Adams, Bryan - Heat Of The Night Lyrics

I was caught in the crossfire of a silent scream
Where one man's nightmare is another man's dream
Pull the covers up high and pray for the mornin' light
Cause you're livin' alone in the heat of the night

Met a man with a message from the other side
Couldn't take the pressure - had to leave it behind
He said it's up to you
You can run or you can fight - (ya that's right)
Better leave it alone in the heat of the night

In the heat of the night they'll be comin' around
They'll be lookin' for answers they'll be chasin' you down
In the heat of the night
(Where you gonna hide when it all comes down)
(Don't look back don't ever turn around)

Had to pay the piper to call the tune
Said he'd be back someday - said he'd be back real soon
Pull the shades down low - you'll know when the time is right
When you're lyin' alone in the heat of the night

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Adams, Bryan Heat Of The Night Comments

    Pierwsza pozycja albumu Into The Fire ❤ mój ulubiony album, każda piosenka u mnie ma moją historię,a w tym roku wracając śpiewałam w duszy Home Again. Thanks 🙏 BA Wonderful album 💝

  2. Troy Martin

    i think this album was fairly dark...especially compared to his previous work ...and a lot of people didnt follw it..but i thought it was his best ...wasnt pop rock was rock with a harder edge...good stuff:)

  3. CompleteCretin

    Listening to 'Heat of the night' reminds me of writing 'pokes' on my old home computer and watching 'Aliens'.

  4. Velvet Wilson


  5. Velvet Wilson


  6. Jose Luis Lopez

    Mr Adams... You're the best !!

  7. Janice Herbon

    Can relate to his songs for sure !

  8. Janice Herbon

    Fantastic Band! Love his voice!

  9. Dave Schoeman

    This song is in my top 10 Bryan Adams songs. Extrrmely underrated.

  10. Ida Williams

    You can run are you Can fight in the heat of the night

  11. jane Louzeiro

    In the heat of the night😘😘😘😘🌹🌹🌺💐🌸🌹

  12. rachael wilbur

    Nothing can compare to that voice and the emotion he puts into all of his works hes awesome maybe one day I'll see him live fingers crossed.

  13. Veeter99

    One of Bryan's best, but why not post a high res video for his fans to enjoy?!?!

  14. Dave A

    Pure Masterpiece..

  15. Redwood Lightning rod

    Man I remember when this badass motherfucker was maken sure the (IRA) had what they needed to get the British bag bitchs out of Ireland way back when ,hell I bet he didn't even know that's what he was doing,
    no man should ever be able to own another human being ever

  16. Velvet Wilson


  17. TJ Murray

    Awesome song and awesome video! Awesome-brings back memories of my youth/summer of 1987! Awesome time to be 15!

  18. Philip Horan

    I remember playing the Anthology to death when I was younger. This song is incredible and always will be. I think when I was that age I overlooked songs like this as opposed to Bryan's "hits"! Wow.

  19. Go LLama Programming

    only bryan adams could write a rock song called 'heat of the night' that isn't about sex

  20. M theja Vizo

    Good music my favorite singer

  21. Márcio Gusmão

    Lendary classic rock. Great song. 🎸🎵👏🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  22. Ahmed Abuzaid

    what a beauty!
    all time favourite...

  23. Golan Trevize

    Rock this one !!!

  24. Bill Petrie

    Where going to hide when all goes down this world going to end as it hits the ground

  25. Angel girl

    Greatest music, better than the crap 💩 stuff now a days and they “call it rock” artists of today don’t know REAL music my brothers listened to stuff like this and I heard what ever they played

  26. Dave A


  27. Allan Hawke

    His most underrated song!

  28. Vanusa Jade

    Amo bryan Adans....
    Amo essa música.

  29. Carlos Fernando Cruz Blanco

    For one reason or another, my favourite Bryan Adams song

  30. Daniel Gossin

    Another classic from the 80's

  31. joebob2311

    Interestingly enough I discovered this song through the radio

  32. Ukibuki

    2019 Jakarta, Indonesia

  33. Redeemed Harshsw


  34. Jhonny Ramirez

    Dios amo este disco good years

  35. marswmn

    Boy this song brings back memories. I wasnt a fan of this particular track back in the day; even though I like Bryan Adams, now all it does is flood me with memories. I cannot believe some of the enjoyable times spent with friends, this song playing and alot of those ppl are dead already. Cant get over it. Live every day like its your last cuz you never know..

  36. DL Lambert

    This was a cool NBC Miami Vice song 1980s...

  37. Tim Perrin

    Recipe for an 80's rock video, #1 Shoot it in an old warehouse. #2 Have a restless hot chick prancing around in her underwear. #3 Film it in Black and white. And #4 Show close up a big fan spinning around, gotta have the fans! Lol

  38. TheEarlymtv

    here in philly it was played a lot and a big top 40 hit.. into the fire was overshadowed by the josuha tree as were most albums in 1987. heat of the night was a different departure from the hits off reckless..

  39. Murray Wiebe

    I really enjoyed this song back in the day.

  40. Lifeduringwartime

    Wish Bryan did more songs like this and less of his cheesy ballads.

  41. Daniel Chant

    Best song of Bryan Adams

  42. Alejandra Beatriz Espinosa

    It's one of my favourite songs.

