Adams, Bryan - Somebody Lyrics

I bin lookin' for someone
Between the fire and the flame
We're all lookin' for somethin'
To ease the pain
Now who can you turn to
When it's all black and white
And the winners are losers
You see it every night

I need somebody
Somebody like you
Everybody needs somebody

I need somebody
Hey what about you
Everybody needs somebody
When you're out on the front line
And you're watchin' them fall
It doesn't take long to realize
It ain't worth fightin' for

I thought I saw the Madonna
When you walked in the room
Well your eyes were like diamonds
And they cut right through - oh they cut right through

I need somebody
Somebody like you
Everybody needs somebody
I need somebody
Hey what about you
We all need somebody

Another night another lesson learned
It's the distance keeps us sane
But when the silence leads to sorrow
We do it all again - all again


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Adams, Bryan Somebody Comments
  1. Zilma Andrade

    Amo essa música

  2. Marcela Chiarato dasilva

    O que seria da música sem Bryan Adams?? Melhor cantor desse mundo
    Amo muito

  3. Mitzi Lane

    Nahh.... Just need God. Humans are flawed.

  4. Roger Borroel

    So this punk is a GOD?

  5. Martha Jimenez


  6. Timothy Midgett

    We all need somebody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lethalgunner360

    I love ❤️ Brian Adam somebody live

  8. Munzur Firat

    Happy birtyday Bryan Adams❤️

  9. Jazmin Gonzalez


  10. Scheidia Lemos

    Linda ❤️

  11. dave houston

    This song loud in car is awesome

  12. Blue Thunder


  13. Ronald Hagadorn

    Call me weak, I listen to 5 finger death punch too! Not 1 of the sheep afraid to admit I like this song!

  14. Neu Maria

    Viva a vida com Bryan Adams!!!

  15. collin ownbey

    Living in the 2000's with an 80's mindset is one lonely path. Almost 20 years old and no friends since I was 10. I pray that I will find somebody who has the same attitude as me towards life. As much as I have accomplished being a lone wolf, eventually we all need somebody!

  16. Tam Smith

    Oh the memories

  17. Marcela Chiarato dasilva

    Essa música me faz tão bem só pode ser coisa de alma.Amo demais!!!!!!!

  18. Subrata Sinha

    As I am always hear his song

  19. Subrata Sinha

    As I am great fan of you


    I heard that live in Athens 18/11/2019...Simply the best❤

  21. Roger Borroel

    I NEVER knew this jumping dude existed! Nice record!

  22. Małgorzata Woroch

    swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspanialy bryan adams

  23. EternalGodling

    My repeat button is broken lol

  24. Kelly Collins

    Brian Adams is one of the most underrated artists of all time. So many great songs and some beautiful love songs. I don't listen to him enough.

  25. Katidaki smith

    Me listening to this November 2019 amazing :)

  26. Milorad Cukavac

    Thank you Bryan for your performance in Belgrade November 10th 2019! :D

  27. Verbs describe us

    SO blessed to be able to hear this song today in Cluj!!!!!!

  28. William Duarte

    Essa música é boa demais 👏👏👍👍🖤

  29. Darren Betham

    Waking up the neighbours what an album anything by Bryan Adams seen him 6 times

  30. Soso Marzah

    Today I sing because of his inspiration .

  31. Dejan Medenica

    35th anniversary dont rush 😉😉😉

  32. Ruki Tiopira

    Still.are beautiful song first heard it in 1985

  33. Timothy Midgett

    a time when Canada was not gender confused and the men did not cut their cucumbers off and take sissy hormones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brian rockin the house

  34. Justin Flack

    I love ❤️ this song somebody by brain Adam

  35. Solid Snake

    I love it so Much I cant stop listening and singing this song

  36. igor ivanov

    the best

  37. Truth Witness

    He looks like marty McFly playing guitar..!!

  38. Dave Best

    Crystal ... ROCK & ROLL!!!

  39. Marcela Veloso Chacón

    Pedazo de canción, temazo de Bryan ❤️

  40. Idelcio Guerra

    É o único rokeiro que canta na raça e pôr isso que vai viver mais uns 30 anos com saúde, pra mim é o melhor de todos os tempos.

  41. maria k

    Love this song. For ever 80s, for ever Canadian Bryan Adams

  42. Patrick Kelley

    It would be cool without all the cheering.

  43. Andrew Skinner

    This song is my jam.

  44. Daniel Chavez

    por siempre recuerdos inolvidables con mi amigo Luis C

  45. Maria Johnson

    They are enjoying like children, Brian and the musicians along with the crowd. They let themselves go and had a great time while in trance with the magic of music!

