Adam Gontier - It's All In Your Hands Lyrics

Reach for my hand
As you fall in the dark
Imprinted on me
You have left your mark
I wanna keep you safe
And run to where you are
Lost out in the sea
I will be your ark
I will be your ark...

Take the sky and take the land
Take the moon and the stars
It's all in your hands
All of my soul, it feels so empty
But this whole in my heart feels so heavy

It's you that shines the light
And all of this time
You are always with me
You're everything that's right
I know when you're scared
You're fighting to be brave
I wish that you could see
That it's you I'm trying to save
It's you I'm trying to save...

Take the sky and take the land
Take the moon and the stars
It's all in your hands
All of my soul, it feels so empty
But this whole in my heart feels so heavy

(Whoa, whoa)
Heavy (whoa, whoa)
Heavy (whoa, whoa)
Heavy (whoa, whoa)

Take the sky and take the land
Take the moon and the stars
It's all in your hands
All of my soul, it feels so empty
But this whole in my heart feels
This whole in my heart feels
This whole in my heart feels so heavy

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Adam Gontier It's All In Your Hands Comments
  1. tiger girl 9000

    I fell in with song in 2013

  2. Metalhead/Matt Fraioli

    All of my soul, It feels so empty, but this hole in my Heart feels so heavy

  3. Orang

    Is this a cover or...

  4. Hafsa Benmessaoud

    I would like to sing it to my friend

  5. That sensitive psychopath

    was going thru my old stuff and found a paper I printed for these lyrics, at the time I was in a dark place and was a teen 'strugglin', I felt like the song spoke to me and Adam Gontier was my favorite person back then, I am not sure why I am even typing this but just as this memory triggered so many emotions in me and made me feel the time had passed, I figured I'd probably in a few more years would also find this comment and use it to mark my life and remember the fleeting days of my adulthood as I did with my teenagehood lol.


    :,) I feel the same way about Adam Gontier, especially with the One-X album. He will always hold a special place in my heart. I've loved TDG since I was 12 and now, more than ten years later, I still love Adam. His voice reminds me of the pain and innocence associated with being a teenager. And now that I am in a better place, I'd love for this song to be played at my wedding if I get married some day. It's crazy how much music impacts us through the different phases of life.

  6. Alex Wallace

    I just want to say I really like this song I wish it was on iTunes and I could listen to it all day long

  7. Cold Agony

    This hole in my heart feels so heavy...


    Cold Agony
    Whole actually make more sense

    Cold Agony

    Naftaliten No it wouldn't. Do you know the difference between hole and whole?
    "Hole" is a noun that refers to a hollow place. Remembering that 'hole' and 'hollow' both start with an 'h' is a good way to remember the difference.
    "Whole" can be a noun referring to something that is complete, but is more commonly used as an adjective describing a noun that is complete.

  8. Starwars Fanboy

    So did he write these after he left three days grace and before he joined up with mike murshock and made Saint asonia

  9. Samir Singh

    your songs had made my heart full of *wholes*..

  10. Cold Agony

    Beautiful song <3
    Adam is one of the best singers in the world, his voice is so soothing. I would kill to see him live

  11. Yuri Guimarães

    Adam eu te amo !

  12. KSound Kaiju

    This isn't Animorphs

  13. Earthel

    Do not do lyrics video when you actually dont know the actual lyrics and english..

    The Misc Channel

    I don't actually see anything wrong with the lyrics.


    Los Stratos "this whole in my heart"

    pain Inside

    everyone makes mistakes chill Don't make it a big deal

    Ezequiel Ramirez

    Earthel be criticizing his small mistake but yet he also made a mistake. . .

  14. shelb

    I'm in love with this video.

  15. Paly Altonaga

    beautiful 😱

  16. Robynelli

    He's in Saint Asonia now

    Gabriel Teodorescu

    +Robynelli he is the heart of Saint Asonia, just like he was the heart in Three Days Grace

    Mariana Molina

    😍😭😭 yes

  17. Cody Regan

    I love it

  18. Mario Chavarria

    It suck he stop singing

    zachary Dearden

    he's not done singing he's in a new band

    Sofia B

    What the fuck, man. Check out his new band instead of bitching about him. :)

  19. Innocent Sweetie

    Very beautiful song! I absolutely adore Adam Gontier; he’s my favorite singer!

    Jeff The King du drum Bou

    Kristin B. Me too

  20. josh s

    Its not what i thought it be its soft but still good

  21. supersami100

    hes not in the illuminati. that better be a joke.

  22. klutzymaymay7

    This my best friend's and my song for each other. She came here less than a year ago and we become extremely close. She had to move back to where she used to live... 1,423 miles away. I will miss her so much but a least we have something to hold on to, this amazing song. I love you Madison!

  23. Cainyoyo


  24. fuckign end me pls


  25. Danny Sands

    What is this song about? When I listen to it I thinks he's talking about God.

  26. Danny Sands

    He's not in the illuminati lol

  27. Vault Dweller

    illuminati? whats that?

  28. JacobJoseph17

    Do you think Adams trying to get out of the illuminati?

  29. Steven

    isn't it called "Heavy" instead of "It's All In Your Hands"?

  30. threedays grace

    Really likeing Adams new stuff!!

  31. Anoushka

    Adam's songs have a completely different sound compared to three days grace...i think its refreshing :)

    Game Time 572

    Anoushka he has changed his style back then he would sing way different but his voice has changed and he uses different styles of singing his new band Saint Asonia are a way different style then Three Days Grace his songs are more heavily then back then when they were very light

  32. TheCheeser13

    i think justin beiber got jealous

  33. Owen Raynor

    whos the douchebag that would dislike this??????

  34. Izzie Carter

    I'm completely agree with you! :)

  35. TheCheeser13

    pretty sure its "Hole in my heart" not "Whole in my heart" correct me if im wrong though :P

  36. JATAC Parkour

    How could someone dislike this song?!

  37. Lorence Jordi

    please someone can write down the chords??? i really need it! :(

  38. Fair Eve Eventing

    Yeah, but it could be better. Adam didn't even write it.

  39. britney issolame

    im so happy for him but I just cant take the soft acoustic stuff....:P

  40. thefight4god

    here's what happened. Adam and the Band started writing songs about their lives and fans started relating the the music. that's what made them famous and the band wanted to keep doing that but Adam wanted to keep singing about his life and his feelings. but the band wouldn't let him. Transit of Venus only had 2 songs that came from adam's heart. now he's solo so he can keep singing about how he feels. it's much better when it comes from the heart <3

  41. Nicole Kang

    Transit Of Venus wasn't a bad album xPsychoSplash

  42. thefight4god

    if Three Days Grace listened to adam and let him do what he felt was right adam would still be in the band and this would be a Three Days Grace song. oh well

  43. thefight4god

    where can we download this (legally)

  44. nikko024

    "Hole". Not "Whole". Nice video though. If this is his solo stuff...I'm not exactly thrilled. Big departure from his TDG music.

  45. Peter Matta

    Thanks, and yes, I think that it is one of his best songs ever. I like it so much. And thanks for support, because you are not supporting me, or any other youtuber, but you are supporting Adam as a solo singer, which I am trying to do too. So Thanks :)

  46. Minnie N

    You know, that It's wonderful ;P ... amazing song and you make one of the most beautiful lyrics videos I've ever seen... :)