Adam Lambert - More Than Lyrics

So they paved the road to providence
And lined up the memories
In reference to what was dead and gone
Then the band and the symphony
In sweet sounding harmony
Lay down their guns in disgust
For they knew their armies at last

So haven't we seen enough
On the cover of
Haven't we had our fun
Watching on the TV screens, oh yeah

So we harbor our hopes and fears
In houses and evergreens
Cast adrift, what we dont need
Then the rhythm of tambourine
And drama of marching scene
Lay down their violence in trust
For they knew how much the cost

So haven't we seen enough
On the cover of
Haven't we had our fun
Watching on the TV screens

For when all is said and done and our aims run
Then we'll come

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Adam Lambert More Than Comments
  1. Lisa DeBerger Wheeler

    My GAWD...this doesn't even sound like him!! He's brilliant. His talent can't be measured...Shine on, you shining star❣❣ Fan 4 Life ➳♥

  2. Leah

    ,,Take One'' to bardzo spokojny album... :D
    ,, Take One ' is a very quiet album ... : D

  3. Malec Forevea


  4. sg0z

    thumbs up if you'r a glambert

  5. Jay Ghost

    id follow him and hide in his carXD

  6. Jasmine Drea

    not sure if his eye liner is better than mine. o.0

  7. Alley Cat 〈3

    if i ever meet adam i would probably cry!!!!!!!! and id never let go <333333333

  8. Bryanna .B

    It's him. Just a lower range.

  9. juncodelrio15

    @SeeYaBassoon yess¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ i want to listen that ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ how u know that ???????

  10. PrincessZeldaxx

    OMG, this song is sooo beautiful and so sentimental, I started crying LOVE YOU <3

  11. 5akurahinata

    ooo voice variation :D

  12. Moria Polonius

    Huh. This isn't as bad as I though it would be.

  13. zooevicutu

    @jenigalia What CAN'T he sing?

  14. Jeni Galia

    He can even do Opera. What else can Adam sing??

  15. Glam1877

    his voice can makle any song amazing! and he can sing anyting and mske it his own :D

  16. Anna Blah

    I Love all songs from Adam...

  17. asdfkie

    i like this.

  18. Amarynthine

    ring of fire was sooo MUSE, the long high notes is like Matt bellamy's falsetto

  19. Amarynthine

    muse influence?

  20. breakingstars

    This doesn't sound like Adam..
    This guy sounds kind of.. british.
    But who knows, could be him.