Adam Gontier - We Will Never Forget Lyrics

There's threats in the truth, we deny it
We pray somehow, we can fight it
Oak trees with the breeze, yet still violent
Each time we hear cries, there is silence

We won't take life for granted
And we won't be afraid

We will never forget, and we will never let you down
When the moon lifts, and the sun sets, and the world spins around
All that I know, is that when we go, and our bodies touch the ground
We are far beyond the clouds

What's worth all the rage and the envy?
A burden to cross, but it's so heavy
All the fear that we have has been filed
In the heart, in the mind, of a child

So don't take life for granted,
And never be afraid

We will never forget, and we will never let you down
When the moon lifts, and the sun sets, and the world spins around
All that I know, is that when we go, and our bodies touch the ground
We are far beyond the clouds

Remember when we climbed the trees?
Remember when we ran free?
Why is it that we can't see
What this life really means?

I know what really matters
Cause I've got my memories
And I know what really matters
Cause I've got my memories

We will never forget, and we will never let you down
When the moon lifts, and the sun sets, and the world spins around
All that I know, is that when we go, and our bodies touch the ground

When the moon lifts, and the sun sets, and the world spins around
All that I know, is that when we go, and our bodies touch the ground,
We are far beyond the clouds
We are far beyond the clouds
We are far beyond the clouds

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Adam Gontier We Will Never Forget Comments
  1. Angel Lus

    I miss Adam with three days grace, I l never forget u too bro, I grew up listening to ur song, love u from manipur

  2. William Gerphy

    One of my two favorite vocalists is Adam + My Childhood Hero😍

  3. That One Weird Kid

    Rest In Peace, Three Days Grace. We Will Never Forget you.

  4. дед максим

    This is legend!!😘😍

  5. Artistic Outcast

    Adam is the cure to my lovesickness and depression

  6. Seven Grey

    Brazil together too Adam! <3

  7. SharpeR

    └📁Adam Gontier
    └📁 Bad Songs
    └⚠️ This folder is empty

    Máté Mondovics

    I seen this one before...

    Federico Corona

    2012: "New tdg album: Transit of venus"
    You: ":O"

    Quinton beck

    Saint asonia: see that's where you're wrong kiddo

  8. Betül Engin

    I feel like my end is very close, just so close. I need to cry and this helps me somehow.

  9. lexyyy

    can i get chords?

  10. Marwan Abd El-Ghany

    His voice makes me forget about anything

  11. Erica Green

    Hey Adam you are always on my mind I will never forget you you are a absolute best take care dear friend

  12. Shane Wolfe

    I love this x3

  13. Tounsi Islem

    i'm really falling in love with Adam because of his attractive voice

  14. Alex Toti

    When Adam left Three Days Grace I realised that the only thing i liked about the band was his voice. I never cared about the instruments even though they are pretty good. And that is why Three Days Grace has totally lost its place in my heart whereas Adam is one of my 2 inspirations in music and life in general. (The other one is Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day in case anyone is wondering).

    Wally Gade

    Alex Toti same

    Tristan Raymond

    oh dude, Adam was the fucking soul of tdg and without him they are just an empty shell.

    Quinton beck

    Dude you shouldn't listen to bands if that's how you look at them

  15. Andy W

    i dont like slow songs but he i smaking me crazy...i love you adam becouse of you i am not so lonely

  16. hasancan sermet

    Amazing ...

  17. Omar Castillo

    beautiful song I love his voice!

  18. Kyra Vink

    I always though this was Adam's song to say goodbye to TDG


    I could see it. I finally feel how he was saying he felt in TDG


    Kyra Vink he wrote it for us

  19. Santiago Garo

    So good, as always :D

  20. Damar Alexander

    this sounds like "leaving minessota"

    Desolate Sumo

    Sort of yeah


    Yes it does. I don't like leaving Minnesota

  21. Robert Goede

    What a wonderful song It´s pity that TDG has split, but life goes on and Adam makes a fine solo carrier. That´s life


    @Robert Goede They didn't split.. they just went they're separate ways


    +ThisIsCivic and the difference is?

    Michel Velkov

    +Robert Goede He's in Saint Asonia now. They released a much better album than the newest garbage of an Album called Human from TDG. Seriously though other members of TDG can be just happy, that Adam got them famous, because honestly there is no worthy replacement in this world for him, Matt should have stayed at his pop rock. As Benjamin Burnley proved, you can kick all other members of the band and hire new ones, AND release better songs. Adam will always be the main reason of TDG success, he is TDG.

