Adams, Oleta - Evolution Lyrics

We can travel to the planets
Drive a mile through solid granite
Thrive in all extremes of weather
But we cannot live together

We have pondered our existence
Tracked the comets in the distance
But we're overcome with blindness
By an act of human kindness

We have ventured where
None have gone before us
But in matters fundamental
We are patterned on an old design
Welcome back Tyrannosaurus
Evolution is a state of mind

We have filled the halls of science
With the bones of mighty giants
They'd all been there for generations
Buried under our foundations

It's a page right out of history
Everything is still a mystery
All except for one distinction
We can stop our own extinction

We have set ourselves apart
From all that's gone before us
But in matters fundamental
We are victims of an old design
Here's your chance Tyrannosaurus
Maybe we can get it right this time

Grab a club and join the chorus
Evolution is a state of mind

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Adams, Oleta Evolution Comments
  1. windel12002

    I Love that voice.

  2. Ajaya's Journey

    Oh my goodness!!! This song has so much emotion & heart & Truth. This brings me back 16 yrs to my honey moon. I listened to it as a young woman & I liked it but couldn't realate. But 16 yrs later I completely & whole heartedly Understand & APPRECIATE IT. Thank You Mrs. Adams Thank You. #Blessings

    Gabriella De Lorenzo

    Listen to all of Oleta songs an lemme know what this voice tells you

    Ajaya's Journey

    @Gabriella De Lorenzo Not sure what you mean. This voice?

    Gabriella De Lorenzo

    @Ajaya's Journey Nevermind... I thought you understood.
    I meant what makes a song are not only the words it says but the voice is the one that transmits emotions