Adams, Oleta - Holy Is The Lamb Lyrics

Holy, holy, holy, holy
Holy is the lamb
Holy is the lamb

Precious is He
Strong and Mighty
Holy is the lamb
Holy is the lamb

Precious, precious, precious, precious
Precious is the lamb
Precious is the lamb

Oh come and bow before him
Love and adore him
Sing praises unto him
For he's worthy

Worthy, worthy, worthy, worthy
Worthy is the lamb
Worthy is the lamb

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Adams, Oleta Holy Is The Lamb Comments
  1. Life with Stefka

    Beautiful, God is pleased

  2. Darwin Warner

    Are you geting ready for him.

  3. Derrick Dix

    Lord i need you send one of you angels to come n comfort me in a time like this all i can do is cry when i hear this song i go through so much n people act like i don't have feelings i just go through

  4. Aundrea Williams

    I love her voice, it's so unique

  5. Michelle Brooks

    Here in 2019

  6. Michael Jenkins

    Man this brings back good memories

  7. Nik Nat Patty Wack

    Love this song...Best Change she could ever make👐🏽👐🏽💜💜🥰🥰

  8. Bee Pee

    That voice.....Thank you Oleta.

  9. Petrella Hanson

    I love this is one of my favorite songs

  10. Thokozani Gabela

    Dad's playlist never fails me😏

  11. Mmatseleng Tseki

    Beautiful worship song🙋‍♀️still here in 2019.

    Pikachu ninja


    LaFon Patterson


  12. King Marcella

    I remember performing to this song in a play when I was in 3rd grade lol

  13. colsome miah

    I want to be holy and lead others to Christ, but they only see me from a worldly view. However I know my God has a book of remembrance and I want to again graduate with highest honors, and hear Well done thy good and faithful servant: you have been master over a few things: I will make you master over many

  14. Stephanie Taylor

    A very touching and beautiful song.

  15. Skyler S.


  16. Ahmande Simon

    Psalm 34:1-4 King James Version (KJV)

    34 I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.

    2 My soul shall make her boast in the Lord: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad.

    3 O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.

    4 I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

    Pass it along

    [email protected]

  17. Tk Woman of God

    I love this song.God you are worthy.

  18. Garon Young

    I remember going to Oklahoma when I was little with my mom and sister and this came on I was like who is that

  19. Nevin Reid

    Yes Holy is The Lamb. And I Believe That Holy is The Lamb. God Be Praise

  20. MsDevotedTiff Creative-Performing Artist

    This song is SO special to me.

  21. Crosby Nkomo

    Those who disliked this track. I disowned for being Christians.

  22. DeJaiz Robinson

    This song popped on the radion while l was riding with my friend. I couldnt help but worship God glad i didnt get put out.

  23. Kelli Elaine ?


  24. Darwin Warner

    Were is this full CD of the song she did on this one.


    Anointed,. HOLY IS THE LAMB of GOD! Bow before Him! Love & Adore Him!

  26. James Farrington

    Sister Oleta has a unique voice, God bless you sister in Christ

  27. Beatrice Moore

    This song is pure worship

    Tshepo Mohohlo

    Simply beautiful indeed...🙏

  28. Tabitha Greene

    The LORD is truly worthy to be praised!! Oleta is a beautiful instrument of HIS continuous blessings and unconditional love!!

  29. Conrad Mahlase


  30. KOK 4life

    So thankful for this song it's comforting.

  31. Acavedeus Brown

    The sound of heavens choir , takes me right into another place spiritually...I can't help but replay this every morning

  32. Tarnehsia Butler

    Love this new song y'all

  33. Kitrina Clemons

    Holy is the lamb yes he is amen great song

  34. Cedric Burns


  35. Fleisha Brewton

    I cry every time I hear this. Lord when I bow before you, I pray you are pleased with the life I lived. Oh how I worship & adore you. You are worthy.

  36. Veronica Simpson

    What a voice She didnt get the coverage most Celebrities have gotten but God had a more excellent plan for her voice and talents she looks like both Mom and dad her smile God Bless you sweetie in Jesus Mighty Name! Stay with him.

