Adams, Bryan - Into The Fire Lyrics

Life - thin as a thread
Sometimes you're lucky
Sometimes you're better off dead

Your first breath is taken and in to the world you are cast
You long for tomorrow while living each day as your last

Well I know what your heart desires
But you can't take it with you
Into the fire

Now you've done all you can
Your life's at the crossroads
You watch as it slips through your hands

So stand on the mountain and shout in vain at the sky
But nobody hears you - the words only echo inside
Oh shelter the flame - it may expire
Risin' up from the ashes
Into the fire

Just hold on to your life down to the wire
Oh out from the dragon's jaws
Into the fire

There's a moment in every man's life
When he must decide what is wrong and what's right

You could wait for your dreams to come true
But time has no mercy
Time won't stand still for you

Well I know what your heart desires
Crawlin' out from the wreckage
Into the fire

Here I go...into the fire
I know...what your heart desires

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Adams, Bryan Into The Fire Comments
  1. 4thBeWithYou


  2. Andrius Stasiukynas

    Bryan Adams is musical hero of my childhood! I love all his studio albums from Bryan Adams (1980) to Get Up (2015)

  3. 86443

    One of those beautiful underrated melody calls

  4. Samarth Parmar

    Just feeling fortunate everyday only bcoz of seeing this legend perform live.

  5. Sulu Imli

    Oh OMG totally forget about this song 🎶🎶🎶 I want to be 15 again🤗🤗🤗

  6. Jeff Chagnon

    not what i wanted

  7. Karen Gray

    Hreat song

  8. mauricio Palacio

    To Callison Rae’Chel Denise Howell
    We’re going to miss you so much. Summers by the rivers will never be the same, I hope you have found your resting spot and that love and peace will cradle you forever !!! God bless you little Angel. Vaya Con Dios

  9. Miriam M

    best version! love it ♥

  10. 86443

    Love this one. Always feels with home

  11. Timothy Merrylees

    Came across this album on Spotify and loved it. Went into CEX to buy a DVD for my mother's birthday and as an explanation for why I came home from school late, I bought Into The Fire so I didn't have to lie to her. Cos your mum always knows if you're lying.

  12. Kusmiati Kouseu

    Lagu kenganku thn 1991 di KSA

  13. Flávio Batista de lima

    Grande brayn Adams linda música perfeita saudades dessa época que não volta mais saudades

  14. OIdiesCentral

    must be the put-u2-sleep version.

  15. Alan Fox

    4 years later he would make a lot of cash for the robin 'hood movie soundtrack album.

  16. fxx1

    Definitivamente, un album infravalorado.

    Eddy Nilupu Chávez

    Grande Bryan Adams, simplemente el mejor

  17. Joel Eagle-O'Cain

    This reminds me of the British on a fucking powertrip trying tell people what to do and when to do it and how an wear an if they could it reminds me of just how evil and sick the British are thank God for Nelson Mandela and south Africa or the world never would have known

  18. Keaneland 86

    Best Album, Fantastic Song🙌❤️🙌

  19. Linda Pettersson

    Bryan ❤️

  20. Jon Mendez

    Shelter The Flame!

  21. John Connor


  22. soul sessions tv Bdhrh

    There is no fire . Unless your Wicked from God s viewpoint! ..and that s just Destruction. JOB 14:14!

  23. raffaello sabbatini

    into the fire

  24. Keaneland 86


  25. Manthan Shah

    Where was this recorded?

    Carlos García Fernández

    The sound is the same of Live! Live! Live! Album from Belgium in 1988 and images are from Tokyo Show in december 1989

  26. canmin55

    Beautiful song of Bryan Adams !

  27. AliTkhan

    This song can be for Games of Thrones

  28. Amin Tahseen

    :'( :( <3 <3 Bryan Adams biggest fan

    Mr. Orwell

    Amin Tahseen how many albums of his do you have then

  29. Steve Vestel

    I remember this song from Highlander : The Series from Episode 3 or 4 of the first Season

  30. Steve Vestel

    Can You PLEASE Upload the studio version? This is the BEST LIVE version of this song I've ever heard.

  31. MeloLand

    This song is wonderful...

  32. silvina baldovino

    Lo amo!!!!

  33. thinkuh

    This album is one of the classic Canadian pop/rock albums of all time, IMHO. It fits its time supremely, the 1980s, and has some great writing. Also the guitar work is really quite fine. Super good, pretty deep, and distinctly Canadian. This song in particular has some fantastic lyrics. As do Native Son and Victim of Love. I can almost forgive him for letting Mutt Lange into his universe and going to the dogs after this.