  22. Ryan Fileger

    Adam is happy now guys he is married now he stop for reasons Heath conditions. He will still sing but not in rock n roll he is better now but he's not going back to TDG


    @Ryan Fileger Saint Asonia. his new band

    Сам Ши

    @OneRoadGamer and Saint Asonia is great. I love Adam and his new band very much

    Starvation AJ

    No he's back with rock. Check out Saint Asonia. I've honestly never seen him so happy with his new wife and band. I wish him so much luck. He's a god, going through drug abuse, then breaking with TDG, and having to put his life back on track. Love him so much.

  23. NoWayOut 3

    Saint Asonia

    Starvation AJ

    Saint Asonia is going to kill, Adam's happy, and they could not have chosen better guitarists and drummers for this band.

    NoWayOut 3

    @Starvation AJ Ye, now let's w8!

  24. leila rafaelle

    adoro essa voz

  25. mody T

    The new adam sucks ! Miss the old one 😢


    Saint asonia is awesome. It will be a legend lol

    Starvation AJ

    It's not "new" Adam, he just doesn't have the band backing him. He's doing rock again, Saint Asonia. :)))

  26. Grace Herzog

    I like the new album I really do but nothing compares to the old songs and wow I love adams new songs hes foing a great job. At firat I was skeptical but hes passing my expectations i love this guy

  27. M. H.

    LOVE THIS SONG & had always loved Adam.

  28. axel de soomer

    The new tdg album is good but i got a meeeh feeling because it doesnt feel like tdg :/

    Josh Taylor

    @rolando cristiano should have changed the band name when he left..


    totaly agree with that

    B. How

    @axel de soomer There are some songs that if you imagine Adam singing it sounds like them, So What is one of them.

    axel de soomer

    @Something, Something, Darkside. Yeah true

    Starvation AJ

    Change the band name? No.. Then we couldn't call the songs Adam did with TDG "Three Days Grace" if you get what I mean. There's 3 solid good albums that Adam did in TDG, Transit of Venus has a few songs, but when Adam isn't feeling the songs, neither do you );


    Many people listened to 3DG due to Adam's voice and his anger and pain songs

  30. bloody omen

    not so big on adams new stuff, but I still support him and what he's doing, wish he did stuff like the old tdg, but things change and that's cool, and matt has a similar enough voice for me to enjoy new tdg, but ill always remember the amazing songs by adam and its good hes doing what he likes :)

  31. Snoussi Dali

    Adam is good At anything : singing , writing songs playing guitares!! It As his choice to leave the band behind many other reasons ... But anyway i love Adam n i support for what ever he do cause we all have to support him that he continues his music.. But actually TDG is nothing without him ... Adam gontier if i could see You i would hug n never stop cause i really do like him so plz guys don't blâme him 😔

  32. NØFΛCE☿

    what the fuck is this bullshit....... ???????????????????????


    This, man, is true music. Yes, so many years hearing about its existance and you've finally bumped into it!


    First off ive never heard such horrible production in my life... the vocal layering makes him sound like a robot... this is shitty... and it sounds like a church song...

  33. jazzy18318

    Adam was amazing in Three days grace and hes amazing now. If you really care about him and his talent, you would support him :3

    Chase Hintermeister

    I refuse to listen to new 3DG, it won't ever be as good without him

    Chase Hintermeister

    I just can't. The only reason I liked the band was because of Adam. He is the vocals and the songwriter. I have heard I am machine on the radio and it doesn't compare to what they had back during one-x and life starts now. Adam is 3DG. Whether you like it or not. You can sit here and make all the comments you want calling me a fag or whatever but all u are doing is proving urself to be an ass who most likely only talks behind his computer screen. The others are good, but Matt from my darkest day just doesn't go with what the band was

    Ylenia Marqués

    @Chase Hintermeister i agree with you. I'm like the ones that say TDG is Adam and Adam is TDG. The song with matt have no sense and the ones Adam's solo are all love and sad love. The incredible mixture between love, hate, furious all of that that make you threw up you feelings has gone.
    Pls Adam come back :'(

    Spencer Stanley

    @Chase Hintermeister thank you! Couldn't have said it any better

  34. sam bergen

    liked you better in 3DG but you should do what you like 

  35. Tracy Ewasiuk

    adam your doing great by your sefl why you left three days grave I will never no but in tdg u guys made it so far plz go back

  36. ElizaGames

    Sigue con lo que te gusta!! :')

  37. Jeff har

    A melhor musica depois q ele saiu do Three Days Grace

  38. everly69

    he should stay with tdg he was so much better there

    Starvation AJ

    If you like Adam doing rock music, see Saint Asonia. It's going to kill..

  39. Javi Navarro

    omg,where do i can find his album?

