Adam Gontier - She Saves Me Lyrics

You know, you know what I've spoken
All that matters is forgotten
You know, you know what you cost me
You turned your back and now you lost me
You went to hide while she saves me

With the breath that she gave me
She touches from above
It comes from all the love
And it saves me, she saves me

I know, I know you're so sorry
Well, it's too late and it's too haunting
You know, you know, you know my story
Can't take it back, it's too daunting
And now you're running away

(While she saves me
With the breath that she gave me
She touches from above
It comes from all the love
And she saves me, she saves me) [X2]
And she saves me

You watched me fall, slowly fading
Slowly sinking, all the while I was thinking
You help me, now I'm on my feet
You're looking weak
You're such a cheat, you're such a cheat
It wasn't you, it was her that saved me

With the breath that she gave me
She touches from above
It comes from all the love
While she saves me, she saves me
While she saves me

With the breath that she gave me
She touches from above
It comes from all the love
While she saves me, she saves me
And she saves me...

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Adam Gontier She Saves Me Comments
  1. hank holland

    lol i may be screwed up I still like Adam and I like Matt so we still have both just with different bands so..I guess thats a big plus? Don't ya think?

    Mega Rockstar

    Yeah, kinda, yeah. I prefferd Adam better in TDG, but I still don't understand all the hate towards Matt after 6 years. They are both doing great in their new bands

  2. pain Inside

    this song is amazing I don't know why there is 4 thumbs down

  3. Marianna

    I wish I would be the one who saved you :(((( <3

  4. Shane Wolfe

    I've loved his voice since I was 14. I'm gonna be 18 in December. I still fricking love his voice. And his lyrics. And his music. And goddamn he's just amazing

    Shane Wolfe

    Yeah, he's my hero. I probably would have ran away or started cutting if I didn't find three days grace. Like it's weird but he is the only musician I feel like would actually get me. Like I usually hate to say I feel like I know a person I've never met, but shit I feel like I get this guy.

    Raven Lunatic

    @Shade Wolfe I get you. I feel like he is really the only person who does get me. I mean shit, nobody else cares about my issues that they speak to me about it, but Adam sings to me about it. He's so talented and so special, he is an amazing person.

    Shane Wolfe

    Exactly :) I struggle to communicate my feelings. I don't feel like it's 100% safe to do so. But Adam makes it look so... Possible... So maybe... If he can do it, I can too?
    So many of his songs struck so close to home
    And even the ones that didn't relate to me
    Helped me along the way

    I just... Look up to him so much... Even through the drug addiction phase... It sounds like he went through hell... And now he's singing songs like this... Hopeful and happy music... Motivational music... He seems so strong, I hope to be like that when I'm older. I want to be emotionally open and strong. Maybe I can't do that yet, and maybe I'm not confident in my abilities, but I want to be stronger. And I want to be brave enough to make something of myself one day... I want to make my identity in the world...

    I'm just me.
    My name isn't special. Yet.
    And I'm sure when Adam was younger he couldn't imagine ever being considered "Adam Gontier"... He probably looked in the mirror and saw just another person trying to fight his way out of the masses... If that makes sense... Like my name has been given to me but there's no identity to it yet... Adam created the identity to his name
    He made his mark on the world... And he's inspiring me to try and make my own mark as well

    I hope that one day people look up to me the way I look up to Adam. I hope that I make the identity to my name. Until then I'll work hard to not fall under the radar. Because if I get stomped down, none of my dreams will ever come true

    And maybe just maybe
    If I stop dreaming
    And try to start doing...
    I can become something worth a name?

    Because I can't be special until I prove myself, so therefore I must strive to prove my worth to the world
    And maybe years down the road from here
    I'll have created my identity finally
    And I'll be looking back, surprised, that I actually succeeded. And if that day ever comes. I'll be so thankful for everything that steered me in that direction

    Raven Lunatic

    @Shade Wolfe You never know unless you try, see where life takes you. Just like Adam said, it's always changing. Continue to follow your heart and do what you love. We never know what the next horizon will look like, but whatever it is, it's probably meant to be. I'll keep on listening to this wonderful person and I'll get inspired as always. Maybe one day we'll be able to change people's lives the way he does.

    patrick grondines

    he sure does

  5. Reaken Music

    This is so about Jeannie


    I’m pretty sure Naomi helped him write it when they were still together so I kind of doubt that lol

  6. Kate Webb

    i just died and went to heaven! like wow! amazing song adam! amazing voice. and its very much appreciated here! im a huge fan and i would love to meet adam all the way down here in the uk.essex. and obviously i would love to meet the three days grace band members to. they were and are amazing and i would literally die if i meet them!!!!!!

  7. Adam GontierHeadquarters

    Great videos, keep them coming!!

  8. Tulio B

    Amazing song.

  9. JotaPe469

    I really want him to come back to TDG , but what i can say ? he's awesome with or without the band, what makes me sad is that i love the band, but im not "following" them anymore because of this.

  10. Cascha_A

    where you get this ?

    i want buy it

  11. Raymond Burkhardt

    It sucks!

  12. SnortimerJones

    Awesome song

  13. SnortimerJones


  14. sam hutton

    I can't believe how bad his solo music actually is. I know he was the main song writer in Three days Grace, but he wrote a lot better music back then. Fact.

  15. Adam Mcateer

    Adam gontier legend

  16. TheShadowstalker11

    Pure talent.

  17. Joe Hallam

    whoo 90th liker :D
    man I love your music adam, keep it up!
    anyone know when he will release his solo album ?

  18. strawberry jellies

    I luv you adam so much:')

  19. Skattyx

    Most epic song!! Gontier 4 Ever

  20. Eray FİDAN

    tr altyazısını yapmayı düşünüyorum,süper

  21. Kutluhan Manisalı

    harika !!

  22. MrMasonx742

    amazing just amazing.

  23. Amayrani Pedraza

    This is so beautiful! his voice is awesome!! ♥

  24. Emre S.

    Tek kelime,mükemmel !

  25. Jenna

    This is so beautiful, but it's nothing like the rough sound of three days grace. However, it's so uplifting and beautiful.