  34. Ratel.H Badger

    One of my childhood favorites, thanks BA!

  35. Cami Roble


  36. Cami Roble

    I wanna be into the fire with you Bryan!!!

  37. Echo

    i love most of his Music

  38. Kollo Supias

    Tom Cochrane and Brian Adams.

  39. 65vaughn

    The best version of this song. Hands down! The unique vocals are hypnotic.

  40. kishore parmar

    i love all his music but into the fire is my favorite. others are native son and remembrance day. in my opinion the best singer of my lifetime

  41. Saif Servaia

    His best album till date, so underrated . Native son,into the fire, rebel, hearts on fire & home again !!

    Esther Keunen

    Totaly agree


    A very deep album, with universal themes, sung with true passion. A lighthouse yet to be discovered by many. That's what making the "Into the Fire" album a well-preserved treasure.

  42. onthesahara

    Never fully appreciated this song till I heard this version......amazing......thank you for uploading this one


    i find myself here another year later...

  43. Andrew Berridge

    Bryan Adams, Into the fire 🔥 👍 👌

  44. Moorea Blackketter

    I bought the vhs years ago.

  45. Marc Abramsky

    Story of my life. Favorite of Adams. I think back in time and know that it is gone forever. Most of it never reclaimable. Father time forgets no one. Live with no regrets. :)

  46. Jukka Katajamäki

    Is this concert released as a DVD or Blu-ray?

    santiago romero

    yes, live in belgium

  47. tstjean24

    nice pic

  48. Anahfree

    Shout in vain at the sky!!!
    Risin´up from the ashes Into the fire...

  49. litdexpwhitebird

    Brian Adams!My Hero!

  50. Δήμος Σιούγκας

    those 18 they dont know the lyrics and the meaning of them or they are to smal to watch them and hear them

  51. BerkshireBoy100

    Into The Fire a hugely under-rated Adams album. He rarely plays the tracks from it now (other than Hearts on Fire which I believe was originally meant for Reckless).

  52. Mari Hampton

    Great lyrics.

  53. Angelchu Starisu

    wow this song is cool always yeah! love it!
     the video is really cool I really like it! cool! yeah!

  54. stevo0476

    Those 18 persons that disliked this vid should be engulfed by the flames instead ;-)

  55. Rafał Bociag

    My Girl just broke up with me and the only words I can say are:

    Now you've done all you can
    Your life's at the crossroads
    You watch as it slips through your hands

    I realy miss you please come back to me honey...

  56. burak coban



    Into The Fire

  58. Sofia

    Most Bryan Adams tracks are love/lust songs but I think, aside from the classic hits, like Summer of 69 and Everything I Do, his best songs are the ones like Into The Fire, that focus on different topics.

  59. larry w myers

    rock on my man to all the music people nothin but love man nothin but love

  60. surfz247

    Bryan and Jim killed this song. Great lyrics. Amazing song.

  61. Alternative TV2

    I think I prefer the original album version.

  62. X. Jupiter Hart

    I think I prefer this version to the original album version

  63. maniacal80


  64. Mary-Ann van Eeden

    This is amazing ... the lyrics... the voice... the absolute best. BAs music gets better and better... like a good bottle of red wine. i am the biggest fan.

  65. NKismynextgoal

    Now you've done all you can, your life's at the crossroad, you watch as it slips through your hands. And you stand on the mountain, shout in vain at the sky, but nobody hears you, the words only echoe inside.

    I must have been 16 or 17 when I first heard this song, but it were the lines that described my life and they still are. Some things never change :-)-)

  66. giuseppe mantione

    Hai una voce meravigliosa

  67. Dom

    this version of "Into the Fire" is my favorite song by Brian Adams!!!
    thrill each time!!

  68. Farshad Wisard

    We had Bryan Adams and today these kids have Justin Bieber. You be the judge


    Yea... like WTF happened?


    this video reminds me of my 20's living alone in someset wondering if I'd make my life into what I really wanted.I'm happy to say about a decade later I think I made it

  70. ptrrayl

    Bryan Adams fanatic forever!

