Adam Sandler - The Thanksgiving Song Lyrics

"They wanna hear the thanksgiving song! All right.."
"This is uhh, This is the Thanksgiving Song"
"I hope you enjoy it."

[Starts playing]
Love to eat turkey
Love to eat turkey

[Shout from Crowd:] "I love you Adam!"
[Adam Sandler:] "Ohhh, I love you!"
Love to eat turkey
'Cause it's good
Love to eat turkey
Like a good boy should
'Cause it's turkey to eat
So good

[Adam Sandler:] "That clappin's messing my head up man. I appreciate it.
But I was trying to think of the next line and all I hear is clapping.
Here we go... Thanks anyways"

Turkey for me
Turkey for you
Let's eat the turkey
In my big brown shoe
Love to eat the turkey
At the table
I once saw a movie
With Betty Grable
Eat that turkey
All night long
Fifty million Elvis fans
Can't be wrong
Turkey lurkey doo and
Turkey lurkey dap
I eat that turkey
Then I take a nap

Thanksgiving is a special night
Jimmy Walker used to say Dynomite
That's right
Turkey with gravy and cranberry
Can't believe the Mets traded Darryl Strawberry
Turkey for you and
Turkey for me
Can't believe Tyson
Gave that girl V.D.

White meat, dark meat
You just can't lose
I fell off my moped
And I got a bruise
Turkey in the oven
And the buns in the toaster
I'll never take down
My Cheryl Tiegs poster
Wrap the turkey up
In aluminum foil
My brother likes to masturbate
With baby oil
Turkey and sweet potato pie
Sammy Davis Jr.
Only had one eye

Turkey for the girls and
Turkey for the boys
My favorite kind of pants
Are corduroys
Gobble gobble goo and
Gobble gobble gickel
I wish turkey
Only cost a nickel
Oh I love turkey on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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Adam Sandler The Thanksgiving Song Comments
  1. Alexis 13702

    1:20 Favorite part

  2. Ariel

    Adam sandler is pretty cool but wtf is this

  3. Timbo T

    Who’s watching in 2012?

  4. WorkshopPops

    so stupid.

  5. JJWood1958

    Back when SNL actually had talent!

  6. Betty

    A Thanksgiving classic! 😂

  7. chisoxfan708

    Turkey for me!
    Turkey for you!
    We eat lots of turkey!
    & then we go poo!

  8. mynine goesbang

    I did not laugh or crack a smile..

  9. Shawn Ferenczy

    Back when SNL and Adam Sandler use to be funny. The good ole days 😔

  10. Marion McArthur

    I play this every year, still makes me laugh.

  11. Victor Jones

    Happy 🦃 day everyone


    2019 is over be ready for 2020

  13. Arkkïnzå Błuē_Jr._G


  14. lac0978

    If i'm ever asked to say a prayer at Thanksgiving, I'm singing this song! lol

  15. Chi Chi

    Happy thanksgiving 🍁🦃

  16. A Google User

    I have this song stuck in my head lol

  17. Woody Harding - The New Thanksgiving 2019 song here

  18. spookypunky

    I remember him as Theo's friend on the Cosby Show

  19. otenny

    a turkey for you and a turkey for me

    *can't believe that Tyson gave the girl V.D.*

  20. FlyingCameradotnet

    When SNL was funny.

  21. Jet Girl

    ... this is actually good.

  22. Addison Wardein

    I live by this now. I will watch it everyday for the rest of my life, always and forever.

  23. Glenn Anderson

    Got to laugh more people

  24. Evan Floyd

    Who’s here on Thanksgiving 2019?

  25. MonsterSaige

    Rod ryan brought me here

  26. Asher Brown

    Who came from the throwback compilation?

  27. DogMan Dan

    just stopping in thanks to Adam Sandler posting it on FB

  28. Simply April

    My dad keeps singing this song.

    *A turkey for me a turkey for you*

    Rebecca Elizabeth

    Simply April sameee

  29. GerardWayFromStateFarm 19436

    My History teacher played this in class today

  30. Pancho

    This song sucks. Don't know why people like it.


    Because it's not supposed to be amazing, It's supposed to be funny. If you had any emotions you'd like it.

    IWouldLetPaulMcCartneyHitMe WithHisBass

    it’s adam sandler singing a song on snl. it’s not supposed to be serious it’s supposed to be funny lol. it’s called having a sense of humor


    @IWouldLetPaulMcCartneyHitMe WithHisBass yeah I was saying it sucks because it's not remotely funny genuis


    @Gettatown no shit. It sucks because it's not funny.

  31. misfit danzig

    Well happy Thanksgiving everywhere.

