Adam Gontier - Wicked Game Lyrics

The world was on fire and no one would save me but you
It's strange what desire will make foolish people do
And I'd never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you
And I'd never dreamed that I'd knew somebody like you

No I don't wanna fall in love
No I don't wanna fall in love
With you
With you

What a wicked thing you played to make me feel this way
What a wicked thing to do to make me dream of you
What a wicked thing to say you never felt this way
What a wicked thing to do to make me dream of you

No I don't wanna fall in love
No I don't wanna fall in love
No I don't wanna fall in love
No I don't wanna fall in love
With you

The world was on fire and no one would save me but you
It's strange what desire will make foolish people do

No I don't wanna fall in love
No I don't wanna fall in love
No I don't wanna fall in love
No I don't wanna fall in love
With you

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Adam Gontier Wicked Game Comments
  1. Curtain

    This adaptation of this song is awesome. I think it may be better than the orginal song

  2. Máté Mondovics

    His voice is amazing. Can't say anything else, that's all a can think of

  3. Eduardo MH

    ay Reyno tú no entiendes jsjsjss

  4. luv3daysgrace1

    Adam gives me chills when he sings this!! Love him & his voice!❤️❤️❤️

  5. Cece Mason

    I'm in love with him


    Cece Mason Me too!!

  6. Game Time 572

    Now imagine he sang this after signing Rooster at live at the palace it would have been so beautiful and touching

  7. mariano passerini

    Adam i know that u'll never see this but i freaking love you dude you are from another planet you are not real

  8. Peter Bennett

    Cory does such a great job but damn Adam has got it... I spent a considerable time with Adam on his 2011 tour he is a genuine man and he is in my opinion one of the greatest musicians ever


    Peter Bennett I agree! He is one of the best musicians. He seems to have a heart of gold.

  9. dusan jovanovic

    Best cover of this song on earth ! Adam Gontier <3

  10. solo juego

    no me canso de este cover


    siii la voz de adam es la mejor

  11. Dustin Jones

    A very nice cover

  12. Mostafa Eldisha

    Pure talent 💗💗

  13. gledis gontier

    Adam is Three Days Grace !

  14. ikPunk

    he is better than corey

    Marcos Rivera Vásquez

    No way!!! Corey's voice its stronger and more powerfull than Adam's, and its even more dramatic.


    @Marcos Rivera Vásquez Well, in this cover Adam showed he is far better than Corey. Adam's the best singer ever, no doubt!

  15. Vik Tyr

    omg <3 I'm crying

  16. beth leinicke

    In my opinion, this is the most touching, heartfelt version of Chris Isaak's song. Chris Daughtry does a gorgeous version, as well. HIM's cover kicks ass! Though I think Corey Taylor is one of the World's best singers-and I love who he is-I wasn't blown away by his version of "Wicked Games". It was good-his voice is too powerful to not at least be good-but it wasn't nearly his best performance. I am both a Slipknot and Stone Sour devotee, always and forever!


    beth leinicke u said everything i wanted to say!

  17. Asfodelos

    adam gontier is bae.

  18. D O O M S D A Y

    Sarpado en cover! Mejor que el de Stone sour :*)

  19. sabrina dh

    awh the old times 😏

  20. Natalia Currea

    This has always been my favourite song, when singed by Chris Isaak. But, Adam... woah, I adored this. I miss him in 3DG :-/

    Natalia Currea

    +efadfa3 but i just search for it... and woaaaah, thanks. theyre great


    @Natha Curreita No problem. Adam is strong :D

    Nick Wessel

    h.i.m has the best version tho check it out

    Marnix Joosten

    man that version is insane

    Guage12187 x

    I like Cory Talors version slightly better.

  21. Crystal Barney

    One of my favorite songs, to have Adam cover this is simply beautiful. Love that passion he brings to it.
    Hope to get to hear it live one of these days ... Please on tour this year with saint asonia!!

  22. Guille Zago


  23. Joshua Smith

    Chords used?

    Jaclyn Colette

    +Joshua Smith Bm, A, E

    bryan taylor

    B minor a major e r major

  24. αทα нєlєทα ρrατα

    so beautiful, i miss adam :'-l

    Shane Fanning

    Two words... Saint Asonia

    αทα нєlєทα ρrατα

    @Shane Fanning i know that but it doesnt sound the same

    Omar Marzouk

    @xxαทα нєℓєทα ρrαταxx Exactly..


    +xxαทα нєℓєทα ρrαταxx In my opinion it sounds like a mashup of Three Days Grace album and Life Starts Now. I love it.

  25. Zoe Tarin

    GO Adam Gontier or A.K.A Former Three Days Grace singer,But no matter what i still think he did what's right and that he's still good. P.s Adam Gontier only wanted a chance to interact and talk with his fans/people. But we can all move on from that subject. Keep going Adam <3

  26. oscar sores redon

    Adam y el de him ville valo son mis favoritos pero creo que me quedo con Adam gran tema

    L F

    Muy de acuerdo <3

    Wednesday Boni Ramirez

    así es ambos son excelentes y talentosos

  27. PIECE of BREAD

    <3 <(")

  28. OneGuy NamedBob

    One hater is Justin Beiber cause he knows Adam is a REAL singer.

    Joe Redfield

    Adam Gontier probably doesn't even know who Justin Bieber is... Lol... Bieber is a fuckin' loser!

  29. Kevin Wolf

    Love it but i like the stone sour better

  30. Sune Wulf Hansen

    Chris Isaak made the original.

  31. Andrea Sanfilippo

    It's better than the Stone Sour original version!

    Sam L

    Andrea Sanfilippo Chris isaak original

  32. vicky say yeah


  33. Miguel Gonzalez


  34. PizdaLord

    Can anyone tab this pls? :D

  35. Brendy Healy

    When was this???

    Máté Mondovics

    2006-2007 I guess

  36. michael mccarthy

    He did this when i saw 3dg live in spokane,wa in like 2004 or 05 it was awsome

  37. prsfloods

    Actually it's a Chris Isaak cover. HIM covered it.

  38. CrimsomGunner

    HIM cover <3 Adam Gontier sings so fucking good (NO HOMO)

    Unoriginal name Here

    CrimsomGunner it’s not homo to say someone sings really well

  39. Angie E

    One of my favorites and you sang it so amazingly!

  40. Nico Jormalainen

    Back where? 3DG? No thanks. He's better on his own now. 3DG has become commercial bullshit. I mean I liked Transit of Venus music-wise. I just couldn't feel any emotion from that record.. Just let the man be and do what he wants.

  41. strattz

    God damnit Adam, we need you back ASAP!!!!

  42. Emiel

    your so good adam! <3

  43. Dave Whelan

    great song !

  44. Bex Kite

    I love him <3

  45. Agustín Temporelli

    You better get a girlfriend. But in other way.

  46. Velvet Utopia

    A fine example of singing from the soul.

    Anna McCarty

    my absolute favorite cover of one of my favorite songs by an amazing man and singer/musician

  47. Santiago Figueroa

    hey babes ;)

  48. veroi

    THANK YOU for your video,lyrics ,great quality!!!just thank you!!!