Adam Gontier - Take Me With You Lyrics

If I could just try to reach out from the dark
To put my dizzy head beside my heart
And if I could just lie in silence here for a while
I'd picture all the times you made me smile...

I want you to know...

That if you go, you'll take a piece of me
The world I know would be brought down to its knees
And a pain inside would be too much for me to bear
So if you have to leave,
Promise that you take me with you there

If we could just stop time from going so fast
We take the moments in and we make them last
And if we could just try to look back at our lives
Back when we were young and we felt so alive

I want you to know...

That if you go, you'll take a piece of me

The world I know would be brought down to its knees
And a pain inside would be too much for me to bear
So if you have to leave,
Promise that you take me...

I'll do my best to move on
Try my hardest to be strong
But I know you're always beside me
And every lonely road I walk on
Will hear me singing this song
'Cause it reminds me of you

If I could pretend
Pretend it's a dream
It's not as bad as it seems

If you go, you'll take a piece of me
The world I know would be brought down to its knees
And a pain inside would be too much for me to bear
So if you have to leave,
Promise that you take me...
And if you have to leave,
Promise that you take me with you there

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Adam Gontier Take Me With You Comments
  1. tiger girl 9000

    This song made me cry

  2. HULUL Gang

    I feel you man

  3. Sara Brady

    I want him to release an official version of this with saint asonia.

  4. Thatboi HEE

    9 people don’t want to take Adam with them lol

  5. Badappe Channel

    I cried on this song. Interesting. I never cry on songs.

  6. Brandon Bartz

    This song had me crying. Such a beautiful sentiment.

  7. João Pedro Castro

    Listen and sing this beautiful song, adam rocks !

  8. Ghostly vibes

    my friend Savana is moving away again for the second time I haven't seen her since we were in like 3-4 grade we're fifteen now and I gave her my necklace and I really never got to say goodbye for the first time in so many years I was really hoping for a hug and for her to tell me goodbye I'll miss you so much

  9. EM Akcay

    Çok fazla hata yapmışsın ama olsun güzel olmuş okan

  10. 2004

    The Best In The World

  11. 2004

    Vay be Türkler baya seviyo bunu herhalde

  12. Javier Gonzalez

    Somebody knows where I can buy this song? i didn't found it on itunes :(

    aurora G

    Javier Gonzalez do you still need to download it?

  13. Noctifer Eveningstar

    Tyson Stevens take me with you

  14. Darren Dorgan

    before st asonia did adam make a album or these songs
    available for download

    alex telinda

    he did not make an album and idk you can download them I'm sure

  15. Jason Hensley

    I loved three days grace with him now I love Saint asonia

    Mariana Molina

    You love adam's voice

  16. Jason Hensley

    This song is amazing

  17. tourtlez t

    honestly he is just so amazing he can go from a band to being solo for a little while and then go back to a band after a few years and his voice is still so amazing and this song is absolutely incredible

  18. Krystal Woody

    😢 i miss Adam 💖


    +Krystal Woody Search for Saint Asonia new band... and you will be surprise who's the Singer.

    Krystal Woody

    Lol Adam? :p


    Yea he join in a new band Called Saint Asonia, they just make an album awesome one, you should listen.

    Krystal Woody

    +XdisaterX hell yea. I'm gonna check that out. thanks :)

  19. zachary Dearden

    I wanna sing this to someone very special in my heart but I can't sing

    Kenneth Aviles

    Lol same


    I want ths song to be played at my funeral.

    Johnny Blaze

    Do you say that because you've tried? If you haven't then just start calmly, don't worry about getting it perfect on the first try because that almost never happens. The best thing you can do is just try your best and use passion and energy in your voice, and I'm sure your special someone will love it.

  20. Tenebris Fractum

    Can anyone get sheet music for this? I desperately need a piano version for this


    same here!

  21. Courtney Pearce

    This song made me cry :'(

    Krystal Woody

    same here

  22. Thrills & The Chase

    Meet Mona, the redhead damsel in distress.

  23. DaddyLikesBeer


  24. DaddyLikesBeer

    this song reminds me of my Grandpa and rabbits :(

  25. Angel Rose

    i think i have played this song 20 times :) i love this song (i love and suport adam but i support three days grace too)

  26. Brianna Zepeda

    This song reminds me of the one person I loved and he's gone now he will always be in my heart I love you Tyler Graves ♥ R.I.P 03.06.97-01.03.14 ♥♥ I love you ♥

    Dark Inconclusive

    Sorry for your loss

    Julián David Castaño Cano

    +Erwin Hilgers Oh my God two years late of your post. #KeepStrong

    Wolf 12

    Brianna Mendoza I'm sorry😔. I think he was a great person

    Thatboi HEE

    I know this is late but is Tyler the guy in your profil pic? Also sorry for you lost

  27. Liveforthreedaysgrac

    ADAM'S BACK YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Caitybug8795

    Also it's not Adam doesn't sound the same without 3DG it's 3DG doesn't sound the same without Adam end of story!

  29. Caitybug8795

    Luv adam he is amazing and I agree screw Matt Adam is legend and three days grace is nothing without Adam

  30. DJx340x

    He doesn't sound the same without TDG....Please Adam...Come back...We miss youuu

  31. Samanta Nicola

    Listen Adam alone, makes me miss 3dg with him ):

  32. Jorge Andrés Calhuante Villegas

    Please check it out one moment of your lifes


  33. Elric Larson

    Three days grace is Adam with people who play instruments. He is legend. Fuck Matt. He didn't take Adams spot, those songs were Adam and no one compares to him.

  34. Skylar Thomas

    I love this song and his voice so much!!

  35. strawberry jellies

    Adam has such a beautiful voice. His own songs he writes make me cry every time I listen to them. I luv adam

  36. Abdulrahman Alrekabi

    My uncle died and this song remindes me of him I cant stop crying

  37. werdism

    I agree..

  38. werdism

    It's happened to me as well but you have to move on.. You have the bad days and the good.. Just remember there are always other fish in the sea.. If you are drinking, I consider quitting.. It only makes depression worse even though it numbs the pain.. I've struggled with alcoholism..

  39. Shaddix4LiFe

    He has such a beautiful voice.

  40. Emily Camacho

    Gontier! Eres perfecto *-*

  41. Clarissa Ribeiro


  42. Melancholy

    Amazing .His voice is unique :)

  43. xAfter -Mkaram

    good :)

  44. borja palmero

    I remember when Adam said something like: "Man, I can't right pretty songs"
    Wow, what a change.

  45. Anna Afanasjev

    you're not the only one,believe me...
    amazing song,amazing artist and (!) true message ;)

  46. Eryniu Eryniu

    I lost my real love.... Its all my foult ... I can not do anything about it .... i will never forgive myself.... I want to kill myself because I never forgive myself that I lost my greatest treasure.....

  47. Romulo Cabrera

    This was uploaded one day after my b day

  48. Brenda Hernandez

    You have to cry on this c':

  49. holly tippe

    When will this be on iTunes???

  50. Taka Marqz

    Hermosa Cancion!

  51. Random Drunken Serb

    Such a beautiful song. I can't stand it without crying.

  52. Nessa Shadows

    this song has me crying like a little bitchhhhhhhh!! i love etttt

  53. Czarny Kot

    It's a pity that you will not go back to 3DG. I miss...Who also misses?

  54. Lee Clark

    FUCK YEA ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. M Katz

    pensamos igual! 3DG y ADAM HASTA LA MUERTE!



  57. Robyn Stam

    Adam will always has a special place in my heart♥

  58. Camilo Guerra

    Gontier The best forever:(