Adams, Oleta - Hold Me For A While Lyrics

Listless days of feeling insecure
Makes it even harder to endure
There's a way that you can make me smile
Only if you'll hold me for a while

Lots of speeches leave us limp and week
Darling there's no need for us to speak
You can stop my heart from running wild
Only if you'll hold me for a while

Hold me, fold me in your arms
Baby, be my refuge and keep me from the storm
Will you enclose me, keep the villain out
Darling isn't that's what you and I are all about

There is always time for making love
Darling, that's not what I'm in need of
Help me rest as peaceful as a child
I will if you'll hold me for a while

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Adams, Oleta Hold Me For A While Comments
  1. boss 2


  2. Brian Koller

    A little bit of kindness, Brian K

  3. richie rebollido

    I first heard this song in 1994.. it was so sweet qnd romantic that I considered it my song for my boyfriend then. Well, were 25 yrs married now..

  4. Geraldo Barbosa

    A Voz "MARCANTE" do Tears for Fears". Nice songs.....Great Oleta!

  5. G McMillian

    Oleta has a peace and love in her voice and the words of the the song are outstanding,
    A great song to hold for a while. Good to go ms adams. Peace Bro.G

  6. Emmanuel Barroga

    I fell in love with this romantic song the very first time i heard it .if my memory serves me right 15 years ago!. Almost came into tears upon hearing this song again today!..16th day of december 2018! i wish i could see you perform live here in my country phillipines...what a relaxing..i love you ms. Oleta Adams

  7. sue carrigan

    No just leave me alone

  8. Grissy Haygood

    So soulful and beautiful....

  9. Veronica Brooks

    Looking forward to seeing you May 11, 2018 at the SOPAC, in New Jersey Ms. Adams!!//....  You never disappoint Ms. Adams...saw you and enjoyed your sold out show, even sat two seats from your friend Ms. Dionne Warwick.

  10. Drew Shourd

    ok ok ok...I think playing this another 12 times after I have played it 12 times in a row already is way too much, just way too much.....oh snap, there I at 11.

  11. David McMurtery

    We were priveldge to experience Ms Adams twice in Boston at Scullers. Both memorable evenings.

  12. Luiz .nobrega nobrega

    Canta muito show

  13. vm24seven365

    I love this is so simple, so pure, and so powerful all at the same time.  (At the end of the day, that's all any of us be held for a while...that's all...BIG sigh)Peace friend.

  14. John Kearney

    It is a rare treat to have a lovely singer with a song you can relax to and maybe even feel a little romantic. That is rare in the music industry today. I will be buying her record and maybe relax with the wife again. Yes I do enjoy rock from time to time but music should appeal to all our moods and not just exploit us with one kind of genre holding music in a straight jacket.

  15. Glinder Alexander

    From her very first hit GET HERE to HOLD ME FOR A WHILE It is such a rare treat to hear singers who properly enunciate each word so clearly. That is truly a gift that all artist should take notice. THANK YOU MISS ADAMS


    Yes you're so right Glinda. It gives thier sound so much polish. But it seems it may be a dying art


    Yes you're so right Glinda. It gives thier sound so much polish. But it seems it may be a dying art


    Great observation. Clear enunciation was one of the trademarks of the great Ella Fitzgerald. That comes with formal voice lessons, though, and so many performers are not interested in polishing their talents.

  16. J.R. Davis

    I heard this song for the first time years ago, and knew it was Oleta, but didn't pick up on its title ... thanks for posting this...


    you're welcome, JR!

  17. Zt Weve

    I'll HOLE you for awhile ^-^  Just come over when my wife's gone.

  18. Aaron Morris

    Tears for Fears "discovered" Oleta Adams performing solo, singing and playing piano, in a Holiday Inn in Kanas. At that point in the music business the days of guys like Clive Davis scouting out real talent was starting to end.

    If TFF hadn't come across Oleta we probably never would have heard of her. Just think of how many more highly talented singer-songwriters are out there and are being passed over for lesser performers.

  19. Angel Rose

    What a beautiful song! Oleta can do no wrong as far as I am concerned.  What a blessed woman.  By God Himself.  Heavenly!

  20. efgonzax

    Oleta Adams had done a couple of CDs and a bit of touring but nothing "big". While on tour, the members of "Tears for Fears" walked into a hotel lounge in Kansas City where Oleta was performing and were taken by her talent, beauty and grace. She was asked to perform on Tears for Fears "Seeds of Love" album. That catapulted her to the "big stage". Do yourselves a favor and check out that album. Thank you Tears for Fears for helping to bring such a TALENT to our hearts!!

  21. Cunha Olivio


  22. zane401

    Her voice transcends :)

  23. caddxprt

    You're welcome, Craigtoun.

  24. Craigtoun

    First heard this beautiful song on a Q magazine cd years ago and it became a favourite of mine. I lost it for a while and have only just rediscovered it. Thankyou for this upload.

  25. Cindydst81

    So under-rated this incredible talented womani

  26. Charysse Sepia Blackman

    So beautiful!! Oleta Adams voice is so rich & perfect!! This song makes me happy.

  27. Emmanuel

    @summerchile You know I told Oleta Adams what you just posted about three years ago and she told me "No, I am not, I am where I should be!!!" SO NICE, PURE AND BEAUTIFUL... Damn near 60 and she looks 30! GOD IS GOOD!

    shirley broussard


    Yahusha is Savior Melchizedek King of Kings

    incredible saw her live she looks better than me and im 30 haaha and I look good but yes she looks better.

  28. summer raene

    LOVE HER...trully underrated...

  29. belmont751

    WOW...Talk about underrated. Oleta Adams is one of my all time favorites and what can i say about that voice...jazzy, soulful, name it. Evolution and Come walk with me are amazing albums.

  30. codenamelibra

    I played this on my Quiet Storm radio program when it came out.

    Still brings tears to my eyes when I hear it. HOLD ME...

  31. Donita Wright

    I loved this song as a child and i still love it.

  32. Donita Wright

    Still love this.. it's tone is so warm adn easy.

  33. daniel cdc


  34. Evelyn Mora Figueroa

    This was my wedding song! 15 december 1993

  35. AirCargoHeavy

    Wow. This beautiful song is what music is about, and who but Oleta could sing it?

    "Hold Me" is passionate, elegant, and so soulful.

  36. Patti129able

    This woman is an incredible artist and needs to have much more exposure here in the U.S. Gorgeous, lovely voice!

  37. Evelyn Mora Figueroa

    This is the song I danced with my husband when we got married! (almost 17 years ago) I love's like it was yesterday....

  38. caddxprt

    @Elwink Thank you for stopping by Elwink. Yup, less than 5,000. Sad, really sad...


  39. abcxyz

    Beautiful! This song is uploaded more than two years ago, and it hasn't even got 5,000 views yet? Also Oleta Adams' other songs are listened by few (on Youtube at least). She's really one of the most underrated great singers.

  40. caddxprt

    @NoBoTo01 ...Baby, be my refuge and keep me from the storm
    Will you enclose me � keep the villain out
    Darling (isn't) that's what you and I are all about
    ...thank you for stopping by..

  41. NoBoTo01

    There's a way that you can make me smile
    Only if you'll hold me for a while

    Hold me, fold me in your arms

  42. caddxprt

    it touches your heart...thanks for stopping by Rukia..

  43. caddxprt

    thank you for stopping by truealphaman..

  44. caddxprt

    You're very welcome candfish1, thanks for stopping by... and to the person who stole your CD..may your ears fall off!

  45. caddxprt

    Sensual and Beautiful indeed!...thanks for stopping by cfecpaharry..