  32. T γ L E N O L

    WHoos HeReRe 20710 aaaAjajakalsksnx shut up

  33. Dave D'oh

    so good

  34. Sonamor

    kevin nealon couldnt go high as adam but hit the octave almost right on and harmonized the last note well. i didnt know he had any musical training at all but clearly he does

  35. sugarfalls1

    Omg, look how young he looks!  I love Adam Sandler!!

  36. Marc Anderson


  37. Marc Anderson


  38. Woody Harding

    This is trash compared to this Thanksgiving song:


    No one wants to hear your song

    Woody Harding

    @Gettatown and no one really cares what you think either, but you comment on youtube videos anyway #getstuffed


    Who’s here for this Thanksgiving 2022????

  40. Patricia Olsson

    love this song

  41. Steven Record

    My favorite Holiday song

  42. Laurie Strode

    Adam Sandler is strangely charming while singing this catchy little carol.


    Oh shut up!  Adam Sandler IS CHARMING!!  What would you know about Charming!!!

    Laurie Strode

    Oh, I'm agreeing with you.


    @Laurie Strode Good.

    Tara G's called talent💖!

    Laurie Strode

    He has it.

  43. Thomas Foret

    Me thanksgiving 2019

  44. JefferyTheSloth 1

    This song is awesome!!!!

  45. Michelle Walsh

    Its that time again

  46. Hugh Janus

    We have this on our store music playlist where I work

    Bean Child

    omg id die if i walked in somewhere and this was playing

  47. Lobster and friends!

    Whos here for this Thanksgiving 2019???

    Carolina Barbie

    Me 👍😀 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!🍴🌽🍖🍵☕🍷🍴


    Im here at Kwanza 2076!

    Cole Underwood

    @XGN TITAN XS me

    Alexis 13702

    This christmas**

  48. Jeanne-Marie Hardy

    My teacher sings this every day until thanksgiving

  49. Jennie Mills

    Nearly 30 yrs old STILL FUNNY

  50. Zacharys mixed Bag

    1:21 I died

  51. Nouvelle Terre

    I searched for this out of a sense of 90s nostalgia after reading all the negative comments made by today's kids about Adam Sandler from another posted SNL video. By kids I mean Gen Z kiddos. Apparently they think the public didn't actually laugh at these skits and it's all laughing tracks. Wrong. People absolutely adored Sandler in the 90s because people didn't need down right sickening shit to get off back then. The 90s were full of simplicity and more innocence. And so, this type of humor had a sweet innocence to it that everyone valued. Today, people aren't happy unless they're seeing lesbian sex on SNL with kristen Stewart. Pathetic. SNL is shit today. This culture has hit rock bottom. Sorry to say it. Well, no I'm not. Also, if you were born after 1995, please stop trying to pretend you understand 90s culture and making baseless comments based in ignorance about what it was like to be alive then. You really dont know because you're all a product of growing up on LCD screens, trash entertainment, online porn, and didn't even have a normal childhood! Now that innocence is dead we have satanic little teenage pop stars leading the masses in dark lyrics and hatred of God. Fantastic times!


    Ok boomer

    IWouldLetPaulMcCartneyHitMe WithHisBass

    comedy changes with the times, you should too. i agree adam sandler is completely under appreciated with gen z (i’m gen z but i live in NH so everyone grew up watching him here ) and yeah, sometimes i think people don’t appreciate him enough. but also, shut up about us not having “normal childhoods” and trash entertainment and wErE aLl AdDiCtEd To ScReEns. you sound like such a jackass. the only reason i didn’t ok boomer you is because the first reply took care of that for me. sorry that comedy types change. comedy from the 50s was outdated in the 70s, comedy from the 70s was outdated in the 90s, comedy from the 90s is outdated now. that’s literally just how it works.

    IWouldLetPaulMcCartneyHitMe WithHisBass

    wait wait wait. “satanic little teenage pop stars leading the masses in dark lyrics and hatred of god” might be the funniest thing i have ever heard a boomer say 🗿🗿🗿 and snl goes through phases of good and bad, it was real good in the late 2000s to 2010s, but they just need a better cast and writing team rn. it’s not a cultural thing, it’s always been like that.

  52. Kaddy Woods

    He was in his 40s in this video
    This song always comes on the radio on thanksgiving

  53. DaveyLeeRiot

    SNL brought me here. Journeys kept me here to drive my staff insane thru black Friday weekend 😎

  54. Minunnielol


  55. Melissa Doyle

    This shit is so funny

  56. Pat Blaise

    LOVE this!!

  57. Frenchfry Films

    Who the fuck dislike this???

