Adam Lambert - Did You Need It Lyrics

So one of us
has to go. We know
one of us,
come on, it's time to go.
And was the spotlight
up above you
shining so bright?
A searchlight,
Ah yeah.

And as the storm
rolls in, yeah,
leaving all we've been.
I guess there's a first time for everything

And was the spotlight
up above you
shining so bright?
A searchlight,
Ah yeah.

And where the hell
did you
And was the road
too long?

And was the spotlight
up above you
shining so bright?
A searchlight
to bring you home
always wanting.
You found oh the limelight.

Did you need it?
Did you want it?
Did you find it?
Did you need it?

And where the hell
did you
And was the road
too long?

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Adam Lambert Did You Need It Comments
  1. Karen Johnson

    He has the best voice of all male singers of this time. I have been saying that he is the best male vocalist and Lea Michele is the best female vocalist.

  2. Ddiana

    Such a nice song

  3. shae clark

    this song is called spotlight. I own this album


    Actually, "Spotlight" is a remix of "Did You Need It." This album has 3 tracks, I think, that are remixes of previous tracks. :)

  4. shae clark

    this song is called spotlight. I own this album

  5. Lisa DeBerger Wheeler

    This is why Adam is in a league of his own. He makes every song fearless. This song is beautiful. He can change up his voice to fit any song! I adore him and all that he does...Fan 4 Life ➳♥

  6. Igor Ponce

    beautiful song

  7. Denise Marcucci

    He did these demos and no one wanted to sign him....then he did American Idol and they all wanted a piece of him...too bad he did not own the masters and he would have had a choice of what to do with them.

  8. Denise Marcucci

    now this one sounds more like Adam....just demos....did not want them released....still talented...

  9. Sain Angelus

    So relaxing and amazing.

  10. Julie Blackburn

    Too bad they don't have an option for "love". You can only "like" it or "dislike". I don't "like" anything Adam does. I LOVE IT! The boy can do no wrong in my eyes!

  11. kristen gumm

    love this song and him :)

  12. Aaliyah Adams

    I love u

  13. Eduardo Galarza

    omg i love Adam <3

  14. shahad hilal

    So cute ♥_♥

  15. tammy hoppenbrouwers

    Why has small minded people people always got to bring Adam's sexuality into it! Grow the fuck up!!!

  16. Marilyn Allen

    I love listing to him sing

  17. Brandi Crum

    I absolutely love Adam Lambert's voice, I wish I could see him in concert...that would be an awesome experience, no matter what he sings, he has a beautiful and powerful voice that is impossible to miss or mistake for someone else.

  18. Jelladonna


  19. mikeysrose

    This makes me wish I was curled up with a guy on a couch in front of a fire in the dead of winter with a blizzard blowing by outside and a cup of Chai cider in my hands.

  20. funinthesunable

    You don't 'become' gay. You are born gay. These songs are demos for other artists, and Adam 'disowned' the album, you ignorant fuck. Adam has been out since he was eighteen.

  21. katie finn

    how did u get so hot dunn no

  22. Ddazzle998

    Adam ''Did you need it?, did you need to be so hot and have such a beautiful voice and drive me crazy'';P

  23. raeanna rust

    Wow only two dislikes

  24. Jelladonna

    Sounds like this album came out before he was gay lol

  25. Mya Rushnell

    I love how Adam can one minute be screaming and going crazy (which I love) and then the next be all soft and sweet (which i also love) It just shows how amazing he really is. Love him <3 <3

  26. acrescool

    @bubbles2740 I dig his screaming voice. XD Just too mellow for you right?

  27. bubbles2740

    Mmm.. I don't know if I like the stuff on this album. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Adam Lambert I just like his screaming voice a lot better!

  28. acrescool

    Why does this video have a dislike button? It should be turned into a Love button. :D

  29. akshta10145

    @NatiisNatinan1 If you DO buy it, nothing goes to him. Everything goes to the people who released the album without his permission. You may be supporting Adam's vocals, but you're also supporting those people.

  30. PrincessZeldaxx

    Even if Adam don´t like this album, we should buy it, and show him with this, that his fans love all he´s singing, even all the slow songs. His voice sounds always amazing and sooooo beautiful. <3<3

  31. Shane Harter

    i love this album i bought it, the entire album speaks to me, he sings about so much truth in this album, heart ache, family so forth so on

  32. breakingstars

    I really like these songs on this "fan made" album
    I might just buy this album cuz I can't find these songs anywhere else.

    his new album is too poppy for my tastes

  33. Anna Blah

    I must admit, much as I also am sorry, Adam, was used to sing on this album not quite so good as now ..anyway 5 stars

  34. Desi Dominguez

    its a good song

  35. Giedre

    Me tooooo :ooo

  36. Max Keir

    i think the reason he doesn't want us to support it is because if we buy it, an unworthy person is profitting from it...

  37. jemmajemma

    I do like the sound of some of these songs... but the new FYE album is the album Adam wants us to buy... he is not supporting this release.. so please dont buy it!!!! you can download the songs on the internet though..

  38. Amarynthine

    this would be a puppet controlled adam, look how much he toned down! Omg, compare this humble album to the lasvicious for ur entertainment..

  39. thelambert cougar

    Wow. Not endorsing or buying, but I love his voice on this. He doesn't sing in this lower register hardly ever, but it doesn't matter. Whatever he sings is beautiful.

    Just remember these are demos that they were marketing to other singers.