  40. Musa Dursun

    forever   Adam Gontier.    I will never forge.

  41. duskshine4

    R.I.p robin Williams we will never forget u

  42. JustDisLike1

    And we will never let you down, after this I'm going to listen to "Let u down" =D

  43. JessY Sixx

    This song is just ... amazing. I love it and i love you Adam. This song saved my life..

  44. zaid amin

    adam is amazing no matter what

    Tracy Ewasiuk

    ya man his voice is the best thing

  45. Vojtech Höhn

    We Will Never Forget You, dude ... You changed our lifes...

    Rajavardhan Vadla

    fucking right

    Tracy Ewasiuk

    a rights

    Anonymous :

    I know.
    Adam made TDG. But Saint Asonia is awesome too. (Not as awesome as old TDG with Adam.)

  46. Kelly Poulin

    Thanks you for everything Adam. You saved me. <3


    His music saved me back in 2010. Now, a 29 year old guy lives his life on...

  47. Brandon Hunt

    I'm a huge 3DG fan, and I do miss the old 3DG but Adam on his own isn't that bad. This song is my favorite so far. It's not as good as the old 3DG, but it's better than painkiller by a long shot

  48. Jordan Buttrum

    Adam left for health reasons. When he was a part of TDG he was always angry, and it took a toll on his health. The deciding factor of him leaving aside from his health was that they were making music for the money and not for the love of music itself. Three days grace was my favorite band until Adam left, painkiller is a good song but it would 1,000x better with Adam singing it.

    Snoussi Dali

    +Jordan Buttrum


    @Snoussi Dali Actually, Adam DID leave because of health reasons. It was confirmed it wasn't life threatening, but he ALSO did say that he was moving on and letting Three Days Grace continue on without him. So, in theory, you're both right.
    Don't believe me? Look it up:

    Andy H's chanel

    @middlekoch "did leave"? "did say"? When I was learning the simple-past in my country I remember that you just can use the auxiliary "did" in negative sentences or questions... your comment is very well but your english not at all xD use google translate in some sentences if you can't find the right words, regards!!

    Сам Ши

    @Murphy can i ask you? Where are you from? (My english is bad too, i know)

    Andy H's chanel

    @Angel From Hell I'm from south america (Bolivia)

  49. Atanas Tumbalev

    Beautiful song

  50. ayoub benabid

    painkiller didn't kill the pain of having adam out of 3DG

    Anonymous :


    Stephen Doyle Parkour

    It numbed it though

  51. Xavier n1

    you miss us Adam...

  52. MABSGaming

    loved adam in tdg, but i've liked adam's solo songs so far. this one in particular i find can actually get to me sometimes. love all the anger from tdg and other more hardcore bands, but i like it when an artist admits he has a soul and can do something beautiful like this.

  53. Cait Snowdon

    I love Adam.He is my hero and his voice is so beautiful. I still like and admire him but i wish he return to 3DG.

    Tracy Ewasiuk

    yes adam is the best

  54. Masoq

    Where are the pain? Omg -__-

  55. Karel .Spiessens

    3DG was waaaaaay better, too bad you left.

  56. Ariciaga laseita

    Family change you and gontier loves his for sure influence by that

  57. December Sherwood

    I will never forget you Adam ;(


    does he have a yt channel?


    yes he does,, check out adznation

    Johnathan Neuro

    I mean.. at least he's not dead ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Red Screen

    ThisIsCivic solo album, now he's back for good in his band


    Jack mcenma i know

  58. mike martone

    Different, but awesome nonetheless..

  59. fallendarkangel bates

    3dg sometimes their songs where not theirs so most of the songs where adams songs so if he wants to do about love he can its fine he is amazing either way.

    Ben White

    he wrote almost all of the album "one-x" while he was in rehab, his wife also helped i believe

  60. The REKTifier

    Who here typed: We Will Never Forget Adam Gontier? :)

  61. matt of the7paths

    i say we let adam write what he wants. Writing about all those songs that focused solely on negative aspects has to take a toll. Let him sing about love! But personally, i'm not really...liking these new songs of his. Adam, you need to do your thing but make it catchy for your audience man. C'mon, don't let these new freedoms drive away your loyal fans (like me!!).

  62. Angelia Grant

    "I love adams music no matter where he is." This is what my 7 year old daughter just typed...

  63. Angelia Grant

    That's just it, Adam was tired of the pain. He decided to leave, due to health issues. And since he left, he's been gradually getting better. So for him, it's a refreshing change. Which I immensely respect. 

  64. bittersweetdefeat

    anyone know where i can buy this song????????