  71. Jeanette Mathiassen

    Another brilliant song from THE MAN♥♥ Still gves me the goosebumps listning to this song - got so many memories regarding this song

  72. firecoalman

    Oh shelter the flame - it may expire
    Risin' up from the ashes
    Into the fire

    Just hold on to your life down to the wire
    Oh out from the dragon's jaws
    Into the fire

    You could wait for your dreams to come true
    But time has no mercy
    Time won't stand still for you

    Just hold on to your life down to the wire
    Oh out from the dragon's jaws

    Into the fire...

    Best Lyric he ever wrote... as poignant today as when it was first written... for all generations who've let life pass them by...

  73. paul welsh

    @rajsanand cool-as a veggie i like him even more now, didnt know that

  74. Felipe Muñoz

    solo 1 cosa k desir master y el mejor del mundo punto k viva bryan adams para siempreee !!!!! =)

  75. Juju Rellama

    @rajsanand it was just a passing remark, dont take it to heart. i dont want to shatter anyones myth.

  76. Juju Rellama

    @rajsanand that may be. but that still doesnt make him a messiah. An entertainer perhaps, i dont know the word jealousy, Its not in my vocab, Believe it or not.

  77. Mohammed Imran

    This song is just like a tonic to me, as i feel good when ever i am sad and listen this strong and vigorous song.

  78. David Muzzatti

    I would agree that he's NOT the Messiah (correction) but Adams was Canada's greatest pop artists of the 1980's & that's saying a great deal because there were many (Tom Cochrane, Haywire, etc). You're right though...he's just a singer......and Julia Childs was just a housewife who loved cooking.

  79. Juju Rellama

    these ppl behave as though he is a messiah, But he is just a singer,

    Christopher Selby

    Why infringe on another person's happiness? You're not God

  80. David Muzzatti

    I used to think "Reckless" was Bryan's best work BUT I really believe "Into The Fire" was his best album - the majority of the songs were & continue to be winners.

  81. Evelyn Durham

    "ooh out from the dragons jaws ,, into the fire " (awe inspiring) makes me think of heroes facing big decisions, 0.o ,, epic song !!

  82. Leila Shyborn

    Best version of this song! No doubt about it! :D

  83. Kamipalitho99


  84. Evelyn Durham

    such a powerfull & soul replenishing tune , bryan adams ROCKS!!!,,,,, i hope theres music in heaven , if not then the "gods" are missing out and heaven would be sooo lame ,! :P

  85. TheAffrojutty

    best version of this song, it's beautiful!!

  86. Shelley Netzer-Edgerton

    i love him he is sooooooooooooooo grate he is my favorit i love all his music

  87. Piercedmetung02

    god i love love love this version. brings me back to when i first saw it on tv. wow. that longago eh. 1986. man im old.

  88. Th dRoo

    You will have to say that the copyright is by Bryan Adams and you are uploading it with permission of Bryan Adams communications. That's at least what all the people have said when uploading Bryan Adams video's or covers.

  89. Th dRoo

    This song is on the live live live album by Bryan Adams.. its the last song from the album. It's also a live version.. probably this one

  90. Kev

    Oh, and I am going on 10/24/09 in Jacksonville, FL to see him acoustic for the second time. I saw him in Melbourne, FL several months ago. Just priceless!

  91. Kev

    I couldn't have said it better keef186, you are 100% correct. I first saw Bryan Adams on the "Into the Fire" tour, he was phenominal. That was great release. I love it!

  92. keef186

    Like Springteen's "Tunnel of Love", "Into The Fire" wasn't a commercial success but they are both great albums that suffered only because their respective previous albums were monster hits.

    Raffael Angeles

    i agree with you 1000% - BOTH great artists, both great follow up albums - UNDERRATED OR NOT! THIS IS THE KINDA MUSIC THAT WILL LIVE ON, NOT THE BULLCRAP MADE BY THE IGEN TODAY!

  93. Daniel Alexander Hill

    I used to go to sleep to this - heavenly absolutely raw aural sensation :-)

  94. psan72

    This song was recorded in Japan, but the video is an assortment/montage of shows. I saw him live in Japan a few years ago, and in the middle of the show he picked a Japanese guy to sing a B.Adams song, and the Japanese guy ROCKED the house and was amazing! FUN SHOW!

  95. UncleBubba

    That was excellent - I've never heard that version before.

  96. DrHogfan

    i'm sorry . This(the slow)version sucks. I want to see the original video that played on MTV.

  97. Duragizer

    Reminds me of a Pink Floyd song. Don't know which one, though.