Adam Gontier - Try To Catch Up With The World Lyrics

Sam, the weak accomplice,
He knew he had a choice,
He always startled easily,
With the sound of ever voice,

A pocket full of excess,
They take and take and take,
Left him with a trigger pointed,
Staring at his shakes,

And it goes on,
And it goes on,

She was given nothing,
But their selfish lack,
They sleep with one eye open,
‘Cause they know she’s coming back,

But she will wait her turn,
Absent from concern,
The furnace inside her,
It burns and burns and burns,

And it goes on,
And it goes on,

Weaklings never practice,
What they preach,
They cower down below,
That’s what you call defeat,
And in their darkest hour,
It’s hard to breathe,
We try to catch up with the world,
But we’re so far out of reach

We’re so far out of reach

Leaning in the dark,
Stands this faked man,
Slicing her with is words,
Always grabbing her with his hands,

And it goes on,
And it goes on,

Weaklings never practice,
What they preach,
They cower down below,
That’s what you call defeat,
And in their darkest hour,
It’s hard to breathe,
We try to catch up with the world,
But we’re so far out of reach

I wish I had warned you,
Of this broken path,
With each step you take,
You know there’s no turning back,

Weaklings never practiced,
What they preach,
They cower down below,
That’s what you call defeat,
And in their darkest hour,
It’s hard to breathe,
We try to catch up with the world,
But we’re so far out of reach,

We try to catch up with the world,
We try to catch up with the world,
We try to catch up with the world,
But we’re so far out of reach

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Adam Gontier Try To Catch Up With The World Comments
  1. Lukas Boch

    Can somoone Tell me WHY He now left 3dg? (I Like the new Albums too but i still am sad that He went away)

    Siam K

    He left like in 2013. 3dg released two albums without him. He left because of personal differences and will likely release new music with his new band Saint Asonia soon.

  2. Word Torres

    I wish I would have warned u bout me

  3. Silas Kowal

    Hey! A song sung by adam that i can sing with!!! In most of his songs he goes super high... idk if you guys noticed that but to me that alone is impressive. THEN add the fact that he can control his razp just as easily in his high notes...... damn! How did he ever get so good?

  4. Christian Reynolds

    Everyone shut the fuck up about him leaving can't you see he wasn't happy with three days grace and he needed a new start and he is doing fantastic so just stop fucking haters

  5. TotalLunatic 47

    the 3dg now is my darkest days saint asonia IS 3dg plan and simple

  6. Kevin Guerra

    I came from the future and this a Saint Asonia song

  7. ziggysWRLD

    this brings me back to the times were i was finding out who i really was inside but i prefer the saint asonia version

  8. Darkmare

    saint asonia!

  9. Cyril #312

    Can listen it thousands times.

  10. danielle versteeg

    adam gontier , my opinion , best singer ever


    I agree 100%

    Sister Grimm

    Amen to that :)

  11. Krystal Woody


  12. midnightstrike3625

    I like this version, but I think I like the Saint Asonia version better because of the tone of desperation in his voice; and the guitars sound more fleshed out and organic with the way it was produced. This is great too, but the production isn't that good/

    Hollow Bones Films

    it like this version better because the acoustic nature works better with the sad tone of song.

  13. So Much Peanut

    adam gontiers voice is just so amazing <3

  14. FunkySasukeCat

    Saint Asonia

  15. Sofia B

    I like this more than Saint Asonia's version.. but maybe it's just because Adam was still in 3DG, when he wrote this song.

  16. FullMetalWrestling

    This will be on Saint Asonia's album

  17. Ryan Fileger

    Seems like Adam has become a Christian.

    Ausar Veliaht

    +Ryan Fileger nope hes becomed hindu

  18. Kathy Hill

    Stayfrosty 117 yes he is so much better.

  19. Thaynara Maciel

    Feels so good seeing people supporting Adam. I'm proud of him and I'm proud of you too.

  20. Ahmed Abdel Salam

    adam could you please get back to three days grace :/

    Sofia B

    He wont... but he has a new band called 'Saint Asonia'. But maybe you checked it out :)

  21. Javier Lopez

    When is his album going to come out?

    Damar Alexander

    it's out already

  22. Oswaldo Castro

    Holy shit this song gave me chills but the good kind

  23. moldycakemix

    Beautiful song!

