Adam Gontier - Another Lonely Day Lyrics

Yes, indeed I'm alone again
And here comes emptiness crashing in
It's either love or hate
I can't find in between
'Cause I've been with witches
And I have been with a queen

It wouldn't have worked out anyway
So for now it's just another lonely day
Further along we just may
But for now it's just another lonely day

Wish there was something
I could say or do
I can resist anything
But the temptation from you
But I'd rather walk alone
Than chase you around
I would rather fall myself
Than let you drag me on down

It wouldn't have worked out anyway
So for now it's just another lonely day
Further along we just may
But for now it's just another lonely day

Yesterday seems like a life ago
'Cause the one I love
Today I hardly know
You I held so close in my heart oh dear
Grow further from me
With every falling tear

It wouldn't have worked out anyway
So for now it's just another lonely day
Further along we just may,
But for now it's just another lonely day
So for now it's just another lonely day
So for now it's just another lonely day
For now it's just another lonely day
So for now it's just another lonely day

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Adam Gontier Another Lonely Day Comments
  1. Carlos Lopez

    I love you Yarely

  2. gentlemanfrog

    Am I the only one that thinks of the hobbit movies ??

  3. Daniel Moya

    16-08-2019 I' feel more depressed that the first time that I listened this song in 2011 :c

  4. Anna Shiboblay

    Petition to have Dave Grohl cover this too?

  5. Lataman

    i really miss adam gontier in Three days grace

  6. Turk

    Ben Harper used to write some killer songs.... I wonder why some artists just fall off

  7. Profile Name

    It's valentine's day and here I am. fml

  8. Prince of Loarderon

    😕 today's just another loney day

  9. Demonic Angel

    This song is so sad

  10. Alex Mata

    I'm still here, lonely days never end

  11. tiffany nathasingh

    This is great and this is a song me and Evelyn n bound over

  12. XxShady_LadyxX

    This is Johnny Cash-esque. Not sure if that's good or bad tbh 😅

  13. Joe Redfield

    I think I still have feelings for her...

  14. Naysa Hearn

    I Feel Sorry For Him Cause He's Most Of The Time Depressed.

  15. debbie g

    When you find it so beautiful that is painful ...sometimes it's as if her voice is directly connected in my heart ... she gives me chills, accelerates the beating of my heart, gives me tears...

  16. Choco Donuts

    i love this song so much, it is this kind of song which you listen right before sleeping :( <3


    Funny how most of the people commenting don't know that this isn't his song. You sir are no where in Ben Harpers league. Ben sings this song with incredible emotion, this guy is just another generic nu rock singer....dime a dozen

  18. Jordi Lemos

    Voz fascinante sou muito seu fã Adam!

  19. Пьяный Котяра

    Miss Adam😢😭

  20. Пьяный Котяра

    So fucking beatiful...

  21. lone wolf

    my boy. my 3rd brother. love you So much.😭😭😭😭😇😇😇😇😇😇😍😎😋😘😣😣😥😥😥😮😮😪😫😫😯😶😑😴😌😛😜😝😲😲😲😲✌️✌️💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 heartache.
    known the feels.

  22. Altynbek Tleuov

    When you listen to this song and it's not lonely day anymore

  23. Benjamin Rosado

    this guy could be the new singer for three days grace...

  24. Daniel Hollenbaugh

    Man, I used to listen to this song when I was younger so much and it never had any meaning until now. Music man, it really can get to ya.

  25. pain Inside

    33 thumbs down...hmmm...then why did yall watch it 😑

    Fxded Gaming

    Because they can't predict they won't like something, dumb ass

    Patrick Star

    They like the original better. This was a great cover though! Love adam

  26. Norescresa

    I just started school and i don't have a lot of classes with friends, the ones i do i don't think we'll be doing many groups or we aren't great friends, which means i'll be listening to this song a lot

    Expect a few thousand views from me by may xD

  27. olakumpel

    I cry everytime when I listen to this cover...these emotions....oh god

  28. Brenda Matos

    Algum brasileiro??

  29. Betül Engin

    it is not just a lonely day for me, bc "lonely day" is something routine for me; even I laugh outside; probably I'm dissolved inside. idk is that something normal or not. anyway
    this says things that ı always want say but never did, thnx.


    A lot of people feel that way.
    At least i did, for a long time.
    Hope you're doing better :D

  30. Gabe Cavanaugh

  31. James ZD6

    hmm, i cant place the theme of the song, but see comments talking about plain as day. can someone explain it to me?

  32. The King Kaden

    I can relate to this song

    The King Kaden

    You will more year ago me

  33. C Engbaek

    Fantastic artist!

  34. miguel jimenez

    Hi, have you the karaoke?

  35. Eduardo

    Adam <3

  36. jeremy spivey

    this fits me quite well at the moment

  37. LOOSER

    Sonolenta dms, dislaike

  38. LOOSER


  39. Raph

    Im a fan :) just amazing

    Naysa Hearn

    I'm a Fan Too, He's The Coolest Person I Know Of.