  46. Lorena Rojas

    Just saw him in concert October 8 2019 for the first time in Costa Rica ! He opened the show with this song...we went crazy ! Love him 4-ever !!! Need someone like YOU BRYAN ! <3

  47. Liliana Carrillo

    Precioso musico....CANTA BIEN LINDO

  48. Valerie Jamison

    LOVE IT!!! 💜💜💜💜💜

  49. Alexandra Horvat

    Arghhhh. This song just fits... 😊

  50. Manon Cauvier

    Best Bran Adam chanteur partager avec amis Manon

  51. Ana Paula Braz Santos

    Maravilhoso como sempre e continua sendo assim, músicas lindas e charme total ,adoro!!!!!!

  52. Eng. Ahmed Mohamed Osman

    yeah that is a pure music

  53. Boyd Daniels

    Bryan Adams Rocks!!🎼🥁🎹🎤🎧🤟🏻💪

  54. James Mason

    Why add in the screaming though?

  55. Manon Cauvier

    Bri Yan Adam chansson professionnel musique bravo bravo continue t'aime

  56. NikTheFix

    What is it about these guitar solos in Bryan Adams tracks? They are always imaculate, sound unique, perfect and understated - who and how is it?

  57. General Zod

    Back when Bryan Adams could rock. Before he turned into a pussy and put out ballads.

  58. Cool-H-Whip

    Please upload live live live

  59. Manon Cauvier

    Brane Adam chansson professionnel musique bravo chanteur bon talent très beau partage avec amis Manon cauvier merci beaucoup talent très beau

  60. Mojojojojo White Queen

    The lead guitarist is fine 😎

  61. Εφη Γρηγορίου

    Beautiful Rock Singer Man! Perfect Voice! Awesome Song! Awesome Music!

  62. Gavriil Polyntsev

    Bryan Adams – rhythm guitar, certain lead guitar parts, lead vocals
    Keith Scott – lead guitar, certain rhythm guitar parts, backing vocals
    Tommy Mandel – keyboards
    Dave Taylor – bass
    Mickey Curry – drums
    Jim Vallance – percussion
    John Eddie – backing vocals

  63. Jorge Borredro

    35 añitos después sigue sonando a todo dar 👆✌ 🤘

  64. Marco Antonio Rivera Gómez

    The Best Song

  65. Shari Crocker

    I cleared my schedule.😂😂😂😂😋

  66. Andy Vasquez

    I saw him in concert for the first time, over the weekend. He is razor sharp singing live as he is in the studio. Cuts like a knife!

  67. luiz roberto Pintor

    Bryan Adms No Brasil.., quem quer ir?

  68. Kathie Balaine


  69. Robert Capasso

    Summer of 69 what a summer

  70. shanei cotton

    I love this song

  71. Taczylo Taczylo

    Thank you for sharing. I love him.

  72. Alex Arndt

    What's up all...wanna hear a fresh take on Have You Ever Really a Woman?

  73. El Capitan

    Reckless was released in 1984. This is the 35th anniversary, not 45th.

    El Capitan

    He was so freaking hot in his prime. Still very good looking.

  74. Rose Agaatsz

    2019 still listening to BA one of my favorite lifetime artist 👀🎤🎧🎼❤️

  75. Gwendolyn Gemeniano


  76. Valerie Jamison

    My favorite Bryan Adams song!!

  77. Alok Singh

    How come someone dislike his songs videos.... these guys are not humans.

  78. Maria Nilda Brasil

    👼 anjo lindo 💎😍😘

  79. G. T.

    God bless Canada!

  80. Gea Long

    Bryan Adams is a wonderful singer and I love all of his songs that he sang and wrote. Dont stop Bryan. keep it going I loved your concert in Kitchener earlier this year

  81. Roza Roza


  82. Juan T

    I don't remember watching this video with the annoying audience in the background all the time.

  83. John Rodriguez

    Faster than a Canadian Forces CF-18 Super Hornet fighter jet, Bryan Adams comes in hard and fast in his classic rock and roll style in this awesome possum tune. Rock on ,Bro!!🇨🇦🇺🇸

  84. mr sneaky2010

    So why the 1.5K dislikes.? I mean why watch it then?

  85. Jefferson Alves

    Ah quem dera os vizinhos ouvissem essas músicas, ouvem funk, pagode, sertanejo, MUSICA d verdade era essa época do vídeo e n hj

  86. agustina rodriguez

    2019 ##

    Bill 1

    2019 here !

    Roberto Santos Oliveira

    2019 Porto!!!

  87. ThePhoenixSpaz

    In notes section it says 45th anniversary...
    45th anniversary???? Really??
    That's not for another 10yrs in 2029.
    Now that's a Pre-Pre-Pre-order!😂

    Reckless release date was...
    November 5, 1984
    Bryan's 25th birthday

  88. Danny H.

    Awesome guitar!

  89. Thales Yago

    I need somebody, somebody like you
    Everybody needs somebody...

  90. Mitho94

    How can someone not like Bryan Adams? His music is so energetic and his voice is incredible. Amazing artist.

  91. Makis P

    Please sing it November in 🇬🇷 concert

  92. Lucy-Lou

    Love you Bryan Adams.... Please sing more songs....

  93. Anderson Damião


  94. Marie Brašničková