    Angelia Grant



    Angelia Grant

    welcome... :)

  65. Sourav Mukherjee

    i wish adam return to 3dg..but i love adam..i don't like this album so much bcuz all the song in this albom is about love but 3dg song is about pain, i wish that adam makes some hate songs..

    Humberto Bacon

    Over and over isn't a love song...


    This isn't even on a album. This is just a song that he wrote and recorded.

    Miss Ch

    @Sam Edenburn over & over isn't a love song but for his drugs addiction he wrote it when he was in Rehab 

    Starvation AJ

    Many of the songs in the album One-X were written during rehab, meaning he wrote them about his drug abuse and getting over it. Over and Over is not a love song. Neither is Lost in You, but they both could be interpreted as love songs.

    Jose Lujano

    +Starvation AJ hi I’m 2 years late to say Lost in you was not written when he was in rehab but a few years later for the next album

  66. Axel Olivares

    Adam Gontier el Mejor :3 Amo sus Canciones  

  67. Molnar Bertalan

    All the songs are fucking amazing!

  68. WithMyLittleSpoon


  69. Robin Jung

    Beautiful <3

  70. WithMyLittleSpoon


  71. Mollie Lemoine

    I love you so much Adam!!! Please put out an album soon! Does anyone know where I can purchase his new songs in the meantime?

  72. YourSecretFriend

    OMG, Adam is great. Three days grace without him sucks!

  73. carl guenter

    I agree 3days grace needs adam

  74. Ahmed Hussien

    when u cant see the dislike bar know that is adam ^^ love ya ur the best and we will never forget you.

  75. Eden BenZaquen

    This man saved my life so many times...

  76. BrightyAlbo

    Three Days Grace sucks without Adam :/

  77. Sir Jamesy Senkou CXV

    Adam's new songs are so good and so comforting that they actually make me cry happy tears. c: I love you Adam. ^-^ You saved me.

  78. TheSteems

    Are you always angry? I don't think so. Adam can't be angry all the time. Let him do what he wants.

  79. Salty

    Honestly I like this better than some of three days Grace's songs

  80. Zachary Peterson

    This!! <3

  81. Zachary Peterson

    Adam can fucking sing me to sleep!

  82. RyugaNerDragon Ra

    I suport Adam. I hate how people cone to bash on him. He left Three Days Grace for personal reasons. He is at his best from singing from the heart. Yeah, I love his hard rock songs but right now he's writing softer stuff. You never know what he will write next, I mean come on it's Adam we're talking about. I love his voice, it's beautiful and PASSIONATE. He's a passionate singer thats what makes him so good. Thats also why I will listen and enjoy his new music.

  83. Cole R.

    God douchebag who pissed in your cheerios this morning?

  84. MrRobinovitch

    Why are you bieng so hateful to someone you don't even know, that could be a 10 year old girl who just happens to like his music.. how insensitive of you, and how can this be annoying, why does other peoples comments even bother you the least?

  85. loay mohammad

    Adam this quiet music not suits you at all I think you were amazing in hard music like animal I have become and riot. I dont care if you left 3dg you are the best but I would like If you to sing something like the old way you do with 3dg

  86. jonathan yeoman

    Adam im following u even though u left threedaysgrace

  87. jonathan yeoman

    Adam left man tdg is never going to be the same

  88. Trey S.

    You act like this is adam who posted this on this youtube channel and as if you're talking to him when you write a comment. Idiot you do realize it's just some fan who posted it not Adam himself GOD People like you are so annoying why do people post comments lke they are actually writing to the singer.

  89. Kelli Ingram

    its not sad...because Adam is happy now!!

  90. Djoke LT

    i love this song adam Gontier was in a band three days grace its sad that hes left the band

  91. Caitlyn Willingham

    This song is just so beautiful and so true and just way to go Adam you are my idol even after you broke up with three days grace you are just an amazing person and I truly wish I could meet you in real life you just so kind and you love your fans and you just one heck of a person thank you bunches Adam love you

  92. Xenon Williams

    People he is not going back. Get over it and be happy he is doing what he enjoys

  93. Finn Shah

    i really really really hope nobody will dislike this song...

  94. Kyrstye Celmer

    Fantastic song! Really really amazing :)

  95. Tiffani Wright

    I always get goose bumps when i listen to Adam's beautiful voice <3

  96. Josh Taylor

    Fuck this good.. Put this on iTunes so I can buy it..

  97. Prolly datboi WinkWonk

    Guys, Adam is amazing by himself.

    Just be happy for him.

  98. xXDaBurnerXx

    yeah! Adam please, please, please go back. TDG is not the same without you!

  99. Ahmed A.maksood

    Simply amazing