  40. TheKiraGamer

    Adam é simplesmente incrivel, voz fascinante


    br ou pt?

    Christopher Rivera

    chupamé la pija boluda :v

  41. Cory Trevizo

    loney days

  42. Sarah Watanabe

    Fascinante voz. Adam simplesmente arrebenta...


  43. Erik Andersson

    This is what I listen to before I fap.

    Im Cronos Occis

    +Erik Andersson now that got a real laugh out loud.

    Alex Toti

    +Erik Andersson And No Regrets is what you sing after you finish? :P

    Deactivation 1

    Haha 👌 Indeed

    Erik Andersson

    +Alex Toti You know it, bro! ;)

  44. shock2250

    Pure perfection

  45. Marco

    NEWS ABOUT ADAM : Adam has a new band called Saint Asonia , 16th Of May there will be an announcement . Follow all the news on his Facebook page PLEASE put a like to like this comment so that everyone sees the message , Sorry for my bad English

  46. Marwan Abd El-Ghany

    Because that one I love today I hardly know :')

  47. Joe Lowlife Mitchell

    Id rather fall myself than let you drag me on down...

  48. Rattler Winter

    Am I the only one who feels like he's talking about Three Days Grace in part of it?... I wish us true fans could see him in real life to comfort him...

    N. Y.

    I don't see why that's a reasonable conclusion, seems more like a relationship song considering the whole "I've been with witches and I've been with a queen."

    Anonymous :

    +Piper Johnson
    This is a cover song.

    N. Y.

    @Anonymous : So?

    Naysa Hearn

    I Wish I Could See Him In Real Life Too But Not To Comfort Him Cause He's Probably Over It.

    Mathew Hodde

    This is a cover of a Ben Haper song.

  49. Miss Ch

    Wooaw it's just PERFECT <3 an amazing cover ^^ Adam is the best singer after My Amy of course haha <3 <3 

  50. Ana Vitória Galvão

    Adam Maravilhoso!!

  51. Devany Juarez

    I fucking Love You Adam you been my insperation for about 3 years now.

    Damar Alexander

    Inspiration *

  52. Kixtus

    @Zeek Geyer Hear! Hear!

  53. Solar

    This song makes him sound like a Cowboy lmao.
    It's great though.

  54. Bryan Stanifer

    Very cool!
    Check out my cover..LOST IN YOU (Three Days Grace cover by: Bryan Stanifer)

  55. TheGrapeGamer GamingJuice

    I sang this to my baby niece and she fell asleep. So now it's like a lullaby for her. Funny how sad songs can put a baby to sleep. At least she liked it.

    victor rivera

    TheNightmareGamer GamingNightmares i find sometimes the gloomy stuff is sometimes the most soothing

  56. kalub shaw

    I have dreams with my ex gf in them from two years ago. Finally told her in a text and she totally disregarded it and told me not to say things like that to her. She thought i was being childish.... High school sweetheart and were each others firsts and thats what happened. I'll be sticking to the lonely days for a while longer recovering from that. :( Great cover. Adams always been a person to listen to and help get over a relationship for me!

    Bananaman 219

    Ik it's late but I feel, been thru the same shit and despite 2 years gone passed, not a day's gone by that she hasn't been on my mind and although I may have tried coming clean to her, my words just no longer meant anything to her.

  57. PIECE of BREAD

    I'm singing :'(

  58. TheGrapeGamer GamingJuice

    It's always a lonely day without my girlfriend. :(

  59. Kermit the Frog


    Ezequiel Ramirez

    Do you still think that?

    Christian Arreola

    Adam is my celebrity crush I'm not gay btw lol

    Subliminally Obsolete

    @Ezequiel Ramirez yep

    Kate Berti

    Honestly can't wait for the next saint asonia album I need more adam in my life XD I love his voice so much... I've loved his voice since I was like 14 and I'm 20 now
    Usually I get sick of stuff by now... Usually I get sick of stuff after a few months lol


    Adam isn't better than Matt they're just different , you can't compare a ballon and a guitar , it's the same here.

  60. rachaeldeans

    For those of you raging about the lyrics, these are the lyrics BEN HARPER originally sang/wrote and I understand that Adam may sing one or two words differently, but who cares just enjoy the music!!!!!!! ♪♫ ♥

    Shaine Mclin/harrington

    +Official Critical Point I wish I would die right now mate... :(


    @Shaine Mclin/harrington I Know it's hard man, but life is one of the most precious thing that you have. But sometimes, it drag you down, but you gotta get up partner, because no one else is going to help. You're a man dude, you are strong! i believe in you even if i don't know who you are.

    Shaine Mclin/harrington

    @Official Critical Point  Gracias amigo


    I agree

    Dawdlingfuture 820

    RaychieTDG not saying there's any thing wrong with ben harper but i like adams version more

  61. Vali Phoenix

    It's love nor hate, You i held so close in my heart so dear, Just pointing it out don't rage on me !