  24. giovanni strock

    the amazing song

  25. VinceZro

    I know people will hate me for this, and I expect hate comments ( gulp ) but, honestly I think Adam is better without three days grace although three days grace is worse without him. I love Adams new songs so very much I just do, and if I had to choose a side it would be a little like this: Adam>Three days Grace

    Ryan Fileger

    I agree man, he is actually better with them he is a better person now.

    Lunar Nepneus

    @RoZ SounD I like one x too much, these songs are good, but that album is just.......childhood


    And look at that he's got himself a band XD

    Ev L

    @RoZ SounD And they released this song with it XD

    Stephen Mitchell

    That's not entirely fair. New TDG is mediocre, but Saint Asonia's album was equally mediocre, with this song and a few other legitimately good songs. The truth is I think everyone would prefer him to rejoin Barry, Neil, and Brad.

  26. KID EAZY

    This man saved my life


    @Games&cia i was suicidal 3 years ago and even tryed to commit suicide atleast 12 times but none of em went threw guess god told me it wasnt my time and when i started to listen to adam gontier in his three days grace days it helped me stop self harming and the suicide thoughts just the power in his voice and his songs was like he knew what i was going threw now its safe to say im officially clean from all that shit


    @Games&cia say what you want but this is how he saved my life

    Damar Alexander

    +KID EAZY I'm through the same situation at least as far as my depression goes, and every time I hear his music I feel way better

    Cyril #312

    Same... In certain way. From desease. He helped me to find the strengt to fight against.

    Jiri Sal

    If you tried to commit suicide 12 times and you still breating, then you didn't actually want to die. Still his voice is awesome and 3dg are not the same without him.

  27. duskshine4

    I'm falling asleep to this damn y Adam: )

  28. Ariana Bostick

    I love this song Adam should re-join Three Days Grace he is an amazing singer Three Days Grace just isn't the same without him I actually cried wen I found out he left the band

    Ultimate Trash Potato

    I hope he comes back too, but I think that wont happen :/


    @Ultimate Trash Potato It never gonna happen and you replied to a comment left here 5 years ago.

    Ultimate Trash Potato

    @Eben You replied to an 8 month old comment, what's your point? And yes, I know it won't happen but everyone can have their dreams/opinions, and my opinion is that Three Days Grace were better with Adam.

  29. Chris Sciberras

    Adam has made a huge impact on my life. His music hits home and he is a huge inspiration to me as a singer/songwriter/guitarist myself. With/without three days grace, adam gontier will always be one of my idols

    Damar Alexander

    same here man

  30. Zack Austin

    Without Adam, Three Days Grace is simply lacks a soul. Adam brought Three Days Grace to life. In my opinion, Adam himself is, in a way, Three Days Grace.

  31. Matheus Fabio

    he is my inspiration too, changed my life, I am no longer the same as five years ago, when I heard "I hate everything about you": 'D

  32. ThreeDaysOfDan

    Maybe, butt here last album was polarizing.. I have to say the high road and unbreakable heart are my favorite songs by them.. and I cant stand expectations.. and as much as i like the sign of the times it gets to repetitive at the end like they only wrote half a song and decided to loop the last lyrics.. i give you what you need! * music * i give you what you need!* music... and it really destroys the tone of what was other wise an amazing song about the apocalypse..

  33. ThreeDaysOfDan

    I would shake your hand because you reflect my life better than any mirror or video...

  34. undoe311

    I love it..Adam rocks!!!! ♥

  35. Joseph Lampo

    I would've loved to hear this song sung by Layne Staley !!!

  36. scott fletcher

    Eh...not to good. Pretty boring, lyrically and musically. Just bad.

  37. A1 Sauce

    because he needed to move on, it was his point in life to make a new start. and look at three days grace they've become a band that's only about the money.

  38. Joao Carlos

    not really "new", check out the date when this was uploaded.

  39. hilebard

    Try to ketchup with the world :3

    club penguin

    hilebard XD

  40. Lionheart Bikerchain

    That was not the reason.

  41. sem nome

    Estou tão acostumado com Adam Gontier no TDG que esperava por um gritão na parte que a música fica mais agitada mas de boa também curti.
    Brasil love you ADam Gontier

  42. Joao Carlos

    Anyone has a tab for this song?

  43. Nick Gilbert

    Adam your the bomb yo!

  44. Ryan Mars Hall

    Sam Baggins?

  45. Ashley Williams

    Perfection! Love this song! I am sooo addicted!

  46. ThreeDaysAwesome

    Such a good song Adam

  47. Kinetic Keenan

    who cares?

