Adam Gontier - Too Drunk To Drive Lyrics

You're too drunk to drive
But you came here anyway
You're lucky to be alive
I think that you should stay
All the love that I gave you
And all the promises that were made to you

I'm so glad that you came here
We could take this from the start
This long distance thing
Is tearing us apart
All that you gave me
Didn't come straight from you heart

You don't have to lie
I know what you said
Here's the knife
Stick it to your friends
All the love that I gave you
And all the promises that were made to you

I'm so glad that you came here
We could take this from the start
This long distance thing
Is tearing us apart
All that you gave me
Didn't come straight from you heart

Your too drunk to drive
But you came here anyway
Your lucky to be alive
I think that you should stay...

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Adam Gontier Too Drunk To Drive Comments
  1. Angel of Death

    starts like the song Drive-Incubus

    Henry Coldrain

    Sir nice observations from you

  2. Jen

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  3. 4 Powerstroke

    This song is not a cover.

  4. Dev Ananas

    I really miss this adam gontier...

  5. Anonymous 27

    I love this song, Adam has the best voice. Three Days Grace is the best, he was amazing when he was in TDG...I don't really like his new solo stuff, but I will admit that this is a great song.

  6. Kathy Hill

    how do you just way away from a artist like adam. .I'm sure you miss his words as much as I do after looking at stuff tonight  I don't think he well be back .  give him his space with some hope hell be back ..I really miss his words...

  7. ytrmful

    i love his music.always he is on my mind. 

  8. supersami100

    this is the best song adam has ever made.period. 

    The Adventures of Private Dummy

    its a cover

    The Adventures of Private Dummy

    but still good

  9. Adam GontierHeadquarters

    Great videos you are sharing with Adam's fans!

  10. Robin Jung

    Wow! Lovin this!

  11. Mindi Weissman


  12. Raymond Burkhardt excrement, should have stayed with 3DG

  13. spookynewts

    fuck you

  14. spookynewts

    its comin out december 31

  15. RainyWolves

    For the people asking he sold this cd on his solo tour with Martin Sexton :)

  16. supersami100

    he's better solo. it might not be the best quality but he has no recording studio. this awesome song is all real no autotune.

  17. Zonon Dary

    The guitar and some parts sound like Drive from Incubus.. No offense to Adam, I like Incubus :P

  18. Kelli Ingram

    My grandmother was killed by a drunk driver.

    Henry Coldrain

    I'm sorry

  19. hilebard

    Then you have no ears.

  20. Krys Kane

    This song sucks so far not digging his solo work

  21. JATAC Parkour

    Parts of the song sounds like drive by incubus

  22. Kelli Ingram

    shame on you for saying that....clean your own doorstep before you ever accuse him of anything like that again.

  23. monsieurbreakyourpc

    he performs backstage :')

  24. Lancel L

    He sucks without tdg he prolly is back on drugs and went crazy so he left the band

  25. sky lights

    his voice is great, but this is not 3DG's rock i'm used to and it sucks!

  26. Amalia García

    is the same that groundswell but is beautiful each day more !!!!! we love u4ever!

  27. Halwest Kahraman

    when the album comes out. is it only accustic?

  28. Kathy Hill

    Supernat yes i get wut you mean his voice tells alot about him,

  29. Kathy Hill

    they obviously have an inside slot to the tunes :) nice. just get that cd going

  30. Supernatural6666

    Amazing song reminds me why i listened to tdg because of his voice amazing voice. I am glad that adam is still going to continue singing. Good luck adam on your solo career.

  31. ThisIsCivic

    no sorry .. but he did say sometime this year

  32. Chandler Griffin

    whens hiis new album coming out? anybody know.

  33. pitchblacksuperdarkh

    cant wait for the album

  34. Kathy Hill

    Adam is awesum, I just hope he heals and cums back one can replace him..

  35. DoorMan

    i don't ever want adam to quit singing. he is my inspiration, my favorite role model. he has meant so much to my life since i was 7, his lyrics that came from his heart has always effected me. and always positively.

  36. brandonmkwebb

    Eh, Matt's a great singer. Just not when it comes to the stuff that is more fit for Adam's voice.

  37. Angelique Reyes

    Don't worry Matt's only temporally in Three Days Grace

    Michelle LaFaille

    Angelique Reyes , i agree matt sucks, i hope adam comes back soon

  38. Angelique Reyes

    Yes it does I don't know how much longer I can wait

  39. Metalhead1994

    His album needs to come sooner I love his music

  40. brandonmkwebb

    Can someone give me chords to this? please :(

  41. Trunks1stApprentice

    Adam will be missed. The new Three Days Grace singer just doesn't do the band any good. But I'm glad Adam chose to keep going.

  42. Death Ink

    Adam You are the best :) #adam take care

  43. Curtis McDonald

    He sounds a little drunk when he introduced the song.

  44. persephonespalace

    Not to be correcting grammar for lyrics on youtube but it's YOU'RE. As in 'You are too drunk to drive." I say this with total love and respect. :)

  45. ThreeDaysAwesome

    adam is my hero. his music helps me alot

  46. Rosie Segura

    oh my god.. speechless...

  47. Lauren L

    hey just wonder can get mp3 of adam gontier songs? :) if not thanks again

    email:[email protected]

  48. kara j

    i love it, Adam is always amazing

  49. Kegan Reder

    my heart was ruined by distance.

  50. Buli S

    Dear Mr. Gontier. You Have changed. Also your voice has changed and thank you for everything btw. Keep up the work and cheers.

    P.S. nobody really cares about what you did... about the bad breakup and all that... we don't really care that much :/ ... so dont worry, we still get your artistic freedom :)

  51. Aleyna Uçan

    Fazla iyi

  52. TheMixu92


  53. Joanne Hall


  54. Evair Velez

    ele é phoda