Adams, Bryan - Long Gone Lyrics

The telephone's bin ringin' - ringin' off the wall
It's your Las Vegas lawyer - another long distance call
He says you get the house and the car
And I get the clothes I got on
Now she's gone
Long, long, long, long gone
Now I'm a happy boy

She's long, long, long, long gone

Operator get me Manhatten - get my baby on the line
Sooner or later she's gotta realize
That all my feelin's were for real
But maybe she was leadin' me on


She took the frigidaire
She got my favorite chair
You could say she got the best of me

It's like a legal crime
But in a matter of time
She'll be back for the rest of me

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Adams, Bryan Long Gone Comments
  1. Carlos Alberto

    A Little vibe from Status Quo in this track.

  2. Fawk Yuu

    Now im a happy boy yeah!👌💯😎🚬♐

  3. Alessandro Bruni

    amo questa canzone! i love this song


    si anche io

    Alessandro Bruni

    Tutto l'album reckeless é bello!

  4. dooboodot

    Listening to this after quarter of a century! NOW I know what nostaligia is...

  5. mark rogers

    Rock n Roll

  6. Rolla Coasta Ride

    the definitive "Justice for Men" track

  7. Johnny English

    Thanks for sharing. When Bryan was in his prime!

    daniel brawn

    It was his first album. Peaked immediately lol


    daniel brawn it wasn’t his first album. He first realised a album in 1980 titled Bryan Adams. His 2nd was you want it, you got it, then cuts like a knife. Reckless was his 4th album but biggest album he released.

  8. Dean Osborn

    Fukin love this track 👍

  9. soundsalive

    One of his best songs! Fun to play too!

  10. Dicky Ball

    Finally. But, when Bryan finds out, he'll have this yanked, again.

    Bee-Sides Radio

    Just as a note. It wasn't yanked. I purged the channel of all previous videos, including this one, voluntarily. Changing YT policies and copyright laws had me concerned about older videos I had posted. This stuff deserves to be heard, especially on vinyl. I don't monetize any of my uploads. I do it purely for the love of music.

    Dicky Ball

    @Bee-Sides Radio , thanks for clearing the air and thanks for the aforementioned upload. Yes, this fine artist needs to be heard and appreciated, again.

    Fawk Yuu



    Qué bueno volver a encontrar este enlace. Temazo 😍