Adams, Oleta - Come And Walk With Me Lyrics

God in all His wonder saw my foolish pride
When the clash and waves and thunder
fell upon my soul one night
Just as I was sinking in a sea of sin and shame
Grace steered my way of thinking
And I called on Jesus name
And through the dark, walking on the sea
I saw the Saviour reaching out to me
He said...

Come and walk with Me upon the water
Why won't You let Me be your guide?
Won't you take My hand and let Me gently lead
You safely to the other side

He calmed my doubts and sorrows
The waves of guilt and fear
And where He leads I'll follow
Cause I know He's always here
I just have to praise Him and thank Him everyday
Cause when I cry "Lord save me!"
I know He's on the way
When troubles rise, on life's stormy sea
I close my eyes and He's reaching out to me

Come and walk with Me upon the water
Why won't You let Me be your guide?
Won't you take My hand and let Me gently lead
You safely to the other side

Oh ye of little faith (why do you doubt?)
Why do you ever doubt?
Each time you kneel and pray
Your the one He cares all about

Come and walk with Me upon the water
Why won't You let Me be your guide?
Won't you take My hand and let Me gently lead
You safely to the other side

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Adams, Oleta Come And Walk With Me Comments
  1. Mmatseleng Tseki

    This song...Goodness 🙌👏

  2. Jan MASILO


  3. Phillip Neves

    Classic Gold.

  4. Ria House

    One of the songs that used to be played on sundays by our late beloved Eddie Zondi, rest in peace. Very fulfilling.

  5. Mangaliso Cele

    This is the ONLY Gospel song I listen to

  6. Ditebogo Masemola

    I’m here today ♥️

  7. S.O.P

    Even the Gospel music has changed smh... I had the album when I was 15/16 those where the days I was so on fire for God

  8. Mduduzi Gabela

    This is just so beautiful, Oleta Adams is really a blessing with such kind of music.
    Will forever love this piece of good music🔥🔥🔥

    2019 im here, 2020 I’ll be here......,actually I’ll forever be here👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  9. Jane Moselakgomo

    wow cant get enough of this song, so moving

  10. Tina Brown

    Such a beautiful soothing voice, with a very soothing message of God's loving care.  Love me some Oleta Adams!

  11. Mthobeli Brian

    Job well done sister

  12. setshoane tlhogi

    This Song was on my head this morning

  13. Tshepo Mohutsiwa

    Me and my country man feels safe, by listening to this song, THANK YOU JESUS.

  14. Zulu Uyasabeka

    Metro fm's the bridge brought me here.

  15. cats meow

    Love Song from GOD; in addition to HIS Love Letter (The Holy Bible) to us! Such a beautiful interpretation of "Peter" walking on the water to meet JESUS. Peter only started to sink when he took his eyes of JESUS! This song is peace, in the midst of your storms😭😭😭; THANK YOU GOD, JESUS & HOLY SPIRIT👑🕺🏾💃🏾🦁❤🙏🏾🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏾‍♀️

  16. Ajaya's Journey

    Oh He Of Little Faith....I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG It Is Beautiful and Beautifully Executed!!! I am going to bring this CD to bible study for the CD of the week. So we. Can listen and give our thoughts about it. We do this every week and this will be my First time submitting a CD. #Blessings

  17. Camille Lewis

    First time hearing this song this morning on the local radio station in Jamaica (TBC Radio) and it ministered to be during my commute to work. My eyes watered as I said "Jesus! Thank you Jesus". I am so happy God loved even me!

  18. Kgomotso Pupuma

    I've heard this song quite a few times on the radio. I had no idea it was a Gospel song until this morning after paying attention to the lyrics. A beautiful gem it is❤

    Sinoxolo Nhonkie Gibson

    Kgomotso Pupuma metro fm right? Sentle plays it every Sunday. This song is the best song ever.

  19. lesley madue

    My song of all time...I dnt get over this song....God ill walk with you "crying"

  20. Roxana Chiriboga

    This song one boyfriend gave it to me as a gift! He wanted us to be guided by Jesus!


    Beautiful uplifting gospel song, Beautiful voice, Beautiful lady .
    My My My ,what a perfect combination.

  22. khutana lekganyane

    its great to know even thou we are in different environments yet we all connect to music like this , its universal !!

    Omar García Pérez

    the Gospel is for every creature

  23. Kwandebele Online

    I'm here in 2019

  24. Desmond Mbuli

    this song makes me cry.

  25. shanty Samuels

    The verse?

  26. Khosi Gladys Khumalo

    The song bring me joy and i love this song

  27. Patrick Boyela

    It's good to have,a saviour!!

  28. Thobela Mantile

    Ohhhh god I love this song.

  29. Dawn Thomas

    Daughter of Zion u bless my heart with this song every time it play it would in my spirit for all day

  30. Kimber Burgwyn

    This was one of my favorite songs on the album.

  31. Nhlanhla Ngwane

    Lord you're real I love this song

  32. Brenda Lundy

    could someone please tell me where I could get the instrumental of this beautiful woman's voice please help thank you BL

  33. Chelz Monea

    This song gets me in my feelings every time knowing that things are going to get better every day 💕💕💕💕

  34. America R.

    I love this Album "Come Walk With Me" Oleta Adams is the most wonderful singer I ever heard!