  43. MrRamyon74

    Saw Bryan and band in my hometown of Nelson last weekend, this song was missing from an otherwise amazing performance!! As always!!

  44. sinjinrui


  45. Laurentz Duba

    Missed the times when Bryan Adams sill played grrat songs like this - instead of the crap that got continuous airplay from the early 1990s onwards.

  46. Rolla Coasta Ride

    fucking ace

  47. M Thiede

    Wonder who came up with the idea of the snakes!

  48. Real Jamm

    2019 but this is so damn beautiful

  49. Danish Mehmood

    Who's listening in 2019?

  50. C M

    Sensual music 💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤

  51. Christos Papas

    I don't understand those who write who s listening that in 2019. Bryan Adams forever

  52. SkilledRailroader

    Just saw him tonight in Moncton Jan 22, 2019.... Speechless, still can rock like the 80's. Had the whole crowd on their feet and singing. What an amazing band!! so much talent. I hope he comes back soon. Unfortunately this song was not played :( thrn again he has so many hits and new songs. He sang 2 and a half hours straight break. 1 encore break then another 20 min or so after that.

  53. Flavia Vassallo


  54. Larry M


  55. Krysten55

    The views end in "666"! :o

  56. alki9969

    much better than most of his newer songs!

  57. rodolfo de la paz

    Is it in Miami Vice Soundtrack list?? Any episodie?

  58. Master T

    Still one of the best songs, love that song!

  59. Movie News

    no where

  60. Risma Byrne

    Bryan why don't you play lead-guitar like an original recording now? This version was better than an acoustic. I love the way you play as lead guitar in this video

  61. garry savage

    Taken from his best album by a country mile !

  62. Hazrat Mohammed Zulfiqur Rahman Mujjaded Rony

    "The Donation Hero for The Poors-Bryan Adams of 1990 Walkman Edition--HONORABLELY Remembering"@mujjaded-Chief Editor-https://[email protected]@zulf_hazrat#With The Refugees

  63. Michael Brown

    Remember when they played this in an episode of Miami Vice

  64. fxx1

    En esos tiempos Bryan era un rockero salvaje, casi indomable.

  65. Maiza Silva

    Perfect No calor da noite !

  66. HErnan Sokis

    Hes the rocker , true rocker


    This video debuted on MTV the week After - MTV Headbangers Ball April 25 1987 - YES 31-1/2 YEARS AGO

  68. edward farmer

    Bryan Adam's could Get Srong ! Here's a Great Example. ! 80s Baby ! ! !

  69. Mayur Panghaal

    Whats the location at the beginning of the song ?

  70. Flávio Batista de lima

    Ótima música perfeita saudades dessa época 1987 eu tinha 17 anos de idade saudades desse tempo que não volta mais

  71. 420 Express

    love all his music

  72. Dominik Hees

    Miami Vice

  73. Jonathan John

    This song is modern for it's time...

  74. AngryAgain

    Fantastic song. Oddly missing from his set list when I saw him in 2017

  75. Xristos Kabbadias

    Maybe his masterpiece...Mr Adams you were the man

  76. Keaneland 86


  77. Call Me AfterWords

    I can hear a lot a david gilmore in this....didnt know bryan adams had this kinda side to him!

  78. loleeta irving

    I love you Bryan always my fave artist grew up with you
    peace out we are being trailed get ready Hun !! Its beena real Journey think Native we really need now HUgs xxx

  79. John Wayne Is this me

    I loved this song...

  80. Jonathan John

    This song is very modern for it's times...:-)

  81. Lenny Louis Peña Forte

    Plenilunia canción ✌😉

  82. Peter Winston


  83. edward farmer

    Absolute badass masterpiece !!!

  84. Keaneland 86

    Love this song❤️🙌💥🔥

  85. Rocardo Targino

    Meu favorito e todos que gosta de boa música dali Brasil aí é do Canadá brother.

  86. Wen McBrain Vansandt

    Of course we HOPI have our ceremonies but, when there's nothing left to do what else is there but to ROCK OUT to some KICK ASS BRIAN ADAMS. I'm a musician and I cannot go without my music. I've always loved his music. Such a wonderful voice such killer music. LETS ROCK

  87. John H

    "Heat of the Night" appeared in the episode "Knock, Knock... Who's There?" on Miami Vice.
    The twenty-first episode of Miami Vice's third season. The episode premiered on March 27, 1987
    A group of fake DEA agents raid drug busts and take off with the money and drugs, but no criminals

  88. Katherine Kilgore

    I saw this video this morning on MTV Classics. Ahh, the memories!!!

  89. Renee' May

    *Man what a voice you Possess* *Mr.Bryan Adams* ❤️

  90. Amanie Tingle

    this music video is alright and the song is fantastic.

  91. Andy Shaw

    My favorite tune from this guy , many more good ones

  92. Wanderley Gomes

    Alguém mais do Brasil ouvindo em 2018

  93. Wanderley Gomes

    Um dos melhores, isso sim é música 😍😍

  94. Jose Bermudez

    Always liked them

  95. Anna Rimovska

    I love song... amazing...

  96. Chantal Descheneaux


  97. Bahren Ana

    what about i brthe your air Mr !!!

  98. soul sessions tv Bdhrh

    Love the song...vid Not so much!!!

  99. Hakan Dursun

    Very nice !