel, you were referring to your Facebook page.  If that is the case, I will look you up.  If not, please let me know.  God bless you--rather, may you be aware of God's many blessings!


    @Dr. Michael Walker

    No sir, by "channel" I meant my YouTube channel where I have uploaded a number of Golden Age Gospel recordings over the past six years, including, of course, Roberta Martin and J. Robert Bradley.  I will attempt to send my e-mail address to you via private message.

    Dr. Michael Walker

    @direfranchement Thank you, direfranchement!  I have all of the information, and I shall contact you later today. 7/22/14.  I am a guest lecturer today in a college classroom, but I look forward to continuing our discussion.  Thanks!


    +direfranchement Totally agree with everything you said. I love how controlled yet soulful her singing is. "Histronics" is a good word to describe SOME of black gospel singing.


    everything you guys have said...i second them...she is a gem in the rough...

  85. Dorothy Williams

    Exquisite Song; For my distant love!

  86. LaVerne Midgette-Leach

    as soulful as it gets

  87. ross causon

    There are not enough superlatives that can describe how I feel about this wonderful singer. So I'll just settle for 'Stunning'! What a woman! What a voice!

    Yvonne Cody

    Wow what a talent a voice Captivating 👍🏻

  88. Jojo Alkens

    hier is Oleta once again heavenly VOICE

  89. Jonathan Clarke

    Real music! OMG, Real Music from the heart!

  90. soap1919jt

    2:31 ... WOOOOO!



  91. soap1919jt

    One of the best on the 'Evolution' album.

  92. Antoine Mahan


    Darlene King

    Antoine Mahan I see we have the same taste in

  93. Sammil Durham

    WOW! I keep going back to listen to this, but I refuse to make the call. It has been done so many times before, and after 14 almost 15 years of what some would consider mistreatment...its time to find another 'voice' to hear say, and to say to...Good Night....

  94. YouRideAHorseRatherLessWellThanAnotherHorseWould

    Thanks Tears For Fears for letting us listen to this talent!

  95. geoffrey pel

    I was a assistant. sound engineer, and I met her once briefly.. I had the chance to thank her for her amazing songs... she was sooo happy and polite.. what a LADY !!

  96. geoffrey pel

    She ís asuperstar. she does'nt like the lime light, as she is very religious. her father was a priest, sung in choirs.. she likes the shade of things in life ;)

  97. Jacqui Crawford

    thanks, I will go and check out your videos....