  37. Ashley Family

    Amen praise jesus💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  38. Elijah Demon Kelley

    Holy Is The Lamb By Gospel Artist Oleta Adams And Behold The Lamb By Gospel Artist Kirk Franklin Seek It Out

  39. Majola Ganymede

    I could listen to this all day!! All day

  40. I got questions

    Awesome Oleta awesome singer, awesome person, awesome Christian

  41. Life Manager

    Forever a worship song go to

  42. Trinita Hall

    Oleta has the most awesome voice, but..this song does what it is meant to do awesomely well; it brings glory to Christ Jesus, the Lord! God bless Oleta for being such a beautiful instrument, singing these songs in glory to the Lord Jesus!

  43. Elizabeth Mvundla Mvundla

    I love this song .. he is holy and faithful... her voice makes you cry ... thank you Oleta

  44. Shanika White

    Yesss amen 🙏 so beautiful

  45. Fatera Bakatoko

    Ive loved this song since 1998 she calmsmy soul

  46. Sol Cruisin

    I love this, all praise to the Most High

  47. Michael Jones

    God The Perfect. The Perfect Man. 1 2 3. To our blessed mercy Jehovah.

  48. Brandy Anderson

    This song is amazing🙌🏽

  49. Michael Jones

    Angels sing u made rap go to hell

  50. 4EVER TRUE!

    Oleta Adams
    is indeed
    an UNSUNG
    She is totally

  51. Shanika White


  52. Francisca Osei- Gyamerah

    I love this song, one of my best songs , draws me into the presence of the Lord

    Kimberly Murray

    draws me too! that voice! thank you Jesus for giving he this gift to share with us.

    Tshepo Mohohlo


    Kathy Dee

    WoW...that’s all I can say

    Ange H

    I need you present Lord’s


    I love Oleta! Takes you right to the Throne of God! Wow!

  54. Gerald Bradley

    holy holy
    holy holyholy is the lamb
    holy the lamb
    blessed is he
    strong and mighty
    holy is the lamb
    holy is the lamb
    filled with glorryy
    comfort and mercyy
    holy is the lamb
    holy is the lamb
    come on and bow b4 him
    love and adore him
    sing praises unto him
    4 hes holy
    pecious precious precious prreecious
    precious is the lamb 2x
    Lord your worthy
    worthy is the lamb
    worthy is the lamb
    o come and bow......b4 him
    love and adore him
    sing praises unto him
    4 his holy
    o come and bow b4 him
    lord a love and adore you
    fill like singing praises to you
    for he s holy
    for hes holy!
    holy is the lamb
    holy is the lamb
    ur so faithful
    faithful is the lamb
    faithful is the lamb
    ur so precious
    precious is the lamb
    precious is the lamb
    lord ur worthy
    worthy is the lamb
    worthy is the lamb
    worthy is the lamb

    Tabitha Greene

    Thanks for posting the lyrics!! Be blessed!!

  55. Moses Tshabalala

    holly is the lamb by oleta adams

  56. Mickey Brown

    I’m sorry yll but black people invented soul thanks to God

  57. Marthe Kondi-mane

    Yes holy is the lamb.Hallejuah

  58. Sisana Viveiros

    This song makes my eyes dewy. Thanks Oleta,tis sad I looked for the CD but couldn't get it anywhere.'Love You Lord'

  59. Sisana Viveiros

    Indeed He is Holy.This song touches my soul.Love it soo much!

  60. Anthony M.

    Oleeeta! thats my girl..her voice is amazing.

  61. Ntsoaki Sheleni

    for me its sad my bro in law luv Oletta that is what we share *RIP* bro

  62. Kiesha Taylor

    I love her voice I feel God's anointing when she sings. THANK GOD FOR OLETA ADAMS.

  63. itisdex

    Love this song !

  64. Debbie Williams

    Oleta magnifies the essence of Worship. She was born for THIS song.Holy Is The Lamb.Thank You GOD


    This song never gets out of fashion. Every time i listen it; it always touches me with God's magnanimity!

  65. Stephanie Hanley

    Oh my god ,such a blesssing.

  66. Anne Hamilton

    So Pretty Ms.Oleta, your voice is just astonishing!!

  67. TheLinainverse5

    my kind of song

  68. brittany belona

    Love it