  62. Katsuri

    guys! dont be sad if u are lonely! Only lonely u can be free :)

    Eli Cuchna

    Katsuri goddammit people like you make me smile lol

    R Halasz

    free doesnt mean happy :) freedom is not everything

    Georgios Papadimitriou

    that's shit and deep down u know it too


    I'm getting used to it

    Prince of Loarderon

    Id rather sacrifice my freedom just to make my love happy but i have nobody

  63. Emanuel Francesco Angelone

    Finally... he wrote a decent song...

    Adonis Martínez

    Es de Ben Harper..... Háztelo mirar!!

    jeremy spivey

    dis be by Ben Harper

    Emanuel Francesco Angelone

    laila b well I guess it's subjective... I mean when he was in tdg his lyrics were out of this world. But now it seems kind of off. He still has it, he has written some really nice songs that were amazing, but it feels like he is missing something. my opinion btw, don't want to start a war lol

    Emanuel Francesco Angelone

    laila b you are right I'm sorry. But tbh I wrote it quite a while ago and I was annoyed by him leaving so again sorry :)

  64. TheClo218

    We love& miss u Adam! <3

    shannyn Beattie

    I'm one of his big fans! I'm not crazy but I just love his music. Its like he knows whatt I'm going through

  65. Reece Duncklee


  66. Rolando Pacheco

    Really wish this version of the song was in Spotify

    Prince of Loarderon

    Rolando Pacheco hello worgen friend

  67. John Oliva

    :( I miss you Violette..I really do, I still love you even after this much time has passed, I'll never stop

    Daniel Hollenbaugh

    Still love her?

  68. Ariciaga laseita

    Deep!!!! (Gontiers voice echos in my head)

  69. December Sherwood

    I am the same Adam your never alone. ;(

    shannyn Beattie

    same hear. I'm almost always alone. my mom keeps trying to fix it but its pointlees :'(

    Kore Parkour

    @shannyn Beattie Dont let your mom trying to fix that..  do it by yourself...

  70. T.rellz _

    U messed up on lyrics

  71. Sabrina Eden

    Jesus fucking Christ 3

  72. Bethany McCachren

    My favorite guy! :))

  73. Johnatthan Pacheco

    Adam fucking rocks..miss him... return to three days grace please!!!!!!!!!!!! Q.Q

    Jessee Nii

    @***** You make cry :'(  But I think I will accept the reality, too... T^T

    shannyn Beattie

    I read he quit cuz he wanted to be a solo performer and cuz he was doing drugs and didn't want to send the wrong message to his fans. I'm proud of him.

    Jessee Nii

    @shannyn Beattie Holy...! I thought he have stop using drugs! O.o  I'm shocked and I'm pretty sad for him... He saves me, and I can't do anything for him, that's the hard thing to accept, for me. He helped me but I can't help him. But I support him now, I'm with him. I love him more than anyone in this world and I pray that he gets better. GO, GO, GO ADAAAAM!! <3

  74. xbox360sucks1234

    wow it's crazy that everything that's in my mind is in this song

  75. dusan crnobrnja

    This song used to call a wicked thing -.-'

  76. mellissa nichols

    I love this song. I totally relate.

  77. Devany Juarez


  78. killjoy forlife

    I love adam I probably would be dead if it were not for him...

  79. TheRaiden Nik

    I love you

  80. Steven BioH

    "'so for now it's just another lonely day'"...eeeeh :( Adam "the king" Gontier

  81. nuggets plz

    I've been listening to three days grace since I was born. I was upset when Adam went solo but it was for the better and I support him 100% plus he has some good songs and I love his new style of music(: keep truckin Adam<3

  82. javier sanchez

    Adams new style in music has helped me over break ups

  83. javier sanchez

    Adam is my inspiration to be the. Best I can be

  84. Ishouldnthavetodothi

    You're welcome Adam Gontier!

  85. Ishouldnthavetodothi

    Least he's not dead

  86. Bryan Harvey

    No problem, it's a fun song to play!

  87. Nikos Gakios Frappes

    Well :) i found them the day after i asked here :D but thanks, i play it easily now on guitar and love this song

  88. Bryan Harvey

    Look up the tabs on 911tabs
    They're the same tab as the Ben Harper original version

  89. Bryan Harvey

    MUCH better.

  90. Eric Wiltz

    He song this better than Ben Harper

  91. Nikos Gakios Frappes

    i need the chords for guitar guys please..

  92. IsseiDar

    Adam please come back to Three Days Grace we need you you are my soul and for some people like me you kind of a god when you have been in 3DG you wrote a song that called - never too late. So what do you think Adam?

  93. mcluigi117

    He made this when he was still with the band >.>

  94. guentro9RG

    Not liking adam going solo! This acoustic crap don't fit

    Joseph Barnes

    Chris cornell did the same...

  95. McMrNasty

    I know exactly where Adam is coming from with this one I don't know that I've ever related to a song so well before....I love TDG but this newer stuff is much more intimate and personal sounding props to Adam he clearly cares more about the power and message behind the music than he did the fame and fortune

  96. Abdulrahman Alrekabi

    I wanna hug someone when I heer this song

  97. e4ts1mmy

    this should be titled 'The Forever alone theme tune'