Adam Lambert - Fields Lyrics

I don't know the reason
Let's just make a choice
Let's throw out the caution
Just want hear voice

So walk me through
Back through the fields
When I walked down
That road I find
I already know
On with the show
If there's a God
Then God only knows
Walk me back through
Fields I knew

So when
Like when we believed
A moment in time
When we shined
So walk me through
Back through the fields
Oh take me home
Back to the fields
Erase the dream
Rewrite the scene
If there's a God,
Then God only knows
What we should know
On with the show

Ohh, ooaahh,
Ooaahh, oaah,
Oaaaooahh, oaaooaahhoahh,
Ooaahah, oooahh,
Oaaah, oaaah,
Oaahahhaa, oaaahhhh,
Oaaaaahh, oaaahh,

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Adam Lambert Fields Comments
  1. Настя Рыбакова

    1:10 - my favorite part

  2. Heather Grace Fangirl

    this song made me feel sad, but i love it! thank you!!

  3. Aleksandra Sołtysiak

    2:25 - heart breaking. Beauty in 150%!!!



  4. Hiep Le

    It's make me feel sad! But i love it, thank you very much!

  5. 雨田

    I love it!


    +雨田 Thanks!