  35. Thabo Vilakazi

    Majority of the people who commented are S. Africans. . Interesting


    Hahahaha I noticed that too man.I personally only heard this song for the 1st time yesterday on metro not even a religious person at all,but this song just captivated me.

    Thabo Vilakazi

    @jaemate21 I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying it. Check out "We will meet again" by same artist. I think you're going to love it. Happy and prosperous New year

    Mmatseleng Tseki

    Oletta is very talented!!!Also check out Once in a lifetime, if this love should ever end as well.

  36. Abiott Ditshego

    Oletta God bless your soul my sister for this awesome album

  37. Penny Chonco

    Where he leads I'll follow

  38. Neo Futur-ist

    I've been in love with Oleta's voice for years. Nobody ever talks about her. Such power and control... perfect for singing the gospel. This was/is a powerful album!!!

  39. Nomusa Mapaseka

    oletta Adams come and walk with me is a nice song

  40. Montreala Brancherto

    Just a beautiful booming voice! 2018 still solid!

  41. andrea orru

    Oleda ...yoa have a great voice great voice ...beautiful voice... God bless you

  42. sibonokuhle ntombela

    great hit

    Henry Ella Webb

    This song is a spirit filled I love it very much


    It reminds me of the late Mr Zondi.

  43. Tabea Matome

    I love this song it really lifted my soul and spirit all the way🎵💜

  44. Tshepo Maponya

    This song gets me through anything in my life.beautiful melody and lyrics.i just love love it 💞💞💞💕

  45. Nehemiah Blount

    Lord god i love u so much. U been nothing but there for me so i thank u everyday. 👏

  46. tracey yeoman

    Excellent vocal capabilities

  47. Larry Lockett

    I have heard her R&B songs and I think she is a much better gospel singer. Love every song on this album. Be Blessed!

  48. Sputnik Ratau

    I love her music, but ever since the first time I heard this it's always as if I stop breathing; literally every time

  49. Letta Nomsa Ntene

    Thank you God for Oleta Adams. This song heals my soul. Thank you Oleta Adams.💞

  50. Tshepo Motsie

    This song calms my spirit,
    I will walk with You upon the water...
    I will let you be my guide
    I will take your hand
    I will let you gently lead me
    Safely to the other side...

  51. Carol Martin

    I love Ms. Oleta Adams boy! Her songs give me chills.❤️

  52. Philile Boniswa

    wow all praise to God Almighty.all props to this lady ,she has mananged to seduce me with the word of so inlove ryt now wit this song woow ,i really thot it would be on a mill-views

  53. Zodwa Khumalo

    Thank you Oleta...

  54. Lerato Mashigo

    I love this song. its my pick me up song

  55. Thulane Molefe

    what a calm music to soothe the soul

  56. Ken Ebacher

    Oleta knocked this album outta the park!

  57. Megan Catherine Gcaba

    A song that rings through your head the entire day

    Sinoxolo Nhonkie Gibson

    Megan Catherine Gcaba my whole life

  58. Mpumi Hlatshwayo

    One song that keeps me CONTENT
    Thank You Oleta Adams Come Walk With Me!🎵

  59. Dlams Buyi

    I am nothing without you Lord, I will walk with you all my way, m always safe to be on your supervision! Thank you !!! number one song on my compilation.

    Gospel Nostalgia

    You're welcome.

  60. Chinwendu Chinwe


    Oh my goodness....I have been looking for this song for years under Yolanda Adams. I just listened to a list that included Oleta Adams and saw the title track. This song blessed me through a serious spiritual battle. While traveling cross-country, a driver fell asleep with foot on accelerated and plowed into the back of the vehicle me and my kids were in. We spun so many times and ended up on the the other side of the interstate just missing being hit by two semi-trucks. The enemy tried to plant many lies but God's truth will always prevail. Praises to Yeshua, Son of the Most High God-Elohim.

    God bless you brother for posting the song and the 1997 album. God bless you Oleta, my sister and all who share God's word through song.

  61. Garfield Francis

    this song let me cry everything i lisent to it


    Garfield, I know the same thing happens to me.

  62. Botumelo Mofumadi

    l love this song ♥♥♥♥♥

  63. Aldane Brown

    Lyrical content superb, delivery unparalleled. Beautiful!


    Love Oletta she remind me of my ex before getting married.

    Nokulunga Mahonga

    I listened to the song every day while I was on a mission in Sudan.God it took me thru for 2 years

  64. Justice Soccer

    musically gifted

  65. C. Stanley

    My Lord God, o I'm so glad you posted Oleta Adams' best . 'Walk With Me' my most favorite!!! Thank you.

    Gospel Nostalgia

    You're welcome.

  66. Maxwell Malaza

    my best song for Sunday's

  67. Silindokuhle Mthembu

    I love this song very much.

  68. vm24seven365

    OMG, thank you for posting this full album.  Such a blessing to my spirit.  Peace friend.

    Gospel Nostalgia

    +vm24seven365 You're welcome.

  69. crunchyyellowlion

    I should have known you posted this <3 Thank you for this.... our grandmother passed and I am just listening to this over and over..... pray that Jesus leads her safely to the other side :'(

    Gospel Nostalgia

    +crunchyyellowlion You're welcome. My condolences to you and your family.

  70. zanele mgenge

    Safely into the other side

  71. zanele mgenge

    Love this woman God

    Nontobeko Sibali

    thank you Olleta