  48. Kinetic Keenan

    the weak accomplice

  49. Leo Grimes

    LOL No wonder it sounded like he we-ka-links, he said weak links -.-

  50. Ximna

    Isn't he saying "Weak links" and not "Weaklings"? He wrote it like that on his FaceBook status... -.-

  51. emily daley

    Perfect, Adam <3

  52. Nico Jormalainen

    Must say this is the best song Adam has written since 3DG self-titled. I'm actually pretty glad he decided to leave the band. Don't get me wrong, I like all of their albums but their self-titled is still the best one for me and I really think that as solo artist he can truly express himself, now he can write what he wants without anyone holding him back with their opinions.

  53. fuckut2b85

    Matt might be temporary but it doesnt seem like Adam will be back to 3 Days Grace. He is done with 3 Days Grace, Adam has said 3DG was about the money and radio play. Adam has said that his last album only had 1 or 2 songs that held any meaning the rest was for radio play and fans. I guess that is why Venus was available on sound cloud for download several weeks before the album came out.

  54. namjoongh

    Adam is so fucking rh4ednskt4r,mfd. if you know what I mean.

  55. namjoongh

    wow, chill. I think he just wrote a little wrong. look at the keyboard, the "n" and "m" is next to each other, just in case you didn't know.

  56. cristina cacchillo

    I like it.. Hurry up with your CD!

  57. Alf A. Romeo

    I remember reading in one of his Facebook posts that he didn't like the musical direction the band was taking, citing that only one or two songs off of "Transit of Venus" were written with feelings that they actually felt opposed to feelings that were feigned in order to give their listeners something to relate to and, in turn, buy from them. Consequently, it turned out to be my least favorite album and I now listen to nothing but the first three.

  58. tdgnaruto agbaria


  59. JayT Kay

    I just peed

  60. midnightstrike3625

    he already has a solo career, that's what this is from. He also says in one of his fb posts that he is

  61. Fábio Pereira

    he left the band due to a health condition. no one said he was going solo

  62. Ronny Cepeda

    Adam, the words I will say came out of my heart, Three Days Grace is not the same without you, you inspired me to continue with my life when I was in trouble, you told me ''Its Never Too Late'', Adam with your lyrics, your songs and especially with your words, you gave me strength to continue in this world where no one sees me... Adam Gontier! I'm proud of say that YOU are me inspiration! Adam Gontier! best vocalist, songwriter and person in the world! :'D

  63. Ronny Cepeda

    Adam always know how to catch us with him's songs

  64. thanos mcthiccums

    Adam left 3TD :'( The lead singer of Shinedown is taking his place. 3TD and Shinedown are goin on your February. So sad :(

  65. Tahlee Bree

    Where he said 'This is why........' hahaha.

  66. Jake Higgins

    Damn typos..but still ADAM is amazing, end of story :)

  67. BelfryDuck

    hehehe - 12 other people thumbed up this comment before you pointed this out

  68. ArcTiCxVodka

    he is your favorite singer and you can't spell his name.. lol

  69. Santiago Guitart

    replay button is broken

  70. Not_a_potato_

    So is this going on Transit Of Venus?

  71. Javier Lopez

    Has any one thought about why is Adam singing by him self I think he wants to sing solo :(

  72. M2theD

    first slide of lyrics.. 'ever' = EVERY!!! c:

  73. Tahlee Bree

    After he said "This is why". It said "This is why ADAN is my all-time blah blah''
    see it now? c:

  74. Vault Dweller

    @KishinAsura Oh yeah i see now

  75. KishinAsura

    Check the top comments =P

  76. Vault Dweller

    Pretty good

  77. Vault Dweller

    What.. Where the hell do you see his name spelled "Adan"?

  78. Vault Dweller

    It's not a Three Days Grace song, it's just a song from Adam.

  79. Jake Higgins

    Damn you typos and bad eyes!1 haha :P

  80. Tahlee Bree

    if he was your favorite singer, you could no his name is ADAM.
    *insert angry meme face*

  81. Sadulina

    ADAM!! thank ys so much!!

  82. Jake Higgins

    Such a beautiful song. This is why Adan is my all-time favorite singer :)

  83. Mirabella Jones

    i love adam

  84. DannysDoos

    This is literally perfect.

  85. Tary Taillon

    Adam , you are just flawless ! I love it !

  86. chaz lacey

    Not very new actually. His wife wrote this...