  58. Comrade Drill

    What Hazbin Hotel song is this

  59. Vandever Rash

    would you like a piece of pie?

    GoldenWhale Gamer

    yes but after the turkey for me!

  60. Christopher Norbits

    Adam Sandler is absolutely terrible, I can't believe people think he is funny

  61. JohnnyTyrone77

    I like him singing "Sweatshirt"

  62. j jr

    Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights instead of one day of presents we get Eight Crazy Nights

  63. Yo Mama

    I'm enthralled by how precisely white Adams teeth were.
    Looks like he was using whiteout

  64. Griffin Hicks

    Feeling the flow. Working it. Working it.

  65. Broken Doll

    I bet Adam Sandler actually has a good singing voice, if he was being serious.


    Broken Doll

    I suggest looking up "Growing Old With You" from his movie "The Wedding Singer".

    Kaddy Woods

    That is his singing voice by you should see him on the wedding singer his voice is amazing.

  66. Wolfdragon92584

    Those falsettos remind me of Jeff Buckley, and it freaks me out.

    IWouldLetPaulMcCartneyHitMe WithHisBass

    Wolfdragon92584 this comment is a year old, but it shook me to my core and i just- why’d you have to point that out i can’t unhear it

  67. People Person

    The least funny comedian in history

  68. RJC96cj

    When SNL was funny

  69. Tina Burton

    Remember when SNL kicked ass, 25 years ago? Now it's a filthy turd pile!

  70. Jeff Mansfield

    Some parts of the song didn't seem to make sense and some of the rhymes felt forced.


    Jeff Mansfield It's supposed to be that way

  71. MaIfoy

    WOW 1:20 😱 it’s sooooo amazing! I actually really love the way he sings this!

  72. MrDcseltzer

    Never could figure out Adam Sandler’s comedy

    Robert Porter

    Ck. out any 3rd. grade class. What comedy? PU. Phoney voice and all.

  73. Hannah Reynen

    He should join SNL again because I think he is done with movies

    Robert Porter

    Hannah Reynen
    He’s been done for years. PU.

    Walter Soprano

    Hello May 2019

  74. Big Rhonda

    Use some captions you twat come on. It's 2018

  75. Brian Stinson

    Not a big Sandler fan, but i love this turkey song!!

    Robert Porter

    Brian Stinson
    PU, it’s for the birds 🐦

  76. Tyrese Hall

    Happy Thanksgiving from SNL!

  77. Not Too Sure These Days

    Eat that #*@&ey like a good boy should

  78. Phil Guzman

    After all these years, I still can't believe the Mets traded Darryl Strawberry.

  79. VOIP Portland

    3 years before Happy GIlmore.

  80. Anna Walcott

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who watches may God bless you and your families. Love Adams Sandler. Turkey for me and for you

  81. enjoyitbro

    This ruined my Thanksgiving

  82. -bri 39

    He kinda has a good voice 1:20

    IWouldLetPaulMcCartneyHitMe WithHisBass

    -bri 39 ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴘʀᴏғɪʟᴇ ᴘɪᴄ ɪs ᴊᴏʜɴ ʀɪᴄʜᴀʀᴅ ᴅᴇᴀᴄᴏɴ

  83. EP's All Systems Ready

    Back when SNL was SNL and not the liberal safe space it is today. The only reason I liked this video...

  84. Derek Safford

    Relevant today

  85. Nick S

    Happy thanksgiving everyone!!!

  86. Rick Borja

    Back when SNL was actually FUNNY😌😯🐸

  87. Ella Spinosa

    Playing this on Thanksgiving 2018! Anyone else?


    Meeeee lol


    It ruined my Thanksgiving but yeah

    Anna Walcott

    Can't wait to watch the Hanukkah song

    J Hart

    Count me in Turkey then SNL reruns this year!

    Piper 1027

    Every year!!😁😁😁 My Nanny Loves it!!

  88. Kb w

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! 😊😍❤

  89. Angela Cothran

    Adam Sandler is so damn funny

    Mr Jones

    Angela Cothran was

    Christopher Norbits

    No, he is too annoying to be funny

  90. Tony Banks

    “Can’t believe Tyson gave that girl VD”
    [In my Adam Sandler voice]


  92. Trever Jones

    Happy Thanksgiving 2018 everyone

  93. old school hawking

    Ode to my car, I'm pissing my pants just thinking about it that song. OSH :-)

  94. bigwille11

    ❤️ it

  95. adele parker

    Favorite thanksgiving song ,,,

  96. Nintendo Fan

    I remember being in school when this came out and we sang this the week before thanksgiving lol. My sister who was in high school did the same thing. Everybody was watching snl back then.


    What did you say for the tyson line?